Hearing Karen Daly’s voice, everyone looked over. She was wearing pajamas with a coat Her long black hair draped over her shoulders. She looked so thin that it made people pity her, but there was a sharp light in her eyes. Kevin Kyle’s heart sank. How long had she been here? How much did she hear? “Karen, you must have misunderstood daddy. We should sit down and talk about it as father and daughter.” Samuel Daly didn’t think about what Karen Daly had heard, or even bothered if Karen Daly would get hurt. He immediately put on a kind father’s face. “For a person like you, who forced his own wife to death, have nothing to say to you. You’d better get out of here right now and don’t let me see you again.” With such a father, Karen Daly did not think that she had anything to say to him. Seeing Samuel Daly, Karen Daly’s remembered the memory of her mother lying in the morgue. Her mother was already in this condition, Samuel Daly still wanted to take advantage of her. He even tried to deny Karen Daly from seeing her own mother. If possible, she really didn’t want this monster’s blood flowing in her body. She wanted to personally plot her revenge, to comfort her mother’s spirit in heaven. “Karen.” Samuel Daly tried to change Karen Daly’s mind, in fact, he tried to let Kevin Kyle feel that he still had a very important position in Karen Daly’s heart. He just wanted to show Kevin Kyle that Karen Daly still had him as a father in her heart, he could make use of Karen Daly’s sympathy to make a request to Kevin Kyle. “Get out!” Karen Daly was so angry that her whole body was shaking. She pointed at the door and roared. “Karen, is this the way you talk to your father? Just because you have found a rich man, you don’t even want to recognize your father? Your mother’s body is not even cold yet, and you treat your father like this. Aren’t you afraid of hurting her heart?” He knew that her mother was the pain in Karen Daly’s heart, but Samuel Daly purposely tore her wound, as if he wanted to drive her crazy. Only then would he be satisfied. Kevin Kyle walked over, held Karen Daly’s hand and left. At the same time, he said, “Assistant Gray, take care of the matter.” “Karen, you will never get rid of the fate of being a child of the Daly Family. You can’t escape it.” Samuel Daly shouted. “Mr. Daly, I’ve seen all kinds of shameless people over the years. It’s really the first time I’ve seen someone as disgusting as you.” Amelia Gray looked at Samuel Daly and said rudely. “You are just a dog by Kevin Kyle’s side, a dog taking advantage of power.” Samuel Daly said scornfully, “Even if I were a dog, I am still a dog who is loyal to my master. And what about you? What you have done is worse than hell.” After that, Amelia Gray gestured for to leave Karen Daly’s precise attitude made Samuel Daly immediately understand that Karen Daly would never be of use for him. He must find another way. He immediately thought of his daughter Kristine Daly. Kristine Daly and Kevin Kyle were in the same university years ago, there must be a connection between them. Since Karen Daly’s stubborn temper could even make Kevin Kyle surrender, then it was not difficult for her to be moved by her gentle and lovely Kristine Daly In Samuel Daly’s eyes, as long as Kristine Daly used some means, Kevin Kyle would definitely become the second Charlie Gook Karen Daly was forcibly brought back to the room by Kevin Kyle. She was so angry that she coughed violently. She hated herself, hated herself for being useless, and hated herself for not being able to do anything to Samuel Daly. “Karen-” Kevin Kyle forcibly hugged her and tried to comfort her, but Karen Daly could not listen to anything, She was so angry that she stomped on Kevin Kyle. She knew that she shouldn’t vent her anger on Kevin Kyle, but when she thought of Samuel Daly’s face, she couldn’t control her temper. “Karen, calm down.” Kevin Kyle patted her on the back and said, “Mother-in-law will definitely not want to see you like this. You have to be strong.” Hearing Kevin Kyle mentioning her mother, Karen Daly instantly calmed down and looked at Kevin Kyle with a smile. “I’m feeling dizzy. I’ll go to sleep for a while.” Kevin Kyle grabbed Karen Daly, who wanted to escape, and stared at her for a moment with deep eyes. Then he held her tightly in his arms and said, “Karen, tell me if you’re sad.” Karen Daly lowered her head and said nothing. Kevin Kyle pinched her chin and let her raise her head. She closed her eyes and murmured, “I’m so sleepy.” Kevin Kyle knew that Karen Daly was not willing to reveal her worries in front of him. He reluctantly let go of her and said, “Go and rest.” “Okay.” Karen Daly responded softly, returned to the bed and laid down, staring at the ceiling. “Karen-” Kevin Kyle sat down beside her and called her name, but she did not respond. Her eyes seemed to be fixed on the ceiling Kevin Kyle stretched out his hand and pulled her head over, asking her to look at him. “Karen, I’m here, don’t be afraid.” “Ah-” Karen Daly paused and smiled slightly. “I’m fine. Don’t worry.” After saying that, she looked at the ceiling and stared at it. Kevin Kyle called her a few times, but she did not hear it. She said she was fine, but Kevin Kyle knew that she had something in her mind, so he turned her head over and lowered his head to kiss her. But she closed her eyes and sighed softly. “I’m tired.” Kevin Kyle sighed helplessly and pulled the quilt to cover her. “Go to sleep.” After his plan with Karen Daly was forfeited, Samuel Daly spent the whole day thinking about how to tell Kristine Daly to get close to Kevin Kyle. More importantly, Kristine Daly still had the title as Charlie Gook’s fiancee, and she needed the Gook Family’s approval too. Of course, he could not directly say that he would want Kristine Daly to seduce Kevin Kyle. He must find a way to make Kristine Daly go by herself so that he could better control Kristine Daly for his own use in the future. While he was thinking about it, Charlie Gook came to him. Charlie Gook looked at him and smiled. “Uncle Daly, How did the talk with Leo Kyle go? Or did Karen agree to see you?” Samuel Daly looked at Charlie Gook and said, “This mess was caused by you. You should know what the result will be.” Charlie Gook sat down, picked up a cup, poured a cup of tea and took a sip, and said, “I also heard that Kristine and Kevin used to be in the same university in the United States, and there had been a connection to. Let her get close to Kevin. I don’t think there is a better candidate than her.” “So, you agreed to let Kristine get close to Kevin?” Samuel Daly was worried that he didn’t know how to talk to the Gook family. Now that the Gook family had said it themselves, things would be much easier. “Why not?” Charlie Gook asked. For him, Kristine Daly was just a tool to satisfy his desire. At this time, she could still be of some use, why not make the best use of it? In the past two days, the stock of Gook Corp was still falling sharply. If he could not find a way to change Kevin Kyle’s mind, the future of Gook Corp would be very worrying. Gook Corp did not have much time left, so they have to act as soon as possible..

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