After hesitation, Charlie Gook hoped that someone could stand out and answer him–no! However, no one did answer him. David Pitt stood up and said, “Young master Gook, this is our President Kyle. Is there a problem? “Is, is he really Leo Kyle? The Leo Kyle who’s in charge of Rovio Corporation Inc?” Charlie Cook shook his head, hoping that David Pitt would deny it. For Charlie Gook, this Kyle guy just happened to have Kyle as his family name and was working in Rovio Corporation Inc, but he definitely was not Leo Kyle of Rovio Corporation Inc. “Yes.” David Pitt said coldly. “Impossible! That’s ridiculous! How could he be Leo Kyle?” Charlie Gook looked at Kevin Kyle again. Kevin Kyle was just Kevin Kyle. He was only Innovative Tech’s CEO, and he had no major backup. How could he become the Leo Kyle in a blink of an eye? If Kevin Kyle was Leo Kyle, then the cooperation with Rovio Corporation Inc he wanted was going down the drain. As he thought about how he could not cooperate with Rovio Corporation Inc and even angered Rovio Corporation Inc to a point where the ties were cut, Charlie Gook broke out in a cold sweat. His position in Gook Corp was already not hopeful, as he might be replaced by others at any time. To strive for the cooperation with Rovio Corporation Inc was his only hope. If people knew about Rovio Corporation Inc’s decision to not cooperate with Gook Corp, he could only watch helplessly as he would be abandoned by his father and could no longer enter Gook Corp anymore. In fact, Charlie Gook should have thought of it earlier. There must be some connection between Leo Kyle and Kevin Kyle. Moreover, Kevin Kyle’s aura, even if he just stood still, was very intimidating That kind of aura could not be owned by the CEO of a small company like Innovative Tech. There should be other identities behind him. But Charlie Gook was too trustful of Duncan Miller, such an idiot. He never associated Kevin Kyle with Rovio Corporation Inc’s Leo Kyle. “No, um… President Kyle.” At this time, Charlie Gook appeared very miserable. He was so pathetic that he could not even utter a complete sentence. Kevin Kyle glanced coldly at Charlie Gook, turned around and left. Charlie Gook wanted to chase him, but when he thought of what he had done, he had no dignity to chase him. Even if he did chase Kevin Kyle, what could he do? “Young Master Charlie..” “Get out of my way. You are a group of good-for-nothing. I gave you good food and drinks. What did you do for me all day?” Charlie Gook raised his foot and kicked the people around him, as a way to vent all his anger of Kevin Kyle off the people under Charlie Gook. Charlie Gook might be too shocked, but after a while, he was still in a trance and his legs were out of energy. He walked to the door and accidentally fell to the ground. His subordinates helped him up, but were kicked by him too. He cursed, “Get out, get out of here. Anyone who comes near me, I will kill his whole family.” David Pitt could not help shook his head when he saw Charlie Gook shouting and cursing. If Charlie Gook took over Gook Corp, there would be no future at all. Charlie Gook and Kevin Kyle were of the same age, and they were all born in wealthy families. However, one was a playboy who made trouble everywhere because of his dirty mouth; the other was the leader of the Rovio Corporation Inc, who was calm, reserved, low-key, and with good principles. In comparison, President Kyle was so much better than Charlie Gook. Karen Daly stood by the window in the room, holding the ring in her hand. She straightened her back and stared blankly at the white snow outside. It was as if her mother was standing outside the window, smiling gently and kindly at her. “Karen, my daughter, you are the best, and I love you the most…” “Mom.” Karen Daly rushed over and tried to hug her mother, but she bumped into the glass window. The pain woke her up in an instant. She knew that the scene earlier was her hallucination. “Karen!” Kevin Kyle opened the door and came in and saw the scene. Seeing her hit the glass window, his voice was a little gloomy. Karen Daly raised her head and smiled at him. “You’re back.” Kevin Kyle looked at her and frowned. After a long while, he said, “Karen, you have me.” “I know.” Karen Daly winked at him playfully. She was clearly smiling, but Kevin Kyle felt that she was even sadder than when she cried. He held her in his arms and hugged her tightly. Being held tightly by Kevin Kyle, she felt his warmth being pressed onto her skin, thus her body became less cold, and her heart was less lonely. He held her so tightly like he wanted badly to protect her. He didn’t say anything, but she felt his concern. She gently pushed him and said, “Kevin, you are hugging so tight I can’t breathe.” Kevin Kyle ignored her and said, “I’ll accompany you to the funeral centre.” “No.” Karen Daly refused without thinking. Kevin Kyle held her face. “Karen, it has already happened. You can’t act as though it didn’t happen.” Karen Daly admitted that she was afraid. She was afraid that her last fantasy would disappear, and she was afraid to see what she was unwilling to see. However, Kevin Kyle was right. It had already happened. She could not pretend that nothing had happened. She had to face it bravely When she was young, her mother often touched her head and said, “Karen, you are the bravest and the strongest. In the future, without me by your side, you will take care of yourself too.” Now that she has grown up, she could take good care of herself, but she wanted to take good care of her mother too. On that day, they agreed that her mother would go home with Karen Daly after leaving the hospital. Her mother had promised her personally, but why didn’t she wait for a little longer? Wait for Karen Daly to arrive at the Daly house, then she could take her mother away. “Karen… “Let’s go.” Karen Daly took a deep breath and looked up at Kevin Kyle with a smile. Kevin Kyle had never hated Karen Daly’s smile as much as he did now. She could give her fake smile to anyone else, but when Kevin Kyle was present, he only hoped that she would be her most true self. However, he couldn’t do anything. Kevin Kyle didn’t even want Karen Daly to know that he had already seen through her fake smile. Samuel Daly knew what Karen Daly’s personality was like, He had expected Karen Daly to attend the funeral, so he had already asked his men to wait along the road to the funeral center. He looked at Karen Daly and then looked at the Kevin Kyle beside Karen Daly. Kevin Kyle also looked at Samuel Daly with a smile in his eyes, but it somehow made Samuel Daly shudder. Samuel Daly avoided Kevin Kyle’s gaze and looked at Karen Daly again, saying, “Karen, those things you did three years ago, your mother had already given up on you. Now that she had passed away, you should not disturb her anymore.” [Public Chat: I’ll also write two chapters tonight, but it should be late. Please stop waiting and watch tomorrow morning. Because you’re busy with writing, you don’t have time to leave a message to everyone in the circle. Thank you for your support!).

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