After the heavy snowfall, the weather seemed to be colder. As Karen Daly sat in the warm room, her mood was not affected by the weather, but it actually got better. For some things, since she had made up her mind, she should do them without any hesitation or worries. And that Kevin Kyle, who stood under the sunlight and could give her warmth Thinking of him, Karen Daly took out her mobile phone and wanted to call Kevin Kyle. Just when she took out her mobile phone, a call came in. It was a familiar and annoying phone number. Karen Daly stared at it for a while and refused to answer it. She didn’t want to have any contact with the Daly family anymore. She didn’t want to have any contact with the Daly family, but Kristine Daly certainly did not share the same sentiments. Karen Daly did not answer the phone, but she received another message: I am in the coffee shop on the third floor of the hotel where you are staying in. I brought some things left by mother. Come out and meet me. Kristine Daly knew Karen Daly’s weakness. After sending out this message, she sat quietly in the cafe, because she knew Karen Daly would definitely come. Sure enough, after waiting for about ten minutes, Karen Daly arrived. Karen Daly was extremely afraid of the cold weather. In winter, she didn’t care about staying pretty. She wore a thick down jacket and wrapped herself up like a dumpling, but it couldn’t conceal her vital energy at all. Most of the time, Kristine Daly was very jealous of Karen Daly. She had been being jealous that Karen Daly could disobey her father’s order, and got more of her mother’s love, and her academic performance had always been better than her, and she always looked so attractive wherever she went… Some people say that jealousy is allowing other people’s strengths to punish themselves. Kristine Daly knew this very well, but she couldn’t get out of this weird circle. She really wanted to destroy Karen Daly’s life and trample the confident Karen Daly under her feet, so that Karen Daly would look up to her and be jealous of her. However, after so many years, Karen Daly seemed to have become more outstanding and married such a rich, powerful man who loved her. What about Kristine Daly herself? She was still pursuing the dream that she had been pursuing since she was a child. She hoped that Charlie Gook could see her silently devote herself to him when she turned back, hoping that Charlie Gook could help her put on her wedding dress. Charlie Gook At the thought of this man, complicated emotions welled up in Kristine Daly’s heart. Did she love him? Kristine Daly asked herself this question, but she couldn’t give an answer. Perhaps her father had instilled something into her when she was very young, saying that she would marry Charlie Gook in the future. With this thought, she always felt that Charlie Gook belonged to her. When she learned that he was engaged to Karen Daly, her first reaction was that Karen Daly took away the man who belonged to her. When she was young, Karen Daly took away the attention of all her friends around her. After growing up, Karen Daly took away the attention of all the men around her. How could she not be jealous of such an excellent sister in all aspects? Now that she was still stuck in a swamp of mud, she did not want to watch Karen Daly get happiness while she stood idly by “Karen, you’re here.” Facing Karen Daly, Kristine Daly forced a smile. Even if she had already lost the game, she couldn’t lost her dignity “Where’s the stuff you were going to give me?” Karen Daly stood and said, not willing to sit in the same table with Kristine Daly. “Take a seat.” Kristine Daly pointed to the opposite seat. “I have something to tell you that you might be interested in.” “I’m not interested in anything you say. I just want to take back what my mother gave me.” Karen Daly understood that Kristine Daly could not say anything nice and did not want to make herself uncomfortable. “What I want to say has something to do with Matthew. Don’t you want to hear it?” Looking at Karen Daly, Kristine Daly said gently. “He will tell me everything about him. It’s not up to you as an outsider to blabber about.” Looking at Kristine Daly, Karen Daly said calmly. “Would he tell you that he had slept with me before?” Kristine Daly smiled faintly and looked at Karen Daly provocatively “Oh… So you two had sex before?” Karen Daly nodded with a smile, indicating that she understood. “You don’t believe it?” Kristine Daly felt that the bomb she threw out would definitely give Karen Daly a heavy blow, but she did not expect Karen Daly to ask so calmly. “Kristine Daly, don’t talk nonsense with me. Even if you have slept with him, so what?” Karen Daly looked at Kristine Daly and sneered. “It’s all in the past. Now his wife, is me.” “So what if you are his wife? You have been married for so long, but he has never touched you. Don’t you have any other thoughts about this?” Kristine Daly came up with another plan after flunking her last. Last night, when Charlie Gook was doing her, he told her that Karen Daly Ran still did not have any sexual relationship with her husband. Kevin Kyle didn’t look like a man with problems, and Karen Daly didn’t look like a woman with problems. They had been together for so long, but they hadn’t had sex as husband and wife. It was not hard for people to make up stories about them. Karen Daly did not want to talk to her anymore. There was no need to talk to an outsider about the relationship between herself and Kevin Kyle. Karen Daly did not speak. Kristine Daly thought that her words had hit her trigger point, so she continued to say coquettishly, “You don’t even know how fierce Matthew was in bed. When we first did it, I couldn’t even get out of bed for three days.” “Kristine, I’m sorry, how could you be so shameless?” Karen Daly smiled and gave Kristine Daly a piece of advice, turned around and left. “Karen, don’t you think that Kevin Kyle married you because you look like me? You are just my substitute.” Kristine Daly’s voice came from behind. Karen Daly stopped walking and looked back at her. Kristine Daly was still very beautiful, weak and gentle, but in Karen Daly’s eyes, Kristine Daly didn’t have the dignity that a person should have. Kristine Daly looked so tender and elegant, but the words that come out of her mouth were so distasteful and despicable. Karen Daly laughed out loud. This was her sister. She was once such a beautiful and confident woman who had hurt her greatly Now she couldn’t do anything. She could only use such boring and childish words to attack her. She really didn’t know if she was hateful or pitiful. In fact, before coming here, Karen Daly had thought that Kristine Daly was using her mother’s relics as a pretense, but tried rationalizing that Kristine Daly was also her mother’s daughter, she would not go too far. It turned out that she was too stupid and naive to believe that Kristine Daly still had a little bit of humanity. After walking out of the cafe, Karen Daly took out her mobile phone and called Kevin Kyle. She dialed his number. After a beep, Kevin Kyle’s low and sexy voice came from the phone, “Karen?”.

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