Hehe.. Karen Daly sneered and looked at Samuel Daly coldly This was her sanctimonious father. She never knew that Samuel Daly had such skills to turn the world upside down. Samuel Daly said, “Karen, you’d better go back. I won’t let you disturb your mother.” “What else?” Karen Daly was not angry. She looked at Samuel Daly with a death glare. She wanted to see what kind of shameless words Samuel Daly could say today. Samuel Daly looked around but did not dare to look straight into Karen Daly’s eyes. He waited for a while and said, “If you still regard her as your mother, you should be kind and let her leave with peace. Don’t disturb her.” As he said “Don’t disturb her”, Karen Daly’s anger rushed up. If it weren’t for Samuel Daly, her mother would still be alive. It was Samuel Daly who killed his own wife and Karen Daly’s dearest mother. “Samuel Daly..” Karen Daly was about to get angry, but Kevin Kyle reached out and pulled her back. He touched her head and whispered, “Karen, we are here see mother.” Before he came, Kevin Kyle had already expected that Samuel Daly might do such a thing, so he made some arrangements with Amelia Gray. Being pulled by Kevin Kyle and hearing his voice, Karen Daly suppressed her anger and glared at Samuel Daly. At this time, a black car quickly drove to their side and stopped. A fat middle-aged man got off the car. The man bowed before Kevin Kyle and said, “Director Kyle, sorry to keep you waiting.” Kevin Kyle nodded. “Deputy Morris, please lead the way.” The fat man, Jack Morris, hurriedly took two steps forward and said as he walked, “President Kyle, this way, please. My men are not sensible. Please forgive us for wasting your time.” “But Deputy Morris, you promised me..” Samuel Daly also followed, but before he could finish his words, he was glared at by Jack Morris. Samuel Daly’s “work every day was to find a way to blend with the rich and powerful. It had been like this for decades, that is why he had learned the ability to observe people’s speech and appearance. He heard from Kristine Daly that Karen Daly was married, but he did not investigate who the man was. Karen Daly left the Daly Family and walked away with a bad reputation With Karen Daly’s bad reputation, it would be easy to get married to any Tom, Dick, or Harry, but it was impossible to find someone richer than the Gook Family, so he did not care much at all. However, when he saw the man’s appearance and dominant aura, in addition to Jack Morris’ attitude towards him, the man must not be an ordinary person. If he was not an ordinary person, who could he be? Even if he had a background, it was nothing compared to the Gook Family Instinctively, Samuel Daly regarded this as the first thing to be measured in a person. The background of a person was the standard for him to decide whether he should flatter that person or not. “Dad, what are you looking at? Is Karen here?” Kristine Daly held two bottles of water, which Samuel Daly asked her to buy just now. Samuel Daly looked back at Kristine Daly, and then looked at Karen Daly and the husband. “Kristine, have you seen the man who Karen married?” Kristine Daly thought for a moment and said, “I saw him from a distance when I was in Chatterton Town that day. It was too far away and I couldn’t see him clearly.” Samuel Daly said, “I think the man’s appearance and personality are good, he doesn’t look like an ordinary man. Go there and have a look later, find out about his background.” “They’re here?” Kristine Daly followed his father’s line of sight and saw Karen Daly and Kevin Kyle walking away. “Dad, why didn’t you stop them?” Samuel Daly narrowed his eyes and said, “Deputy Morris came here personally to welcome them, how can I stop them?” “Deputy Morris personally welcomed them?” Kristine Daly looked at the two people in a distance. She tried to recall if this was the man she had met before years ago. The back of the man who was married to Karen Daly was quite similar to Matthew Kyle’s. But it shouldn’t be so coincidental that they were the same person. Jack Morris led Karen Daly and Kevin Kyle to the morgue of the funeral centre. It was a huge morgue, and the body was stored in a proper area. When the family members arrive, the staff will lead them with a code and pull the body out of the compartment. Karen Daly had been unwilling to believe that her mother had really passed away until she saw her mother lying in the small compartment, and saw her face that had turned pale, along with the frozen blood on her forehead… “Mom…” Karen Daly wanted to touch her mother again and take a closer look at her, but her legs went weak and her strength was instantly drained. If Kevin Kyle hadn’t held her in time, she would have fallen to the ground. “Mom..” In addition to this word, Karen Daly’s voice was too speechless to speak more. Her heart seemed to be taken out. A cool breeze blew through her heart, and it felt empty inside. “My Karen, you must be very good-looking when you grow up.” “My Karen, When you grow up, you must marry a hero.” “Of course, you are the only treasure in mommy’s life.” “My Karen.” What her mother said in the past was like a movie, and the memories of them appeared on Karen Daly’s mind. However, this person who had warned her whole childhood could no longer say a word and could not touch her head to whisper her name anymore, “My Karen.” Why were the heavens so cruel? The knot between her mother and Karen Daly had just been united. A few days ago, she thought that their future was still so bright and happy. She could take care of her mother soon and have a good life with her. However, her mother was lying in the cold ice cabinet and had no future. Perhaps. Samuel Daly was right. She caused her mother’s death. She left Beaford City alone, leaving her mother in the hell-like Daly house. Why didn’t she come early to take her mother away? Why didn’t God give her a chance to take care of her mother? Why? The emotion that Karen Daly had been enduring for the whole day finally collapsed, and her tears rushed down like beads from broken strings. She almost cried out hysterically, like a trapped beast, and every sound was filled with deep despair and sadness. Her heart was empty, as if nothing could fill it up again. Kevin Kyle hugged her and did not say anything to comfort her. He just let Karen Daly’s tears wet his clothes and let her cry. After crying, she would not be so sad anymore. However, looking at her tears, his heart was also aching. His own mood was out of control. Kevin Kyle had never experienced this kind of feeling before. At this moment, he felt it from Karen Daly. He did not try to suppress it at all..

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