Thinking that Karen Daly had not actually consummate her relationship with Kevin Kyle, Charlie Gook felt a little agitated. If it weren’t requested by Leo Kyle, he really wanted to taste her first and only send Karen Daly to him after tasting. But now he could only imagine. He didn’t have the courage to take his woman. After all, Charlie Gook still wanted to live in this circle. Charlie Gook couldn’t afford to offend him. Rovio Corporation Inc Hotel was located in the center of Beaford City. It had a distinctive design and it is one of the landmark buildings in Beaford City. After getting off the car, Karen Daly stood in the open air and shivered coldly. She pulled her clothes tighter and wrapped herself in them. Charlie Gook wanted to put his coat on Karen Daly, but he felt that it was inappropriate. Karen Daly was going to be Leo Kyle’s woman. He couldn’t have any relationship with Karen Daly in front of him, he couldn’t be an enemy in Leo Kyle’s mind. The head of the Rovio Corporation Inc of Beaford City, David Pitt, had been waiting at the gate of the hotel for a long time. When he saw them, he immediately greeted them. “Miss Daly, you’re finally here. Director Kyle had been waiting for you for a long time.” “President Kyle?” Karen Daly repeated it silently. She was familiar with this address because everyone called Kevin Kyle this way. However, she forgot that Leo Kyle of Rovio Corporation Inc has the same last time. Under normal circumstances, everyone would call him Director Kyle instead of Leo Kyle. The head of Rovio Corporation Inc of Beaford city came to welcome her, it was normal for her to not be acquainted with him. But Charlie Gook knew David Pitt and greeted him warmly. “Hello, Director Pitt! Has Leo Kyle arrived yet?” “Karen..” The sudden low voice attracted everyone’s attention. When she looked back, she saw Kevin Kyle walking towards her. Kevin Kyle took off the coat on his body as he walked. When he walked to her side, he had the coat in his hands. He put the coat over her and then put his arms around her and hugged her tightly “Kevin..” Karen Daly called his name and suddenly felt a little bad. She had doubts about him earlier because of Charlie Gook’s words. It turned out that he asked her to go with Charlie Gook, and it was Kevin Kyle who waited for her here, not the legendary Leo Kyle. Kevin Kyle did not say anything but gently stroked her back, giving her a silent comfort. Seeing this scene, Charlie Gook wanted to rush over and grab Karen Daly back, but was stopped by the people around Kevin Kyle. He could not get close to Kevin Kyle at all. Unable to get close, Charlie Gook shouted, “Hey Kyle guy. get your hands off her. How can your dirty hands touch my Karen?” Charlie Gook brought Karen Daly here to see Leo Kyle of Rovio Corporation Inc, and Karen Daly did not object. The deal was about to be done, but Kevin Kyle suddenly came out and sabotaged it. How could Charlie Gook not be angry? However, Kevin Kyle could only see and hear Karen Daly: Karen Daly could only see and hear Kevin Kyle. They hugged each other tightly. Because they appeared in front of each other, they finally felt relieved. “Kyle guy, you’re fucking deaf, aren’t you? Do you know whose territory is this? Why are you pissing around in my territory!” Charlie Gook phoned some people while shouting. Beaford city is his base camp. In this land, no one dared to mess with him. His men were approaching, and Charlie Hook was even more arrogant. “Kyle guy. get out of Beaford City immediately. If not i’ll pick a fight with you.” However, Kevin Kyle ignored Charlie Gook and gave Amelia Gray a look. “Assistant Gray, please bring Madam to the room to rest.” “F*ck, I brought this person here, how dare you take her away?” Charlie Gook waved his hand, and his men rushed in with the intention of grabbing Karen Daly. In addition to Amelia Gray and David Pitt, there were two bodyguards by Kevin Kyle’s side. One was holding Charlie Gook, and the other stopped Charlie Gook’s men from approaching Kevin Kyle. Charlie Gook had more than ten men, but they were no match for Kevin Kyle’s men. Before they could get close to Kevin Kyle, they were beaten down by Kevin Kyle’s bodyguards. The hotel staff did not take any action. They were looking from afar and seemed to be waiting for instructions. Charlie Gook rushed over and tried to grab Karen Daly back. Immediately, someone blocked him and gave him a hard punch. He could not approach Kevin Kyle and Karen Daly at all. Karen Daly raised her head from Kevin Kyle’s arms and looked at Charlie Gook. “Charlie Gook, thank you for bringing me out of the Daly house.” “Karen, are you trying to betray me?” Charlie Gook stared at Karen Daly. “Yes. If it weren’t for you, Samuel Daly wouldn’t have let me leave the Daly house so easily.” Karen Daly admitted that she was taking advantage of Charlie Gook. However, Karen Daly was able to use Charlie Gook because he wanted to give her away. She was just giving him an eye for an eye. “Go to the room first and leave the rest to me.” Kevin Kyle did not want her to have too much to do with Charlie Gook. Kevin Kyle patted her head and said softly. “Kevin..” Karen Daly did not want to hand everything over to Kevin Kyle because she wanted to handle it by herself too. Kevin Kyle gave her a reassuring look and patted her head again. “Listen to me.” The three short words, like an order of love, always made people unable to resist him. Karen Daly nodded and followed Amelia Gray into the room. After watching Karen Daly enter the elevator and get to the eighth floor, Kevin Kyle looked back at Charlie Gook. His eyes seemed to have a smile, but with a piercing cold. Charlie Gook was noisy and shouted, “Kyle guy, who the fuck are you? Even if I break your arms and legs today, no one would even care about you here.” Kevin Kyle just glanced at him coldly and turned to look at David Pitt. “David Pitt!” “President Kyle.” David Pitt immediately stepped forward and replied respectfully. Kevin Kyle continued, “Immediately draft a press release and announce to the public that Rovio Corporation Inc will never cooperate with the Gook Corp’s subsidiaries. Find a few more media companies to promote it. The bigger the matter is, the better.” David Pitt nodded. “Yes, President Kyle.” “Kyle guy, who do you think you are? How dare you stop Rovio Corporation Inc from cooperating with Gook Corp?” Charlie Gook jumped up and shouted at Kevin Kyle. Kevin Kyle looked at him with sharp eyes. He said coldly. “Because I’m a Kyle.” “So what if your last name is Kyle? There are too many people with Kyle as thei last name in the world. Even if your last name is Kyle, you can’t be Leo Kyle of Rovio Corporation Inc.” When Charlie Gook finished his words, he suddenly realized something David Pitt, the director of Rovio Corporation Inc in Beaford City, was personally appointed by Leo Kyle. David Pitt has a very high position in the industry. Everyone knew that he only attends to Leo Kyle’s orders. But at this time, David Pitt was respectful towards Kevin Kyle, which meant… Charlie Gook looked at Kevin Kyle again and stared at him for a long time. He said in a trembling voice, “Are you… Are you really Leo Kyle?.

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