The scene was so familiar to Kristine Daly. Her mother had been bullied by her father all these years, and she always stood at the door and watched coldly. It was like watching a show, and she never wanted to help her mother. She never expected that karma happened to her before she had any preparation Hehe Kristine Daly wanted to cry out loud, but she also wanted to laugh out loud. It was so ridiculous. She wanted to laugh at her ignorance, her uselessness, and why didn’t she help her mother back then. If she did something to help her mother at that time, maybe there might not even be today? At this moment, she finally felt the pain that her mother experienced in those years. There was someone in front of her who could help her, but she didn’t give any response when she shouted out loud. Before the incident about Kevin Kyle, Kristine Daly thought that her father still loved her. He might not love her with all he has but at least they are families. Her father often beat her mother up, but he never said anything harsh to Kristine Daly. Every time he greeted her with a smile. She thought that she was at a different place than Karen Daly and her mother in her father’s heart. At this moment, she found out sadly that she might not be as good as Karen Daly in her father’s eyes. Why could Karen Daly, that b*stard, deserve a good life? Why could she get love from an excellent man like Kevin Kyle? Why was God always biased towards Karen Daly? Why can she escape the fate of being used by her father? Why was Karen Daly able to do it but Kristine Daly can’t? She was filled with hatred! Samuel Daly stood by the door and watched Charlie Gook beat Kristine Daly with a poker face. It seemed like the person who was being beaten was not his daughter at all, but a stranger who had nothing to do with him. There was no emotion in his eyes at all. He only had money and power in his eyes. The word “family” had never existed to him before. After watching her suffer, he turned and left. Looking at his back, Kristine Daly’s heart fell into pieces. It was so painful that she just wanted to die. While thinking, Charlie Gook slapped her again. He glared at her fiercely, like he wanted to destroy her, as if the Gook family’s unfortunate fate was all her fault. “Charlie Gook, it’s useless for you to vent your anger on a woman. Are you a man?” Being controlled by Charlie Gook, Kristine Daly couldn’t move, so she could only trigger him with words. “Am I a man or not? I have f**ked you so many times. Don’t you know whether I am a man or not?” Charlie Gook said unpleasant words, lowered his head and bit Karen Daly’s neck. “You want me to make you suffer?” “Charlie Gook, let go of me..” Kristine Daly cried out hysterically What did she do wrong? Why did she deserve to be beaten by the two men closest to her? “Let go of you? If I let go of you, how can I make you feel good?” Charlie Gook said while removing his belt. “I will pity you again and let you have a good taste of man.” “Charlie Gook, do you love Karen Daly?” Kristine Daly did not know why she mentioned about Karen Daly at this moment. Maybe she really wanted to know from the bottom of her heart, so she asked. Hearing Karen Daly’s name, Charlie Gook stopped abruptly. Did he love Karen Daly? The answer was very certain. Of course he loved her. He wanted to cherish Karen Daly so badly, hoping to see her brilliant smile for the rest of his life. However, he lost the chance to love her when he took the wrong step. Kristine Daly placed her hands over her painful abdomen, continued to ask, “if it was Karen Daly who failed to seduce Kevin Kyle, will you still treat her like this?” No! If Karen Daly was by his side all the time and they will continue to love each other, how would he be willing to give Karen Daly to another man? If he was reluctant to give her to another man, how could he beat Karen Daly? “Why?” Kristine Daly don’t understand why Charlie Gook can’t acknowledge her all the time, but he only had Karen Daly in his mind, a woman he couldn’t have. “Why?” Charlie Gook repeated. He thought about this question for a long time and finally came up with the answer. Perhaps there was only one reason that a girl who have self-respect and self- love naturally be respected and loved by others. Therefore, every time he forced Karen Daly to do something, he was very worried about Karen Daly, because he could never imagine what kind of thing such she would do. He said, “Because she loves herself.” Does she love herself? Kristine Daly could not understand who would not love themselves? She also loved herself, but why could Charlie Gook treat her so differently? “If you couldn’t understand this, how can you compare yourself with her?” Charlie Gook let go of her, tidied his clothes, and looked down on her. Kristine Daly laid on the bed, crying, thinking about what Charlie Gook said. She was processing his words. Besides not loving her, Charlie Gook looked down on her. In Charlie Cook’s eyes, Kristine Daly was just a bitch because she served him without any price. She should have figured these things out earlier, but when she thought about it now, it was too late. She didn’t know whether if she should continue to live or not. “Don’t pretend to be dead. Go and freshen up. Follow me to see the two bosses later. If you serve them well, I will give you some benefits.” Kristine Daly was lost in thought when Charlie Gook’s cold and heartless voice came into her ears. She suddenly opened her eyes and bit her lip. “Charlie Gook, you can’t force me to do those things.” “I won’t force you, someone else will.” Leaving these words, Charlie Gook sneered again, turned around and left Kristine Daly was very clear about the way the Gook family and her father do things, and she had seen many unsightly scenes with her own eyes. She did not expect that they would use these dirty tricks on her. Leo Kyle despised her, so she is useless now. However, they also felt like it was a waste of resources if they just let her go, so they planned to send her out to please the others. They thought to just suck everything out of her..

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