Hearing Kevin Kyle’s voice, Kristine Sith’s words floated in Karen Daly’s mind, and she couldn’t stop laughing. “What’s wrong?” Hearing Karen Daly’s laughter, Kevin Kyle’s voice became louder. “Mr. Kyle, some woman praised your skill on bed just now.” Karen Daly smiled and threw out such a sentence without conscience Kevin Kyle had always been thoughtful. When he heard Karen Daly’s words, he immediately realized that someone must have lied to her. Immediately, his face darkened and he quickly explained, “I didn’t..” “I’m joking.” Before he could finish his words, Karen Daly interrupted him with a smile. She added, “I believe you.” Believe all your words, believe all your promises. Even if Kevin Kyle and Kristine Daly had a past, it was all in the past, and Karen Daly was Kevin Kyle’s present and future. After she said that, Karen Daly seemed to hear Kevin Kyle breathed a sigh of relief. She smiled again and said, “Mr. Kyle, Mrs. Kyle wants to invite you out for a walk. Will you agree?” “Mmmm.” Kevin Kyle responded. “Do you agree or not?” Karen Daly knew what he meant, but she had to force him to say more words. “Okay.” “Snow Mountain on the West Side. I’ll go there first. When you’re done with your work, come over.” After the call with Kevin Kyle, Karen Daly waved her hand and hailed a taxi to go straight to West Side’s Snow Mountain, a famous tourist attraction. West Side Snow Mountain was a very famous tourist attraction in Beaford City. It attracted thousands of tourists every year. But they all went to the North Side of the mountain. Few people knew that the Southern Side had the most beautiful view instead. The South Side was not developed. The scenery was beautiful, the snow piled up, and the snow was as white as white can be. More importantly, there was an ice lake. However, it was forbidden for tourists to enter and exit the South Side, but Karen Daly knew a secret passage that could successfully avoid the management staff’s view and come to the undeveloped beautiful place. In the past, Karen Daly would come here alone every winter, carrying a drawing board and a brush as she sat next to the ice lake, outlining the most beautiful fairy tale in her heart. Karen Daly first came to the tourist service area at the main entrance of the scenic area. The snow had just stopped and there were a lot of tourists. The scenery was covered by human heads. Fortunately, she didn’t ask Kevin Kyle to squeeze with these people but took him to the small world that only she knew. It didn’t take long for Kevin Kyle to arrive. He was always in a silver-gray suit, he had a lot of them. No one knew if he liked it or was too lazy to change anything else. Because of the cold weather, he was wearing a black coat outside. And because of his height, the coat made him look more elegant. What an outstanding and elegant man. Even in the vast sea of people, he was always the most eye-catching one. As soon as he arrived, many people’s eyes fell on him, and there were some side remarks. Her clear eyes were fixed on him, and there was a smile on her face. This excellent man was hers. She left her mark on his marriage certificate and on his body. Similarly, in the crowd, Kevin Kyle also found her. She was also so eye-catching, but she didn’t know it. “Mr. Kyle, Mrs. Kyle is here.” She smiled and waved to him, seemingly announcing to others that this man was hers, and everyone else should back off. Kevin Kyle walked over. There was a hint of tenderness in his eyes when he saw her. He asked, “Are you cold? “It’s cold.” She winked at him playfully. The temperature was low and her body was cold. But with him around, she felt warm. As he spoke, he was about to take off his coat. Karen Daly grabbed his hand, stopped his action, and got into his arms. “If you hold me like this, I won’t feel cold.” Kevin Kyle stopped taking off his clothes, moved his arms around her, and lowered his head to kiss her forehead. Karen Daly raised her head and kissed him on the corner of his mouth. Then, he smiled playfully at him. “That’s it.” After that, her face was unconsciously stained with pink hues, a seductive luster, like she was encouraging Kevin Kyle. Kevin Kyle lowered her head and kissed her on the face. “Are you satisfied now?” What? These words sounded like a joke. Didn’t he want to kiss her at all? “Karen-“He called her name again. “Huh?” Karen Daly blinked at him. “You look… pretty especially when you smile,” he said. This kind of Karen was full of vitality and dazzling, which made her the center of attention. This was the first time that Kevin Kyle praised her so seriously and directly. Karen Daly felt shy and said, “You also look good when you smile.” Kevin Kyle always had a cold expression on his face, everyone seldom saw him smiling. She had seen his smile only once or twice. His smile was not only good looking but also intoxicating. It was like a dream. Karen Daly took his hand and held it in hers, letting him hold her too. “Let’s go. I’ll take you to a secret place.” Kevin Kyle did not ask where she was going to take him. He would accompany her to the end of her life. After walking for a while, they went further and further, but still did not hear Kevin Kyle’s words. Karen Daly looked up at him and said, “Mr. Kyle, why don’t you ask where am I going to take you?” “Anywhere.” As long as it was the place where you asked me to go. “Why don’t you have any curiosity?” Karen Daly pouted to him discontentedly. Since he didn’t ask, she would not tell. She held hands with Kevin Kyle, like they were walking to the end of the world. When they reached the end of the path and climbed over a small hill, he was suddenly enlightened. In front of him stood a frozen lake, Karen Daly pointed at the lake and said, “Look at these ice cubes. They are crystal clear and you can see the plants under them. They are like frozen lives, making people feel as if these water weeds can come alive again at the beginning of spring.” Karen Daly was excited but she did not hear Kevin Kyle’s response. She turned around and looked at him. “Don’t you think it’s very beautiful?” “It’s very beautiful,” said Kevin Kyle. However, no matter how beautiful the scenery was, in his opinion, it was not even one-tenth better than the beauty of the person beside him. She was beautiful and lively. It was hard to describe her beauty. His heart seemed to calm down when he saw her smile. He could not see the complicated world but could only see her. Kevin Kyle had gone all over the world, and he had seen much more beautiful scenery than this one. But at this moment, because of the additional person in this scenery, it had become the most beautiful scenery in his mind..

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