Winter in Beaford City was really cold. At this time, the temperature was a negative 10+ degrees. It seemed that every breath released could turn into ice in a short time. When she used to live in Beaford City, Karen Daly did not feel that this place was very cold. In the past three years as she lived in Chatterton Town, Karen Daly had been used to and liked the warmer weather in the south Now that she had returned to Beaford City, not only was the weather so cold that she could not bear it, but everything else was even more foreign to her. Sitting in Charlie Cook’s car, the heater in the car was was on full blast, but Karen Daly still felt very cold, as if she was in a cold ice cellar, shivering with cold and a pale face. When she thought of her mother, the mother who had been wronged and had endured domestic violence for all her life, in the end… Thinking of this, Karen Daly closed her eyes and held her face with both hands to take a deep breath. At this moment, she could still be so calm, as if nothing had happened. That was because she did not see her mother jumping off the building with her own eyes. She did not see her mother’s body with her own eyes. She did not believe that it was true. Sometimes people just liked to deceive themselves. If they didn’t see it with their own eyes, there was still a glimmer of hope in their hearts. At this time, Karen Daly was lying to herself. She felt that her mother was still alive and well. She could not find her mother, just because her mother was hidden by Samuel Daly. Or, she felt that she was having a terrible dream. If she slept at night and woke up the next morning, she would see her mother appear in front of her. “Karen..” Charlie Gook stretched out his hand and wanted to hold Karen Kyle in his arms, but as he saw the pair of cold eyes looking him, he immediately withdrew his hand. Karen Daly glanced at him coldly and turned to look out of the window. Looking at the scenery outside the window, the snow was getting heavier. The streets were white and there were almost no pedestrians on the road. It was so cold that there was no trace of life in the city. After staring at Karen Daly for a long time, Charlie Gook sighed and said, “Karen, I’ll tell you the truth. Leo Kyle of Rovio Corporation Inc likes you. He wants you.” “Did Leo Kyle fancy me?” Karen Daly found it funny. She had never met Leo Kyle. What did the prurient man fancy about her? “You may wonder why Leo Kyle knows you and why he fancies you.” Charlie Gook smiled. “Then you should ask your good husband, Kevin Kyle.” Karen Daly raised her eyebrows. “What do you mean?” Charlie Gook added, “Why did Kevin Kyle take you to that charity dinner not long ago? Why didn’t he touch you after you got married? He just registered marriage with you and then immediately took the position of CEO? Many things will make sense after thinking about it.” Karen Daly sat in Charlie Cook’s car and did not want to run away because she received a message from Kevin Kyle before getting on the car. Kevin Kyle asked her to go with Charlie Gook, and follow Charlie Gook to go to see whoever he wanted. To be obedient and not resist. He will handle everything else. So she didn’t do anything. She followed Charlie Gook obediently to meet the Rovio Corporation Inc’s legendary super big boss-Leo Kyle. She believed in Kevin Kyle, who must have had his reasons for asking her to do this. She didn’t think about it in a bad way. However, after hearing what Charlie Gook said, Karen Daly had some doubts in her heart. Could it be that Kevin Kyle’s idea was the same as Charlie Gook’s? Just because Leo Kyle of Rovio Corporation Inc liked her, so in order to gain power, he would hand her over to someone else? Gold, power, interest… For these superficial things, Samuel Daly could beat his wife and treat his daughter as a tool. In a man’s mind, could wives and daughters only be objects to them? Karen Daly knew that she shouldn’t doubt Kevin Kyle like this, but she couldn’t ignore any possible signs. With this idea in mind, Karen Daly felt a little uneasy. What if what Kevin Kyle did these days were just an act? What if Kevin Kyle was the same as Samuel Daly? So how could she deal with a marriage without love? At this point, Karen Daly felt that she had to go to see Leo Kyle with Charlie Gook. When she arrives, then she will know what Kevin Kyle was thinking about and his plans. Knowing that Karen Daly had some doubts in her heart, Charlie Gook continued to say, “Leo Kyle should be the man of all women’s dream. He is young and handsome. The most important thing is that he is the owner of the giant business empire Rovio Corporation Inc.” “It’s probably the biggest wish of many women in this life to be fancied by him. If he gives you a little reward, it will already be enough for you to live a good life for the rest of your life. “And that fake husband of yours, Kevin Kyle, in the end, is only just a dog of Leo Kyle’s. There are only a few things he can give you in his life. But he can take advantage of you and get more benefits from Leo Kyle.” “I know you don’t want to come back to me, but you can take the opportunity to capture Leo Kyle. He can help you do a lot of things that you can’t do.” After saying so much, Charlie Gook still did not see any changes in Karen Daly’s expression. He finally added, “Fon example, use Leo Kyle to do something for your deceased mother.” Hearing this, Karen Daly suddenly smiled. “Charlie Gook, aren’t you afraid that I will use the Leo Kyle to defeat you?” Charlie Gook was speechless, “..” He really did not think about this. He only thought about giving Karen Daly to Leo Kyle, who would give him benefits, never thought that Karen Daly might bite him back. Karen Daly continued, “Charlie Gook, as long as I don’t want to, no one can force me to do anything, including that Leo Kyle whom all of you look up to so much.” Leo Kyle was very rich and handsome. He was indeed a man many women dreamed of, but so what? Although Kevin Kyle’s status was lower than that of Leo Kyle and maybe not as rich as Leo Kyle, but Kevin Kyle treated her well. As long as Kevin Kyle really treated her well and stayed with her, she would never betray him in this life. Karen Daly did want to do something for her mother, she even wanted to ruin Samuel Daly’s reputation forever. But she has her own way. Who said that she had to use Leo Kyle’s power? Charlie Gook said a lot in one breath. He didn’t mean to guide Karen Daly to use Leo Kyle do to stuff for her. Charlie Gook said so much because he didn’t want Karen Daly to live the rest of her life with that Kyle guy. After Karen Daly got along well with Leo Kyle, she would naturally get rid of the Kyle guy. At that time, he could see how pitiful Kevin Kyle will look. Charlie Gook was a person that would destroy what he couldn’t get instead of letting others have it. But what Karen Daly said just now made Charlie Gook feel that she made sense, it was like carrying a rock and smashing his own feet..

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