Kevin Kyle had become Kristine Daly’s boyfriend without knowing about it, and then he had been dumped by Kristine Daly without knowing about it? Karen Daly wanted to believe Kevin Kyle, but Kevin Kyle’s explanation was too far-fetched and hard to believe. She glanced at him and did not speak. Then she turned her head and looked out of the window. Karen Daly did not speak, and Kevin Kyle did not know what else to say. Looking at her back, he reached out and pulled her into his arms. Karen Daly pushed him hard, but he was too strong. She couldn’t push him away, so she raised her fist and punched him twice “Karen, trust me,” he said. His voice was deep and powerful, with a little sense of helplessness. Karen Daly did not struggle anymore. She bit her lips and asked softly, “Was it really just a coincidence that you had a blind date with me? Kevin Kyle did not know how to answer this question. At first, he was appointed to be Kristine Daly’s boyfriend, and then he was suddenly dumped. Three years ago, he went to Beaford City as Kristine Daly’s boyfriend, ready to completely end the relationship between them. Unexpectedly, when he reached Beaford City, he managed to witness a big show of the Daly Family and the Gook Family The elder sister had a child with the younger sister’s fiance, and the younger sister was framed as an evil woman who snatched away the elder sister’s man. She was scolded and blocked, and finally had to leave embarrassingly One night before leaving Beaford City, Karen Daly went to the bar and was drunk. If he hadn’t accompanied her that night, Karen Daly, the stupid girl, would have been kidnapped. At this time, he was so glad that he had come to Beaford city and met Karen Daly. He was so glad that he had not let those bad things happen. Because he met Karen Daly three years ago, he recognized her quickly when he saw her three years later. That time when she was on a blind date with someone in the cafe, people said bad things about her. When he learned that she was still going on another blind date, for some reason, he spent money to make her blind date leave, and he went to replace the man to have a blind date with her. On the day of the blind date, she came earlier, but he arrived on time. He was very punctual. After chatting for a while, the two left with contact information. After that, he sent people to investigate her and decided to marry her after knowing all her information. Kevin Kyle had always been decisive and quick to make decisions, but he had never thought that he would be so fast to marry At that time, he didn’t think too much. He just wanted to take care of this girl who had been deeply hurt, and to help her to heal the wound in her heart. “Kevin, you haven’t spoken for such a long time. Are you going to think of a story to trick me?” Without waiting for Kevin Kyle’s answer, Karen Daly looked up and asked him. Kristine Daly was a thorn in Karen Daly’s heart. She was afraid that the thorn would go near her marriage life with Kevin Kyle and destroy the peace that originally belonged to them. She planned to spend the rest of her life with Kevin Kyle, and she could feel his sincerity. He also said that he wanted to live with her for the rest of his life. “It was not a coincidence. I drove away the man who was supposed to have a blind date with you.” Kevin Kyle told the truth. He had never encountered such a thing and did not know what to say. He didn’t know what to say to Karen Daly. Perhaps the best way is to tell her the truth. Kevin Kyle’s deep eyes were very sincere, and there was no trace of hypocrisy or concealment. Everyone had a past. If she had, couldn’t Kevin Kyle have a past too? Thinking of this, Karen Daly stopped thinking about his past with Kristine Daly. She snuggled into his arms and stretched out her arms to hold his thin waist. She said, “Then you are not allowed to have anything to do with her anymore.” Now that her mother had left, she only had one family member, that is Kevin Kyle. She was so afraid that he would leave one day, leaving her alone. What should she do? Kevin Kyle held her in his arms and wanted to say something, but he didn’t know how to say it. He just held her tighter. Karen’s mother’s funeral was arranged by Karen Daly. It was not luxurious and did not involve many people, but each detail was carefully prepared by Karen Daly. She chose the best cemetery in Beaford City and chose a place with a good view for her mother. When her mother was alive, she was locked up in a cage and never had the chance to go anywhere. She did not take good care of her mother. She could only do these trivial things for her mother. She hoped that her mother would go to heaven later. Looking at the newly erected tombstone and the words “Daughter Karen Daly” inscribed on the tombstone, Karen Daly felt heartbroken and sad. From now on, she could no longer see her mother’s kind smile and could no longer hear her mother say “My Karen”. Kevin Kyle was by her side and did not know how to comfort her. He did not say anything and just quietly accompanied her. Compared with the tranquility on their side, Gook Corp headquarters was in complete chaos. After the news that Rovio Corp would never cooperate with Gook Corp had spread, many companies had to re-examine their cooperation with Gook Corp. Therefore, Gook Corp had fallen into crisis in a very short time. For three days in a row, the stock of Gook Corp sunk to its lowest after the market had started. “Mr. Gook, Leo Kyle has the same response: I don’t want to see anyone from Gook Corp.” The CEO’s personal assistant, Mr. Hart, reported the information he had just received. Head of Gook Corp, Bernard Gook, looked fiercely at his eldest son Charlie Gook. He grabbed the teacup on his desk and threw it at Charlie Gook. “Useless thing!” “Dad” Charlie Gook was splashed by the tea, but he did not dare to move. He lowered his head and said, “Give me another chance. Let me talk with Leo Kyle.” “You? What else can you do?” Bernard Gook couldn’t wait to kick this useless thing. It was fine to offend anyone, but to offend Leo Kyle of Rovio Corp? Charlie Gook: “.” Bernard Gook added, “You are a useless thing. How did you offend Leo Kyle?” Charlie Gook glanced at his angry father and knew that he couldn’t escape, so he had to tell his father how he offended Leo Kyle. Hearing this, Bernard Gook almost fainted out of anger. He stepped forward and gave Charlie Gook a hard slap. “You are such an idiot. All-day long you only think about women, can’t you think of anything else?” Charlie Gook lowered his head and did not even dare to make a sound. Bernard Gook added, “Go find Samuel Daly, and have him persuade Karen Daly. Karen Daly is the daughter of the Daly Family anyway. I don’t believe she can watch the Daly Family get into trouble with the Gook Family.” “Dad, aren’t you afraid Samuel Daly will betray you?” Charlie Gook asked. Samuel Daly is a snobbish man who would do anything for the sake of his own interests. Once he find a better person as his backup, he would lose Gook Corp in a heartbeat. Bernard Gook sneered and said, “Go and find him. He will know what to do.” Bernard Gook knew better than Charlie Gook what kind of person Samuel Daly was. If he was not 100% sure, Bernard Gook would not take this risk..

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