Kevin Kyle looked at the ring that Karen Daly had put on him. It was very old and had no shine. It looked a little old. He asked, “Where did you get this from?” Instead of answering, she leaned over and kissed him, but immediately ran away. She blinked her big bright eyes and looked at him with a smile. “You don’t want to say?” Kevin Kyle asked. “No.” Karen Daly nodded. “It’s a secret.” Her mother told her that as long as she handed over the ring, she would be happy with that man for the rest of her life. This was her mother’s blessing to her, so she couldn’t say it out loud. If she said it out, it wouldn’t be true. Since she didn’t want to say it, Kevin Kyle didn’t ask further anymore. He just looked at her hands. Seeing her empty hands, he just realized that they had registered for marriage for so long, and he did not even prepare a wedding band for her. Karen Daly pointed to the front and said, “There is still a large open space over there. The snow is very thick and we can build a snowman together. Are you willing to go with me?” Kevin Kyle nodded. As long as she was happy, he was willing to accompany her anywhere. Karen Daly ran to his side and grabbed his arm. However, Kevin Kyle suddenly reached out his arm. He grabbed the back of her head, lowered his head and kissed her, unwilling to let go for a long time. Karen Daly pounded his back. This man was really petty sometimes. She just snuck a quick kiss earlier, and he returned it in this way. The kiss lasted for a long time. Kevin Kyle let go of the Karen Daly. Her face was flushed and her heart was beating faster. He reached out and touched her red and swollen lips that he kissed. “Ill try my best to accommodate you in the future,” he said in a low voice. What? Karen Daly was taken aback. It turned out that if this man thought that he didn’t kiss her, she would be dissatisfied, so he kissed her. “Idiot!” Karen Daly raised her foot and stomped him hard. She was so angry that she ran away. Kevin Kyle looked at her back, his sexy thin lips slightly raised, and his usually cold eyes were full of smiles. It felt good to tease her occasionally. After separating from Karen Daly, Kristine Daly went to the mall to buy some skincare products. She was always generous when it came to skincare. This face was her capital. She had to take good care of it. Only then could she maintain her youthful appearance for a long time. Others did not know what Daly Family’s real story was like, but they thought Daly Family lived a bright life from the outside. Kristine Daly’s car was a BMW. It was not a very good luxury car, but it was not cheap. The Daly Family, who had nothing to show off, must have some things to support their reputation. Otherwise, how could they blend with the upper class? “Miss Kristine, you are back.” The newly hired maid quickly took the bag from her hand and said, “Dinner is ready. Mr. Samuel has been waiting for you for a long time.” “I see.” In front of the servants, Kristine Daly looked friendly. When she came to the door, she changed her shoes and walked into the living room. Seeing Samuel Daly sitting there, she walked over and called softly, “Dad.” Samuel Daly stood up and raised his hand to slap Kristine Daly. The speed was so fast that Kristine Daly did not have time to react at all. Clap With a loud slap, a clear palm print appeared on Kristine Daly’s face. She covered her painful face and looked at the man who hit her with tears. Her lips trembled slightly. “Dad, why do you hit me?” “You can’t even handle a man. What else can you do?” Samuel Daly said, raising his hand and slapped Kristine Daly hard again. “Dad, I’m your daughter…” “My daughter?” Samuel Daly cried out loud as he slapped. He beat and scolded, “I have spent more than 20 years raising you and sent you to study abroad, but you can’t even save your previous man. Do you think money or what?” I have too much “Dad,” Kristine Daly was thin and weak, and her body could not withstand it. At this time, she was slapped twice by Samuel Daly. She only felt darkness before her eyes and did not remember what happened after. When Kristine Daly was conscious, she opened her eyes and saw Charlie Gook sitting by her bed. “Charlie -” She had never thought that she would see Charlie Gook at the first sight when she woke up. She was so excited that she could not speak a word. She hurriedly sat up and reached out to grab Charlie Gook tightly, as if she had a ray of hope. “You are so weak, you can sleep for a few hours after just being slapped.” Charlie Gook looked at her and said this calmly. Obviously, things were not going well as Kristine Daly expected Kristine Daly bit her lip and said cautiously, “Why do you come and see me?” Charlie Gook sneered. “Leo Kyle doesn’t even want to look at you. What do you think I have to do with you?” “I..” Kristine Daly still wanted to say something, but she couldn’t say it out of bitterness. She had always known that in her father’s and Charlie Gook’s hearts, she could be used as a tool to seduce Leo Kyle. Once she succeeded, she would be a great hero. They would both treat her decently and maybe they would give her anything she wants. But now she failed to seduce Leo Kyle. As Charlie Gook said, Leo Kyle was reluctant to take a look at her. She failed deeply and lost her pride. “Kristine Daly… Charlie Gook grabbed her chin, pinched it hard, and his looks were fierce. “With your attractive figure and your body that can drive men crazy, why didn’t Kevin Kyle want to look at you more?” “Charlie, you are hurting me.” Kristine Daly said with tears, but she did not get any pity from Charlie Gook. “Does it hurt you? Do you still have the f**king rights to say that it hurts?” Charlie Gook grabbed Kristine Daly’s hair and pulled her up. “Go clean up. I don’t care what method you use. I must make Leo Kyle cancel the statement that he will not cooperate with the Gook Corp forever.” “Charlie, let go of me first.” Kristine Daly was thin and powerless. Charlie Gook picked her up like a chicken. “You d*mn useless woman. You didn’t complete your task. How dare you come back?” Charlie Gook had completely lost his mind. He grabbed Kristine Daly’s hair with one hand and slapped her hard with the other. “Charlie Gook, are you crazy? Why did you hit me?” In the past, Charlie Gook didn’t love her, so he didn’t care about her. However, he didn’t hit her then. He must be crazy today. “Yeah, I’m crazy, I’ll show you how crazy I can get.” Charlie Gook raised her foot and kicked Kristine Daly’s abdomen. Charlie Gook kicked over, and Kristine Daly felt dizzy again. It took a while for her to recover. She saw Samuel Daly standing at the door of the room from the corner of her eyes. “Dad” She instinctively asked Samuel Daly for help, but he stood there motionless as if he was looking at a joke..

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