After hearing Karen Daly’s question, Kevin Kyle frowned slightly and said in a deep voice, ” He studied psychology. From now on, don’t care about him.” “Yes, Mr. Kyle!” Karen Daly looked at him and smile. She already known this man’s temper and he was very persistent in his opinion… But if he’s acting on behalf of her he was willing to accept. At the same time, in the corner of the city, in the club, there were people who were drinking, dancing, and even more dirty transactions. Kristine Daly did not know how she did came to this place. She tried to recall and thought of the glass of water that the maid gave her After drinking the glass of water, she couldn’t remember anything. When she woke up, she was already lying here, and a fat man was pounding on her. She closed her eyes, bit her lips, and tried to not to think about it. She acted like she was just dreaming. When she woke up from the dream, everything would be fine. However, she was very clear about what happened was real. It was her father and the man she loved, who sent her here together against her will. Hehe Charlie Gook said that he would not force her. As expected, he did not force her, but used a despicable and shameless trick. She held her fists, clenched her teeth, and repeated the words in her heart again and again. -Charlie Gook! Through teamwork, Rovio Western Development projects were successful, which was a good start for Rovio’s future development in the West. The news soon spread throughout the country, and various financial news outlets reported about it. In the past two days, Kevin Kyle was busy with all kinds of social activities that came one after another. He was so busy that he did not have time to accompany Karen Daly for dinner for two nights. Kevin Kyle looked at Karen Daly who was helping him with the tie, he saw her blinking eyelashes, and her blushed face, he couldn’t resist sneaking in a little kiss. “Karen Daly-” Kevin Kyle whispered her name. “Huh?” Karen Daly raised her head and smiled at him while blushing. “Mr. Kyle, I know work is very important, but you have to rest, too.” For the past two days, he went out very early and came back very late at night. He was as busy as a bee. He knew that she was worry that he worked too hard. “Okay.” Kevin Kyle patted her head and said, “I’ll come back early today. We’ll go back to Chatterton Town together tomorrow.” Karen Daly nodded. “I’ll be waiting for you at the hotel.” In the past two days, after Kevin Kyle went to work, Karen Daly was working on design in the hotel. She hadn’t touched the brush for three years, so her hands were not used to it. Fortunately, her basics were good, and fashion design was her interest, so she made rapid progress in just two days. She sent the design to Faye Reed. Faye Reed praised her for half an hour, saying that it was a waste of her talent to stop designing in these three years. Therefore, Karen Daly would rather believe anything else than to believe Faye Reed’s words. Tomorrow, they were returning to Chatterton Town. Before leaving Beaford City, Karen Daly had to meet with someone first and she had to finish on this matter before returning to Chatterton Town After getting off the taxi, Karen Daly took a few detours and finally came to a small cafe. She looked up and saw a wooden sign hanging on the simple-decorated door. The sign was written that the boss was not in a good state today and would take the day off. What a willful and cute reason! When Karen Daly was about to knock on the door she heard a young male voice. “Since you’re here, please come in.” With the permission of the owner, Karen Daly pushed the door open and walked in. There was coffee on the bar, and the smell of coffee filled the whole room. Even Karen Daly, who had stopped drinking coffee for a long time, gave into the aromatic taste after smelling the fragrant smell. “Mr. Wilis, can you give me a cup of coffee?” The man who was sitting at the bar looked at her. His black eyes were dark and scary After staring at Karen Daly for a long time, he said slowly,” don’t know if I should address you as Miss Daly, or should I call you Mrs. Kyle?” “Karen Daly,” Karen Daly said. She came here to find him with her identity as Karen Daly. She did not want to cause any trouble to Kevin Kyle, so she came as Karen Daly “Since you’re Miss Daly, I’ll treat you to a cup of coffee.” The man took the cup he prepared a long time ago, poured two cups of coffee, and handed one over to Karen Daly. Karen Daly took a sip and nodded, “I haven’t had such good coffee for a long time. Mr. Wilis, I hope I can still have a chance to drink your coffee in the future.” “As long as Miss Daly wants to drink, you are welcome to come any time.” Mr. Wilis narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at Karen Daly with a faint smile on his face. Karen Daly turned to avoid his sight and she looked at a painting on the wall. In the painting, a woman was holding a little boy, which looked very warm. Mr. Wilis saw what Karen was looking at and he smiled. “It seemed that the reason why we can sit here and drink coffee together was because we are both nostalgic people.” “So?” Karen Daly raised her eyebrows and chuckled. “Do you agree to cooperate with me, Mr. Wilis ?” “I don’t think there’s a man who would refuse a beauty like Miss Daly.” Mr. Wilis raised his cup of coffee and toasted to Karen Daly’s cup. “Happy cooperation!” “Happy cooperation!” Karen Daly smiled and took a USB from her bag. “This is the gift I want to give to you for the first meeting. I’ve heard about something these two days, as long as you persuade her to help you, you’ll get what you want soon.” “In fact, what I care the most is whether your private collection is also in this USB stick.” Mr. Wilis’s eyes narrowed slightly, and an evil smile appeared on his lips after he teased. “Only after you see it, only you will know. If you are satisfied with it, please don’t forget to call me and tell me.” After saying this, she turned around and left, leaving Mr. Wilis a beautiful and slim figure to admire. Looking at her figure, Mr. Wilis reached out and made a grab gesture. Karen Daly He gently called her name. What a beautiful name! What a beauty she was! But she don’t belong to him. But did she really not belong to him? There was still a long way to go to the future. Who knew what would happen? The alley was covered with thick snow and every Karen Daly’s step left a deep footprint. However, the footprints were quickly covered by more snow, removing traces of evidences. After walking out of the small alley, Karen Daly stood at the taxi stop, looked up at the sky, and took a deep breath. -Mom, I will never let go of those who hurt you..

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