When Charlie Gook was in Chatterton Town, he had tried all kinds of methods but failed to see Rovio Corporation’s boss, Leo Kyle. As soon as he returned to Beaford City, Rovio Corporation Inc’s men contacted him and asked him to take the second daughter of the Daly family to meet with Leo Kyle. Karen Daly was in Chatterton Town, and rumor has it that Leo Kyle was also in Chatterton Town. Today, Karen Daly had just returned to Beaford City, and then Leo Kyle also came to Beaford City. Charlie Gook thought that this was definitely not a coincidence. He guessed that it should be that Leo Kyle had taken a fancy to Karen Daly for a long time, but Leo Kyle knew that since Karen Daly is his subordinate’s wife, it would not be good to pursue her in Chatterton Town. Seeing that Karen Daly left Chatterton Town and came to Beaford City, such a good opportunity would not be missed easily by a prurient man like Leo Kyle. That was why Leo Kyle followed her here. After following her, it was not good for him to ask Karen Daly directly, so it was better for him to have a meeting through Charlie Gook. Even if Leo Kyle’s subordinate discovered this matter in the future, he could still say that he knew nothing about it. He could say that he never asked about the origin of the gifts sent by others. Charlie Gook didn’t care what Leo Kyle saw in Karen Daly, and Charlie Gook didn’t care how long Leo Kyle would be interested in Karen Daly. He only remembered one sentence. As long as he could bring Karen Daly to him, Leo Kyle would agree to whatever Charlie Gook wanted to do. Charlie Gook did not want much, he only wanted Rovio Corporation Inc to cooperate with Gook Corp so that the major shareholders of Gook Corp would no longer look down on him and let him take over Gook Corp. Although he still had some feelings for Karen Daly, but compared to the opportunity of cooperating with Rovio Corporation Inc, Charlie Gook chose the latter without hesitation The Daly house was not big. It was only a two-storey building. Compared with the Gook family’s mansion, it wasn’t even as spacious as the Gook servants’ residence. Samuel Daly took a fancy to this place because it was a rich area in Beaford City. He felt that his social status would be elevated. But in such a moderately big place, Karen Daly still couldn’t find her mother after searching for several times. She also realized that she was too impulsive. Since Samuel Daly had lured her here, he would definitely have sent her mother to somewhere else in advance and would not let her see her again. It was impossible for Samuel Daly to tell her where her mother was, so she could only think of other ways. Karen Daly closed her eyes and breathed in. When she opened her eyes again, a white light flashed before her eyes. She took a closer look and saw a glowing object lying in the grass a few steps away. Karen Daly approached and picked it up. It was a platinum ring Karen Daly remembered that the ring was bought for her mother using the money from her first design commission. Her mother had been wearing it all these years and had never taken it off. Yesterday, Karen Daly saw that her mother still had it in her hands. Why did the ring fall here? Karen Daly wiped it with her hand, and her fingers were stained with bright red blood. Did something happen to her mother? Karen Daly was flustered because of this thought. At this time, Samuel Daly came with Charlie Gook. Charlie Gook looked at Karen Daly and smiled very flatteringly. “Karen, go clean up. I’ll take you to meet someone.” Karen Daly held the ring in her palm and took a pause. Then she asked, “Samuel Daly, where is my mother? Where did you hide her?” Karen Daly would rather believe that her mother was hidden by Samuel Daly or even beaten. But she was not willing to accept that something even horrible would happen to her. “Karen, as long as you meet someone with Young Master Charlie, you can see your mother when you come back.” Samuel Daly never questioned what Charlie Gook asked him to do. He only knew he has to give away his daughter. “Allow me to call her first. As long as I can confirm that she is fine, I will meet whoever you want me to see.” Karen Daly said while biting her lip and clenching the ring in her hand, “Second Miss, Madam has gone today.” An old servant who had worked in the Daly Family for more than ten years and watched Karen Daly grow up couldn’t stand it anymore, so he stood up and spoke out. Samuel Daly snapped, “Uncle Liang, what are you talking about?” If Uncle Liang dared to stand up and say that, he certainly had no intention to continue working there. He pointed to Karen Daly’s position and said, “Madam jumped down from the third floor and fell here. She died on the spot. Her body was sent to the funeral house already.” Madam jumped down from the third floor and died on the spot. Her body was sent to the funeral house… There were only these words in Karen Daly’s mind. Except for these words, she could not hear any other sound or see anyone else.. Her heart seemed to have fell into a pot of boiling oil, and her strength seemed to be drained by the pain. Her mother talked to her with a smile yesterday. She told Karen that she would live a good life with her in the future. However, just one night had turned her world upside down. They would never see each other again in the future. And her good father Samuel Daly, refused to tell her the news that her mother had passed away, and even forced her to agree to his requests. What did his wife and children mean to him? Just a tool that can be used to get power and riches? Samuel Daly… You are really so cruel. Your heart is indeed as black as night Since he was so greedy for power, Karen Daly swore that she must destroy everything of him and make sure he will regret this. “Second Miss… “Uncle Liang, thank you for telling me!” Karen Daly bowed deeply to Uncle Liang and looked up at Samuel Daly. Karen Daly did not cry or quarrel. She just looked at Samuel Daly quietly She looked at Samuel Daly and raised her red and tender lips. She was smiling, but her eyes were cold and frightening, it brought a piercing coldness. Samuel Daly felt a little nervous. He opened his mouth but didn’t say anything. Charlie Gook said, “Karen, my condolences to you. Anyway, people can’t come back to life after death. You can come meet someone with me first. After that, we can prepare the funeral for auntie and send her off with dignity.” “Meet who?” Karen Daly asked calmly. “Leo Kyle of Rovio Corporation Inc.” Charlie Gook didn’t want to hide anything from Karen Daly. After all, if a man had an identity like that of Leo Kyle, no woman would look down on him. In Charlie Cook’s eyes, Karen Daly was no exception. Sure enough, Karen Daly simply smiled, nodded and agreed without any hesitation. If he had known that Karen Daly would agree so easily, Charlie Gook felt that he should have taken action in Chatterton Town, and he didn’t have to wait until today to see Leo Kyle Karen Daly didn’t really want to go to see Leo Kyle with Charlie Gook. Her real purpose was to leave the Daly house with Charlie Gook and leave the cold place that doesn’t feel humane at all. Her mother, her mother… Thinking of her mother, Karen Daly clenched her fists and a cold light flashed in her eyes. Samuel Daly, you wait!.

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