“Don’t think too much of it. Release, get rid of and destroy it. It’s up to you.” George Ken’s smile was calm. Karen Daly did not understand what George Ken was referring to. She looked up at him quietly, and he continued, “Don’t be so serious. Let me tell you a joke. I met a person a few days ago. He claimed to be the illegitimate child of the Gook family. He had been saying he wants to destroy Gook Corp. I suspect that he has paranoia.” An idea flashed through Karen Daly’s mind. She narrowed her eyes and looked at George Ken warily. “Who the hell are you? Why are you helping me?” George Ken smiled again, revealing his white and neat teeth. “Your psychiatrist, a doctor who treats your issues and shares your worries. Is there anything wrong?” Karen Daly looked at him in a daze, and then he said casually, “If you are satisfied with my treatment, remember to ask Matthew to compensate me more.” George Ken said something else, but Karen Daly didn’t pay attention to it. She kept thinking about the illegitimate child of the Gook family. She had also vaguely heard of this person before, but she had never noticed him. But now it seemed that this person could come in handy, In this world, there was someone who wished more for the Gook family to fall than she did. As long as the Gook family could be overthrown, Samuel Daly would not have support anymore. It would be much easier to make him lose his reputation like this. And the things in her hands could be given to that person and let that person help Karen Daly deal with the Gook family. As for Kevin Kyle, he had his job and family. She did not want to involve him in the matters relating to the Gook family and the Daly family. If one day she could get rid of everything, she still hoped that Kevin Kyle would be a warm man, standing under the bright sunshine, looking at the most beautiful scenery and she could be with the best person. After talking with George Ken for nearly an hour, Karen Daly felt much more relaxed and made a decision Even if Samuel Daly’s blood was flowing in her body, she couldn’t let that man live to commit evil again. He should be punished. After coming out of the office, Karen Daly immediately looked at Kevin Kyle’s worried eyes. She raised her eyebrows and smiled at him. “Dr. Ken’s charges are too high. Can you pay for me?” If Karen Daly was willing to talk like this, it meant that the knot in her heart had been untied. Kevin Kyle rubbed her head and looked at George Ken. “Just tell me how much it costs.” George Ken leaned against the door and smiled awkwardly “I like Mrs. Kyle very much. So, I’ll spare her today’s fee.” ownership. Hearing George Ken said that he liked Karen Daly, Kevin Kyle pulled Karen Daly into his arms as if he was declaring ownership. George Ken smiled and said, “Mr. Kyle, no one would take your wife away. If you want to do some PDA please do it at home. I only accept patients here.” “It’s best if you understand.” Kevin Kyle smiled back at George Ken. It seemed to be a gentle smile, but it was full of warning. His wife was not allowed to be in anyone’s mind, not even just a mere thought. “Let’s go, Kevin.” Karen Daly tugged at him. “I’m so hungry. Can you ask Aunt Jen to prepare some food for me?” George Ken was too mysterious. At present, Karen Daly did not know whether he was an enemy or a friend. She did not want Kevin Kyle to have too much to do with him. In her opinion, Kevin Kyle was still on a bright path. She would not want anything unclean to touch him. Kevin Kyle and Karen Daly had left when a woman walked out of another office. She looked somewhat similar to George Ken. Looking at Karen Daly’s back, she sighed. “Brother, is that the Daly Family’s second daughter?” George Ken nodded and sighed. “Yes. She is the second daughter of the Daly family. I didn’t expect to meet her in this way.” After coming back from George Ken’s clinic, Karen Daly’s condition was much better. She could eat and was willing to talk to Kevin Kyle. Kevin Kyle was very happy to see her gradually emerge from the shadow of her mother’s death. He patted her head and said, “I have something to do today. Have a good rest at home. Let’s have dinner together tonight.” “Okay.” Karen Daly nodded and gave him a brilliant smile. After Kevin Kyle left, Karen Daly found a phone number. After thinking for a long time, she called the number. Once this number was called, there was no turning back. She would keep going until the Gook family and Samuel Daly were both ruined, only then she would stop. The headquarters of the Rovio Corp was in Beaford City, and the Rovio Corp Building stood high. It used to be the dreams of many people. Kristine Daly had been waiting for a long time in the lobby on the first floor of the building on behalf of her father and the Gook family. Finally, she saw Kevin Kyle walking in surrounded by a group of people. She took a deep breath and stepped forward. “Matthew, please wait.” Kevin Kyle stopped and looked at Kristine Daly coldly. “Miss Kristine, what can I do for you?” “Can you give me a few minutes, just a few minutes, I want to talk to you.” Kristine Daly said cautiously, with her hands grasping the corner of her clothes to show her nervousness Kevin Kyle looked at her and said politely, “Miss Kristine, if you have something to say, please say it now.” “Please give me five minutes, just five minutes.” Kristine Daly looked at him with tears in her eyes. Kevin Kyle glanced at Amelia Gray, who immediately asked the others to leave and clear the scene. “Go ahead.” Kevin Kyle stood straight and looked at Kristine Daly coldly. Her tears could not arouse his pity. Kristine Daly bit her lip, shed a drop of tear, and said, “Matthew, the reason why I left you that year was that I thought you didn’t remember me. Until now, when I saw that you had married Karen Daly, I knew that you still have me in your heart. If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t marry Karen who looked like me.” “Miss Kristine, you really think too much. The reason why I agreed to let you talk now is to let you know that my wife is Karen.” After saying that, Kevin Kyle turned around and left. The reason why he was willing to talk to Kristine Daly was that he didn’t want Kristine Daly to think that he has thoughts about her. Marrying Karen Daly is something he decided to stick to for a lifetime. Kristine Daly looked at Kevin Kyle’s cold back and watched him walk away so decisively. She didn’t feel uncomfortable because she expected this If Matthew Kyle had some affection for her, he would not have met her only twice when he was her boyfriend. Perhaps, he did not remember her name at all. Maybe he did not remember what she looked like. Even after knowing this, she still walked up to him because she had to. She could not disobey her father and Charlie Gook..

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