After crying for some time, Karen Daly stopped. Kevin Kyle’s clothes and chest were soaked with her tears. Kevin Kyle had seen Karen Daly pretended to be strong before, but he never knew that she could cry so hard. He could not stop her. “Karen…” Kevin Kyle reached out and gently touched her swollen eyes with his thumb, wiping away the tears at the corner of her eyes Karen Daly’s body shivered uncontrollably after crying. When she heard Kevin Kyle call her name, she shivered more. Kevin Kyle held her in his arms again and patted her back gently, just like comforting a crying child. Karen Daly raised her head from Kevin Kyle’s arms, bit her lip, and tried to control her emotions. “I have to take care of my mother’s funeral personally. I don’t want Samuel Daly to get involved.” Samuel Daly didn’t want Karen Daly to see her mother because he wanted to threaten her and make her promise to do things she wouldn’t do. But Samuel Daly would not say it directly. On the surface, he would pretend to be a disgusting yet loving father and yet be super critical towards Karen Daly. Kevin Kyle nodded. “I happen to know Jack Morris here. If I have a word with him, Samuel Daly wouldn’t be able to manage the affairs of mother-in-law anymore.” Karen Daly rubbed her eyes and looked up at Kevin Kyle seriously. “Kevin, why do you have friends everywhere? And are they all so powerful?” Karen Daly suddenly asked such a question. Kevin Kyle was a little surprised and said, “In fact, we don’t know each other. It’s all about mutual benefit.” For someone like Jack Morris, he wasn’t a man of principle. For the sake of interests, he would collude with Samuel Daly and not let Karen Daly see her mother for the last time. As soon as Rovio Corp contacted Jack Morris, he would immediately jump ship and dive into the ones who would give him better interests. He would not hesitate to abandon Samuel Daly and work for Rovio Corp. Kevin Kyle’s words made Karen Daly understand. After all, as long as they had money, they could order people wherever they went. However, how rich was her husband? Why did she always feel that she could not see through him? Glancing at her eyes, Kevin Kyle patted her head and said, “Let’s go back and have a rest first. We can plan for mother in-law’s funeral later.” Karen Daly nodded. “Thank you.” If he wasn’t by her side, she might not even see her mother for the last time, or even prepare the funeral for her mother. “Matthew Kyle?” Kristine Daly’s surprised voice suddenly sounded behind them. Karen Daly and Kevin Kyle looked back at the same time and saw Kristine Daly standing four or five steps behind them. Her eyes fell on Kevin Kyle. “Kristine, what kind of tricks do you want to play?” Karen Daly instinctively stood in front of Kevin Kyle, not wanting her man to be coveted by others, especially if this person was Kristine Daly. Kristine Daly ignored Karen Daly. She stared at Kevin Kyle for a long time and said, “Matthew, is that you?” Kevin Kyle nodded and replied indifferently and distantly, “Yes.” Hearing Kevin Kyle’s answer, Karen Daly’s body was slightly stiff. When did they meet? Did she not know what happened between them? “So it’s really you.” Kristine Daly smiled, lonely and sad.” didn’t expect you to marry my sister.” Matthew Kyle? Matthew Kyle? Matthew Kyle? Karen Daly repeated this name three times, vaguely remembering some impressions of this name. After thinking really hard, she remembered something. Karen Daly remembered that when Kristine Daly came back from studying in the United States, she secretly told her that she had a boyfriend, who seemed to be Matthew Kyle. As she remembered, Karen Daly looked up at Kevin Kyle again and saw his cold eyes. He did not have any emotional changes or any intention of explaining matters to her. She unconsciously pulled her hand away from his hands. Suddenly, his hand was empty. This feeling was not very good. Kevin Kyle frowned slightly and stretched out his hand to hold Karen Daly Karen Daly wanted to withdraw her hand, but Kevin Kyle held it tighter this time. She had no way to move it. Holding Karen Daly, Kevin Kyle looked at Kristine Daly again and said politely, “Miss Kristine, if you don’t have anything else, my wife and I will go first.” After that, Kevin Kyle held Karen Daly’s waist with one hand and forcibly left with her in his arms. He did not look at Kristine Daly at all. “Kristine, do you know that man? Samuel Daly, who was hiding in the dark, came out and asked as he watched Karen Daly and Kevin Kyle leave. “I met him two or three times when I was studying in the United States.” Kristine Daly answered honestly, but deliberately did not mention that she had dated with him. “How was his family background?” Samuel Daly always cared about these questions. “It should be an ordinary family. He took a scholarship to go to university.” Kristine Daly did not know much about Matthew Kyle. Although she was Matthew Kyle’s girlfriend, they had only seen each other twice after they had known each other. They had not held each other’s hands. Kristine Daly’s lifelong pursuit was Charlie Gook, so she didn’t spend too much time on Matthew Daly. She only knew that Matthew Kyle was a legendary figure at Harvard University. Every year, he would receive scholarships. She heard that he only continued to study because of the scholarships. They didn’t know that the Kyle family was famous for having their own way to educate their children, especially the men who will take over the Kyle family. Their education was even more rigorous When Kevin Kyle was young, he relied on his own ability to make money to support himself, and the tuition fees for school were all earned by himself. “In that case, don’t waste your time on him. You’d better pay more attention to Charlie Gook. Hearing that Kevin Kyle was from an ordinary family, Samuel Daly lost interest. Kristine Daly nodded and replied obediently, “Yes.” Kevin Kyle didn’t let go of Karen Daly until he got into the car. Looking at Karen Daly’s eyes which were as red as a rabbit’s eyes and biting her pale lips, he sighed helplessly. “Sit down. I’ll tell you what it was about.” Karen Daly was not mad, but Kristine Daly had once robbed her fiance, that is why she was worried. Now that she knew of the time when Kevin Kyle and Kristine Daly had been dating, her heart was flustered for no reason, and she even had some fear and it bothered her. She wanted to let go of Kevin Kyle’s hand and escape, but Kevin Kyle did not give her the chance. He held her hand and said seriously, “I’ve met her before and was persuaded to have a relationship with her before.” “Persuaded? What do you mean?” Karen Daly didn’t want to talk to him at first, but when she heard these words, she couldn’t resist her curiosity. Kevin Kyle added, “I became her boyfriend and I didn’t even know it. I was dumped by her in the end and I didn’t even know about it.”.

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