It had been snowing for a whole day and night, and there was no sign of stopping. Karen Daly had suffered from the cold wind since 2 days ago, and was heartbroken because of her mother’s sudden death. She fell ill after returning from the cemetery yesterday She had a high fever, which made her dizzy. The whole night she talked in her sleep. She kept calling out for her mom, crying and whining… Seeing her like this, Kevin Kyle’s heart was almost in a mess. He hoped that she could open her heart to him and let him share some pain for her. But she didn’t. She hid all the pain in her heart and slowly tried to fill it. She didn’t want him to help her. He thought that after having physical intimacy with her, the relationship between them would naturally step forward, but it didn’t. “Karen – He touched her head, and his deep and sincere gaze fell on her pale little face. “Remember, no matter what happens, you have me.” The things that Karen’s mother had experienced and the sudden death of her mother were a great blow to Karen Daly. It was hard to imagine that someone like Kevin Kyle, who grew up in a warm family, could understand. He even once thought that all the couples in the world should be like their parents, that they should focus on only one lover. No matter there was love or not between a couple, as long as they made a promise to each other, they should carry each other for the rest of their lives and never fall in love with another. Kevin Kyle’s mother was in poor health, his father not only did not abandon her, instead, he quit his job and accompanied his wife to travel around the world. Once, he heard from his father that it was easy for a man to treat a woman well, but it was difficult to treat a woman well for the rest of his life. Fortunately, his father had met the woman he loved all his life. Karen Daly was the woman that Kevin Kyle wanted to treat well for the rest of his life. “Kevin ” Karen Daly opened her eyes in a daze and saw Kevin Kyle staring at her mindlessly. She had been awake for a long time, but he did not realize it. “You’re awake.” Kevin Kyle stretched out his hand and touched her forehead. The fever finally subsided, but her face was still very pale and looked drained of energy Karen Daly nodded. “What are you thinking about? You’re so absorbed in your thoughts.” “Nothing.” He helped her to sit up and took a coat to cover her with, “Eat something first.” “Okay.” Karen Daly smiled apologetically at him. “I’ve let you worry about me for the whole night. I’m really sorry.” Hearing her words, Kevin Kyle froze for a moment and looked at her with dissatisfaction. “What nonsense are you talking about?” She pursed her lips and looked at him with a smile. Kevin Kyle turned around and went out. When he walked out of the door, he saw Amelia Gray, who had been waiting for a long time, “What’s the matter?” “President Kyle, Samuel Daly is coming. He said he wants to see Madam.” Amelia Gray said in a low voice. Because this was Karen Daly’s family affair, Amelia Gray could not drive Samuel Daly away directly. She had to wait for Kevin Kyle’s command. Kevin Kyle said, “Ask him to go to the meeting room.” In Kevin Kyle’s eyes, Samuel Daly was not even worthy of being described as a beast. It was absolutely not a good thing for him to want to see Karen Daly. Kevin Kyle was going to remove this tumor completely Karen Daly looked at Kevin Kyle’s back and was recalling what happened. Last night, she was having high fever, but she still remembered that he had been taking care of her, which meant he probably had not slept for the whole night She catches the cold all the time, but rarely had high fever. So this time the high fever was a little serious and she was very weak. Not long after, Kevin Kyle came in with a tray and placed the dishes prepared by Aunt Jen in front of Karen Daly. “They are all plain food. Although it was plain, there were many dishes, and each of them was so thoughtfully made. Karen Daly thought of her mother again. When she was sick as a little child, in order to coax her to take medicine, her mother always tricked her with some fancy snacks. Karen Daly blinked, covered the tears in her eyes, and said silently in her mind, “Mother, do you see that? There is someone who is willing to be good to me, I will surely be happy. So you should be good in heaven too. Don’t worry about me. “Come on, try it.” Looking at Karen Daly’s expression, Kevin Kyle knew that she must be thinking of her mother again, but he didn’t know how else to comfort her. Karen Daly nodded, picked up the spoon, took a mouthful, and started to eat. After eating with Karen Daly, Kevin Kyle went to the conference room of the hotel. Samuel Daly had been impatient for a long time. He walked back and forth in the conference room. When he saw Kevin Kyle, he immediately greeted him with a smile, “Son-in-law…” “Mr. Daly, our boss doesn’t have much time. Please speak your mind.” Amelia Gray, who was beside Kevin Kyle, interrupted Samuel Daly. Samuel Daly looked at Amelia Gray discontentedly and said angrily, “I’m talking to your boss. It’s not your turn to interrupt.” “Mr. Daly, you may have misunderstood.” Kevin Kyle stood straight. His silver-gray suit made his face look even colder. “Amelia is my family.” Kevin Kyle’s words were equivalent to a hard slap on Samuel Daly’s face, but he was arrogant and he could pretend nothing had happened. He cleared his throat and said, “Son-in-law..” “Mr. Daly, if you don’t have anything else, I’ll excuse myself.” This time, it was Kevin Kyle who interrupted Samuel Daly’s sentence. Samuel Daly smiled awkwardly and said, “Well, Karen’s mother just left, she must be very sad. As her father, I want to talk to her. After all, I am her closest relative in this world.” Kevin Kyle looked at Samuel Daly with a piercing coldness in his cold eyes. “She is my wife, I will take care of her. I don’t want irrelevant people to appear in front of her again. “Kevin Kyle, I am Karen’s father after all. You are her husband, and you are talking to your father-in-law with this attitude? I am her father, why won’t you let me see my daughter? Samuel Daly thought that Kevin Kyle knew nothing of her past. Even if Karen Daly had a bad relationship with him, Kevin Kyle was not qualified to stop Karen Daly from meeting him, so he wanted to use his identity as a father to pressure Kevin Kyle. However, Kevin Kyle did not buy it. Kevin Kyle looked at Samuel Daly coldly and said, “Mr. Daly. you know better than anyone else what you have done.” “What did I do? Don’t talk nonsense.” Samuel Daly was stubborn, but he was a little nervous. Did Kevin Kyle know about that thing? “Amelia, see the guest off!” After saying this, Kevin Kyle turned around and left. “Kevin Kyle, you restrict Karen from seeing her family. Are you trying to imprison my Karen?” Samuel Daly shouted. The purpose of this trip had not been achieved, so how could he let Kevin Kyle go easily? “Samuel Daly, do not call me YOUR Karen. I have nothing to do with you.” Karen Daly’s voice suddenly came from the door. [ping: Come on, let’s get two chapters. We’ll continue at night. I’m busy with text writing at night, so I don’t have time to reply to everyone’s messages. Please forgive me.).

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