“Do you like it?” Karen Daly looked at Kevin Kyle and asked eagerly Was he interested in her or the scenery here? “Yes.” Kevin Kyle replied with one word. He liked both her and the scenery. Hearing the satisfied answer, Karen Daly was extremely happy. She grabbed Kevin Kyle’s hand and said, “Mr. Kyle, I’ll take you to dig the treasure.” “Treasure?” Kevin Kyle felt that this was a game that only children could play, but he did not refuse and followed her footsteps. Karen Daly held his hand and introduced the game while walking. “In fact, this place was discovered by my mother. Then, she brought me here. When she didn’t want to come here anymore, I was the only one who came…” Speaking of her mother, Karen Daly had a moment of sadness, but soon she smiled brightly. She would live well and live better than before, so that she could be worthy of the mother who used her life to protect her. “I’ll be with you in the future.” Kevin Kyle slightly held her tighter and said softly. “T’l accompany you in the future.” The short sentence was Kevin Kyle’s usual way of speaking. Every word was loud and clear, and each word was tapping on Karen Daly’s heart. In the past, Karen Daly had heard people say that a man who only knew sweet talk to make girls happy might not be reliable. In fact, those men who never said nice words with their mouths, but used practical actions to express themselves would be reliable. And her Kevin Kyle! Yes, it was her Kevin Kyle, a reliable man. Thinking about what Kevin Kyle had done to her these days, the smile on her face became more brilliant and charming. She added, “My mom also gave this ice lake a name. Guess what is it?” “Baby Karen?” With Karen’s mother’s love for her, Kevin Kyle could think of this name. Baby Karen? The two words gently came out of Kevin Kyle’s mouth, casual yet endearing, which sounded charming. Her nickname was called out by Kevin Kyle, that made Karen Daly’s heart pound faster. She blushed again. When her mother called her Baby Karen, it was full of love, as if she was the whole world for her mother. When Faye Reed called her baby Karen, it was a friendship that had lasted for nearly ten years. No one would let go of it. However, Kevin Kyle never called her that. Maybe their relationship had not yet become so intimate, or maybe his character was not used to calling her nickname. However, compared with “Baby Karen”, she preferred him to call her “Mrs. Kyle” Mr. Kyle, Mrs. Kyle, this was their recognition of each other’s identity She rubbed her hot face and said, “No. Guess it again.” Kevin Kyle thought about it seriously. He really could not think of another name given by her mother. “Take a guess. I’ll give you five chances,” Karen Daly said. She finally took him out to have a look, but he was still so quiet. It was always her talking alone. Kevin Kyle thought for a moment and said, “Karen Daly?” Karen Daly rolled her eyes. “Mr. Kyle, can we think more romantically?” Kevin Kyle thought about it seriously and finally shook his head. “Big fool!” Karen Daly glared at him with disdain and said, “Mom named the Ice Lake Sea of Love.” Her mother named the ice lake as the sea of love, not just a typical romantic love, but a love that includes all the positive feelings, family affection, love, friendship. Whether it was love, family affection, or friendship, each kind of emotion should be the most beautiful and purest. When her mother named the ice lake, it should be the same meaning However, in their family, the husband was not like a husband, the father was not like a father, and the sister was not like a sister. The family affection had long been obliterated by them. “Hmm.” Kevin Kyle responded indicating that he understood. “Hmm?” “That’s all?” Didn’t he ask her why she wanted to use this name? She really wanted to bite him hard. “What’s wrong?” Seeing Karen Daly’s angry look, Kevin Kyle did not realize what was wrong “Kevin Kyle, why don’t you ask me why my mom named this?” “Why?” Karen Daly glared at him, shook off her hands and walked forward. Now, she hypothesized that the reason why Kevin Kyle didn’t get married before must be because he often made the girls angry, until he met her. Thinking that he might not get married because of these reasons, Karen Daly felt sweet again in her heart. It was precisely because his emotional intelligence was not high enough that he did not marry another woman before he met her. Karen Daly turned back to him and held his arm. “Don’t be depressed. I won’t dislike you.” Kevin Kyle, “.” They held each other’s fingers and walked slowly along the lakeside. After a long time, they came to a big tree. Karen Daly found two branches and handed one to Kevin Kyle. After searching for an intended spot, she picked up the branch and began to dig the soil. “Mr. Kyle, let’s dig the treasure.” Kevin Kyle had never played this kind of childish game even when he was very young. Now he was 28 years old, but he was dragged by his wife to have fun. However, he did not feel bored. On the contrary, there was a feeling of unspeakable complexity in his heart. It doesn’t matter how boring or childish the activity could be, but it most definitely would be important who you’re performing the activity with. After digging for a while, a copper box appeared in front of them. Karen Daly said with a smile, “I finally dug you out.” “What?” Seeing Karen Daly’s excited look, Kevin Kyle jumped at his curiosity “Baby.” Karen Daly opened the box carefully. There was a small wooden box in the box. After opening layers of packaging, Karen Daly took out a ring and said, “Look, this is the treasure I wanted you to find here today.” Kevin Kyle sighed silently. It turned out that Karen Daly’s childhood was still the same as that of many children. She liked to play games, and learned to hide things. “Give me your hand,” Karen Daly said. Kevin Kyle reached out to her. She grabbed his hand and put the ring into his ring finger. “This is for you. You can wear it. Don’t take it off in the future.” She did not tell him that her mother had buried this ring with her in the past. At that time, her mother patted her head and said to her, “Karen, when you meet a man who sincerely treats you well in the future, if you want to spend your whole life with him, dig it out and give it to him.” At that time, she didn’t know why she didn’t want to dig it out and give it to Charlie Gook. Until she met Kevin Kyle, the idea popped up. So by gifting him with this ring, it would signify her authenticity and loyalty towards Kevin Kyle. Kevin Kyle, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Do you hear me?.

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