My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 100

“You can leave. You are not welcomed in this house!” Kristine Daly glanced at Karen Daly and turned to leave. “Are you deaf? I want to see my mother. Who wants to go back to your home?” Karen Daly couldn’t wait to rush in and give Kristine Daly two slaps. Karen Daly hadn’t even got even with this woman who directed the show two days ago, and now she added oil to fire. “Kristine, open the door and let your sister come in.” Samuel Daly’s voice came from behind Kristine Daly. Kristine Daly never went against Samuel Daly’s will. If he told her to open the door she will open the door. She did whatever he asked her to do.. As soon as the door was opened, Karen Daly rushed in Karen Daly wanted to find her mother, but was blocked by two servants who were ordered by Samuel Daly. Samuel Daly said unhurriedly, “If you want to see your mother, promise me one thing.” “Don’t even think that would promise you anything.” Looking at this man in front of her, if it weren’t because she has his blood running through her veins, Karen Daly would even spit at him. “You came by yourself. If you want to blame, don’t blame others.” Samuel Daly sneered and said, “Send the Second Miss to her room for make up, and then call the young master of the Gook family to see if he arrived yet.” Hehe Karen Daly looked at the man in front of him. Was this man really her father? Would her father force her to be with another man regardless of her will? At this moment, Samuel Daly’s eyes could only see benefits of having Karen Daly, other than that, there was no family affection at all. She had long known that Samuel Daly was a person who would do anything for the sake of his own interests. Wasn’t it? Karen Daly took a deep breath and said, “Samuel Daly, I want to see my mother. If you still have a soul, let me see her and take her away.” “After you and the young master of the Gook family finish what you should do, I will let you see your mother.” Samuel Daly waved his hand, gesturing for the two servants to take action Karen Daly’s cold eyes swept over Samuel Daly, Kristine Daly, and the two servants and suddenly smiled. “Samuel Daly, do you think you can do whatever you want? If you dare to mess around, I won’t let you go even if I die.” No, how could she bear to die? She only threatened them with harsh words. She had just become Kevin Kyle’s woman and had to give birth to a lot of baby monkeys with him. She also needed to take her mother back to live a better life with them. How could she risk her life to play with these ruthless people? Karen Daly’s eyes were extremely sharp. The two servants were stunned and did not dare to go forward. Karen Daly ignored them and walked inside. She was here to look for someone, not to be bullied. Samuel Daly did not care about Karen Daly anymore. Anyway, she was already at home. She wouldn’t run away. At present, he only hoped that the young master of the Gook family would come over soon to take his woman. As long as he moved along with the plan, everything would be fine. Turning around, he looked at Kristine Daly’s jealous eyes and said, “Kristine, don’t worry. What we want is her child, not her. The position of the Young Madam of the Gook family can only belong to you.” “Dad, I.” Kristine Daly blinked and her tears swirled in her eyes. “I know, it’s you who loves me the most. “Because Dad only has one daughter.” Samuel Daly patted Kristine Daly’s shoulder and said, “If I don’t love you, who else can I love?” “Dad, who is Karen’s biological father? Kristine Daly could not get an answer from her mother and wanted to get some clues from her father. Kristine Daly did not want to miss any opportunity to pick on Karen Daly. The more tricks up her sleeves, the better it would be to defeat Karen Daly. Samuel Daly said, “Don’t worry about this matter. Go and keep an eye on her. Since she’s here, we can’t let her run away. And don’t disclose the news about your mother for the time being.” “Dad, what about mom..” After all, she was her biological mother. Kristine Daly still could not bear it. “Hmm?” Samuel Daly raised his eyebrows and shorted coldly. Kristine Daly bit her lip and nodded. “I’ll go and watch her.” Karen Daly searched the whole Daly house but failed to find his mother. Since her mother was not in the Daly house, where could she go? Karen Daly thought for a while, but she didn’t know where else her mother could go except in the Daly house. Did Samuel Daly hide her mother with the Gook family? If Samuel Daly and Charlie Gook worked together to make her come back, then it was very likely that he would hide her mother with the Gook family. She could come back to the Daly house, but the Gook house’s security was tight, and it will not be easy to enter. Besides, if she went in, it would be like a sheep going into a tiger’s mouth. More importantly, Kristine Daly had been following her with her men, so it would be difficult for her to get out of the Daly house too. Did Kevin Kyle see her messages yet? If Kevin Kyle encountered something like this, how would he deal with it? Thinking of Kevin Kyle, Karen Daly found a place and sat down. She was ready to call Kevin Kyle and ask him to give her some opinions. When she took out her mobile phone, she realized that she forgot to turn it on after getting off the plane, and the phone had been turned off all this while. When she turned on the phone, more than a dozen missed calls were shown. All of them were from Kevin Kyle. Since he couldn’t get in touch with her, he must be anxious. Karen Daly quickly called him, but his phone was also turned off. Because Kevin Kyle was on the plane to Beaford City at this time. There were some problems with the business in the west because Kevin Kyle suddenly left. This afternoon, Kevin Kyle communicated with the people on the other side through video conference. They talked for several hours. After finishing his work and seeing the messages sent by Karen Daly, he called Karen Daly again. Her phone had been turned off, so he couldn’t get in touch with her. He asked someone to transfer the CCTV footage of the hospital to know about the situation. Finally, he asked someone to call the airport to check it out. He confirmed that the two elders of the Daly family had returned to Beaford City last night, and Karen Daly had also flown there a few hours ago. Even Charlie Gook, who had been eager to see Leo Kyle, returned to Beaford City early this morning. The whole thing was a ploy, and Kevin Kyle soon guessed what they were going to do. Therefore, Kevin Kyle immediately made a decision before boarding and asked the leader of Rovio Corporation Inc. in Beaford city to arrange a meeting with Charlie Gook, saying that Leo Kyle of Rovio Corporation Inc was willing to see him. After getting off the plane, Kevin Kyle received the news from the head of Rovio Corporation Inc of Beaford City that Charlie Gook had been contacted. After listening to Amelia Gray’s report, Kevin Kyle added, “Assistant Gray, ask someone to tell Charlie Gook that as long as he can bring the second daughter of the Daly family to come forward, I will give Charlie Gook whatever he wants.” At this time, Kevin Kyle rushed to the Daly’s house. Some things might be too late to stop Charlie Gook from doing, but it could be stopped by using the identity of Leo Kyle. Samuel Daly was a beast. He had already done crazy things to his wife in the past, and now he wanted to make use of Karen Daly again He knew that Karen Daly would be hurt if the matter was exposed, if not then he would have torn Samuel Daly into pieces..

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