It was already late when Kevin Kyle came back from the West Side Karen Daly wanted to eat steamboat badly, so she brought Kevin Kyle to a steamboat restaurant where she used to go with Faye Reed. The location of the steamboat restaurant was very remote, but the shop was surprisingly very busy. The owner of this restaurant was very friendly and also the food tasted very good. No matter what kind of customers entered the restaurant, they will a sense of home. If a customer visits the restaurant for more than three times, the boss will recognize the customer When Karen Daly brought Kevin Kyle into the store, the lady boss came up and said with a smile, “Hi, Karen.” Look, she was so kind, she greeted Karen Daly like they were friends for many years. The lady boss recognized her even when she did not visit the shop for three years. If this was not a homely feeling, then what is? Karen Daly smiled. “Nice to meet you, madam!” The lady boss looked at Kevin Kyle. She smiled and said, “We haven’t seen each other for such a long time, you have a boyfriend now?” “Not boyfriend.” Karen Daly turned and looked at Kevin Kyle and saw his face looked unhappy. She held his hand tightly and said, “He is my husband.” “What a perfect match.” The lady boss led them to their seats while complimenting. “Take a look at the menu. Call me if you need anything.” “Okay, thank you!” Karen Daly took the menu from the lady boss and handed it to Kevin Kyle. “What do you like to eat?” Kevin Kyle said, “I’m fine with anything.” Kevin Kyle was not used to eat outside food, nor to eat steamboat, he had never change his routine habits, but now he was willing to change for Karen Daly. Occasionally he would accompany her to an ordinary restaurant, sometimes he would accompany her to eat steamboat, and sometimes he would accompany her for shopping, just like couples. In fact, it felt quite good! Karen Daly took back the menu and looked at him angrily. “Mr. Kyle, do you know that when girls order dishes, they hate to hear men say that they are fine with anything?” Kevin Kyle, “.” His diet was always prepared by the professionals according to his likings. He had no experience in ordering dishes in restaurants at all. To be honest, he really didn’t know how to order. As long as Karen ordered the dishes, he would be fine with it. I won’t bring you for steamboat anymore.” Karen Daly glared at him fiercely. She was pissed off at this man who didn’t know romance at all. “I’m really fine with anything.” Kevin Kyle shook his head helplessly “Fine.” Karen Daly rolled her eyes at him again. She felt that this man, Kevin Kyle, should be kept in a box. She can only appreciate him. She cannot bring him to the “human world”, otherwise she would be pissed by him. Karen Daly knew that Kevin Kyle don’t like food with heavy taste, so she ordered more vegetarian dishes than meat. She mainly ordered for Kevin Kyle. Although she was complaining about him, but actually, she still think that he is perfect. Look, even the waiter who served the dishes kept staring at Kevin Kyle. She did not feel good. She always felt that she might not be able to bring him back if he leaves. Thinking of this, Karen Daly glared at Kevin Kyle, which made him confused. Kevin Kyle sighed silently. It seems that Assistant Gray was right. No reasons were needed for a woman to be angry. After the dishes in the steamboat started boiling, Karen Daly put her favorite tripe and duck intestines into the pot, but Kevin Kyle had never tried them before. “Aren’t you going to eat?” She was still angry with him, so she asked in a bad tone. “I want.” Kevin Kyle reached out and took the bowl from Karen Daly and replaced it with his. “The spicy food is too spicy it’s not good for your body. Don’t eat too much.” He sat straight, with a cold expression and advised with a serious tone. However, Karen Daly could still feel that he was concerned about her. Forget about it. She knew clearly about his personality. What was she going to argue with him about? Karen Daly put down her chopsticks which was stained with pepper, took a new pair of chopsticks and boiled some dishes for him in the soup pot which was not spicy. “You must be hungry. You can eat first.” “Okay.” Kevin Kyle nodded, but did not eat. Instead, he elegantly picked up the dishes that Karen Daly liked and put them into the pot. When he found that it was cooked, he would pick them up and put them in a bowl near her o cool down for Karen Daly. Karen Daly liked to eat steamboat since she was a child. When she ate steamboat with her mother, most of the time, her mother will be cooking the dishes instead, and she was responsible for set-up and cleaning. Her mother would always put a plate aside and cool the dishes first. Then, when she ate them, they would not be so hot. She thought that no one else would treat her like this except for her mother in her life.. Kevin Kyle, thank you! Thank you for staying by my side when I was sad and helpless! “Thank you for bringing sunshine to me when I don’t believe that there were any. It’s warmed up my whole winter!” “Matthew, what a coincidence. I didn’t expect to see you here.” George Ken’s voice suddenly interrupted Karen Daly’s thoughts. She turned her head and saw George Ken standing by their table with a casual smile on his face. He said, “Mrs. Kyle, may I seat with you?” George Ken was Kevin Kyle’s friend, when George Ken asked Karen Daly if he can share a table with them, Karen Daly looked at him, she didn’t understand what was he thinking. After thinking for a moment, when she was about to reject him, she heard Kevin Kyle’s polite voice, “I’m sorry! No.” For the first time, Karen Daly saw Kevin Kyle was so polite even when he rejected people. She was really curious about how his family brought him up. How could he be so perfect? George Ken ignored him and sat down beside Karen Daly. He smiled and said, “I was asking you, Mrs. Kyle, not Mr. Kyle.” “Mr. Ken, I listen to Mr. Kyle’s decision, Karen Daly said. “Mrs. Kyle, we had a pleasant conversation two days ago. Why are you ignoring me now?” George Ken shook his head and showed a facial expression that displayed his heart. Kevin Kyle looked at him with a smile, but it made people felt creeped out. George Ken shrugged, got up and said, “Enjoy your meal.” After saying that, he turned around and left. After a few steps, he turned back and said, “Mrs. Kyle, if you meet any problems that can’t be solved, you are welcome to come to me at any time.” “Thank you, Dr. Ken.” Karen Daly smiled politely at him. “If I need Mr. Ken’s help, I will definitely go to you.” Karen Daly don’t hate George Ken at all. She even felt that he was very kind to her for some reason. But he was too canny. He even knew what she was thinking, but she knew nothing about him. Making friends with such a person was too dangerous, so it was better for her to stay away from him. “Kevin Kyle, who is this Dr. Ken?” Although Karen Daly did not want to have anything to do with George Ken, but she was very curious about him..

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