Now for Gook Corp and Samuel Daly, the Leo Kyle of Rovio Corp was their life-saving factor. As long as he spoke, the crisis of Gook Corp could be immediately resolved. The person who could help them get this life-saving factor was Kristine Daly. They pinned all their hopes on Kristine Daly Standing in the dark, Kristine Daly listened to the conversation between the two men. Her lips curved slightly, revealing a desolate and indifferent smile. One of the men was her biological father, the other was the man she looked up to in her life, and also the father of her dead child. These two men were the closest people in her life. At this time they were actually discussing how to send her away. She clenched her fists, trying not to laugh too hideously, and then walked lightly towards them. She looked at Charlie Gook and smiled gently. “Charlie, you’re here.” “Yes.” Charlie Gook looked up at Kristine Daly. Kristine Daly wore a pink coat today, with a winter dress inside. She looked shy, which was very attractive. He stood up, held Kristine Daly’s waist with one hand, and whispered in her ear, “Your body is made for men.” “Charlie..” Kristine Daly put her hand on his chest and grumbled coyly “Let’s see if I will destroy you today.” Before Kristine Daly could respond, Charlie Gook grabbed her by the waist and strode upstairs. He did not even care about Samuel Daly who was sitting in the living room. In the temporary office of the hotel. Amelia Gray took the documents and updated Kevin Kyle about the matters in the west, “President Kyle, news from the west..” “Has she eaten?” Before Amelia Gray finished her words, Kevin Kyle looked at Aunt Jen, who came over with a tray. Aunt Jen shook her head and said, “Young Master, Madam tried to eat, but she then vomited it out.” Kevin Kyle had no mood to pay attention to what Amelia Gray had said. He immediately got up and said while walking, “Go prepare some food that is good for her appetite and send it over later.” Amelia Gray looked at his back and sighed helplessly. Their Director Kyle took over Rovio Corp for more than six years, and his work was always the first priority. He never delayed his work for anything. But now, he neglected his work over and over again because of Karen Daly. Was he going to be a business king who only cared about beautiful women? Fortunately, over the years, he had used his men to gather all kinds of elite talents. If he occasionally made mistakes, others can still compensate the flaws with a good job. Kevin Kyle stepped into the room and saw Karen Daly sitting by the window. She was looking outside very quietly. “Karen-” He walked over and hugged her from behind, but she did not give him any response and still looked out. Kevin Kyle turned her head and asked her to look at him, “Karen, tell me what you are thinking.” “Ah -” It seemed that Karen Daly just discovered his existence. She smiled and said, “You’re back.” “What are you thinking about?” He asked softly “Nothing.” She looked at him and smiled gently After two days, she still didn’t want to talk to him, which made Kevin Kyle a little annoyed, but he couldn’t do anything He added, “Then why don’t you eat something with me?” Karen Daly shook her head. “I’m not hungry.” These two days, she always said that she had no appetite. Forced her to eat a little, and then she vomited immediately. He thought a lot of ways, but she closed her heart tightly to keep him away “Then eat some with me. I’l take you to see someone after we eat.” Kevin Kyle picked her up and carried her to the dining room “I don’t want to go out.” She still looked at him with a gentle smile. However, Kevin Kyle was not willing to let her go this time. He had to find an outlet to let her vent her emotions. Otherwise, if she kept holding it in this way, there would be problems Kevin Kyle took Karen Daly to see a friend called George Ken, a very famous psychiatrist in the capital city. George Ken was 30 years old, and about 1.8 meters tall. Because he was very thin, he looked very tall. “Matthew, long time no see!” George Ken did not feel surprised when he suddenly received a call from Kevin Kyle. He was a little surprised to see Kevin Kyle with a woman. Kevin Kyle nodded. “Hello.” George Ken’s eyes landed on Karen Daly, and there was an imperceptible complex light in his eyes. “You finally have a girlfriend.” Kevin Kyle said seriously, “Not a girlfriend, she’s my wife.” “Your wife?” George Ken said in surprise, “I thought you would only spend all your time in your business. I didn’t know you would get married so fast.” Kevin Kyle did not speak. George Ken looked at Karen Daly and said, “Mrs. Kyle, nice to meet you! Karen Daly nodded and smiled gently. “Hello, Dr. Ken!” “Don’t call me doctor. I’m just a chicken soup seller.” George Ken smiled. His manner of speech was humorous, which made people feel warm. “So, Mrs. Kyle, are you willing to talk to me alone?” Kevin Kyle had already talked about the general situation with George Ken on the phone. He also knew that Kevin Kyle’s time was precious, so he didn’t talk too much. Karen Daly glanced at Kevin Kyle subconsciously. Kevin Kyle nodded to her indicating for her to be rest assured. She nodded and followed George Ken into the office. George Ken invited Karen Daly to sit down and poured her a glass of water. “Mrs. Kyle, just treat me as someone you don’t know. You can talk to me casually and anything you want.” “Did you call Kevin as Matthew just now?” Karen Daly had just noticed George Ken’s address towards Kevin Kyle. This name made Karen Daly a little uncomfortable because Kristine Daly called Kevin Kyle this way too. “It’s his nickname. We used to call him that in school.” George Ken smiled and said, “Mrs. Kyle, if I remember correctly, your father should be Samuel Daly, right?” When Samuel Daly was mentioned, Karen Daly took a deep breath and clenched her fists on her thighs with a fierce look in her eyes. Her thoughts were all about her mother, Samuel Daly, and the Gook family Her mother passed away, but the group of people who forced her to her death still lived well. Life was the same, everything was the same, nothing was affected. The Gook family and Samuel Daly, she could definitely let them live a good life, but her mother died so miserably. She must find a way to revenge. George Ken saw Karen Daly’s reaction and said, “Some people, some things, if you don’t release them, it will be nailed in your heart forever.” After a moment of hesitation, Karen Daly asked, “Release them? How?.

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