After leaving the cafe, Karen Daly suddenly felt a little flustered. The feeling was so strong that she was feeling very uneasy. She suddenly want to see Kevin Kyle very much, so she can immediately hold his hand. In the past two days, news about the development of the Rovio Western project had been well spread. Karen Daly knew that the reason why Kevin Daly could work unhealthily and around the clock was all because of the project. Kevin Kyle was the new director of Innovative Tech, and he had to participate in other projects of Rovio Incorporation Inc. Their big boss in Rovio Incorporation really gave him so much jobs Since Kevin Kyle was always so busy, he always leave early and returned late every day. They didn’t spend much time together Maybe that was the reason why she felt so uneasy. She checked the time on her phone. There was still one more hour till lunchtime. She’d better go and find Kevin Kyle at Rovio Incorporation Inc for lunch before he forgot about his meal. After having this idea, Karen Daly did not waste anytime. She immediately took the subway, used the ninth line, to get to Rovio Incorporation Inc. Half an hour later, Karen Daly was standing in front of Rovio Incorporation Inc building. This building used to be a landmark in the Beaford City, and it was also a company that many talented people want to work in Although there were rumours that the headquarter of the Rovio Incorporation Inc was moving to Chatterton Town after some time, there were still many people coming and going in every day, and it was very busy. Because of the guard at the entrance of the building, since Karen Daly was not an employee of Rovio Incorporation Inc, she cannot even enter the gate. Although she was unwilling, she had no choice but to walk around the entrance of the building, hoping that her feeling of unease would subside. However, the feeling of unease in her heart did not disappear at all. Somehow, when she arrived at the Rovio Incorporation Inc Tower, she felt that someone was watching her, as if her moves were under surveillance. She couldn’t help but looked around and saw all kinds of luxury cars on the road. Everyone was focusing on their own business… Who would care about her? Karen Daly shook her head, tried to get rid of the strange idea in her mind. After observing for a while, she found out it was almost 12 o’clock in the afternoon. She can call Kevin Kyle to ask him out for lunch. As soon as she took out her phone, the door of Rovio Tower automatically opened, and Kevin Kyle, who was wearing a silver- gray suit, strode out with a group of people surrounding him. While he was walking he was also saying something, people around him were holding pens and taking note, and some of the people kept nodding. Everyone’s expression was very serious. Seeing Kevin Kyle’s handsome and serious face, Karen Daly suddenly sighed in relief. Wherever he go, there were always so many people following him. What would happen to him? Sometimes, Karen Daly thought, if Kevin Kyle’s aura was so strong, how would the so-called decisive leader of Rovio Incorporation Inc, Leo Kyle be like? Rovio Incorporation Inc’s boss’s family name was also Kyle, and Kevin Kyle’s family name was Kyle. Was he related to Rovio Incorporation Inc’s boss? While Karen Daly was thinking, Kevin Kyle led a group of people by his side. Out of instinct, Karen Daly quickly stood aside and greeted him respectfully, “President Kyle.” “En.” Kevin Kyle snorted coldly as a response. He did not stop for a second and continued to move forward. She greeted him but he didn’t even look at her.. Was he really that busy? Kevin Kyle, who walked away for some distance, suddenly stopped and looked back at Karen Daly, “Karen?” Obviously, he did not expect Karen Daly to be here. He was a little surprised, but after awhile, he regained his cool look. Judging from his expression and tone, Karen Daly understood that when she greeted him earlier, he really did not notice her existence and really did not purposely ignore her words. Only after walking for some distance, he realized that he heard her voice. This man’s reflex was really good. Kevin Kyle looked back at Karen Daly, and the people around them looked at Karen Daly too. Everyone’s eyes were fixed on her, and Karen Daly instantly became the focus of everyone’s attention, which made her a little uncomfortable. She looked at Kevin Kyle with embarrassment and smiled. “I’m fine. You can be busy with your work first.” “You can continue to implement the things that we had just talked about. I have something else to do.” Kevin Kyle ordered and walked toward Karen Daly. “Go and deal with your work first, don’t let them comment that you stopped working because of me.” Seeing that Kevin Kyle was still busy, Karen Daly felt very sorry for disturbing his work. “I’ve finished all my work.” Kevin Kyle held her hand and said, “Let’s go. Let’s have lunch together.” Her hand was held in Karen Kyle’s palm, which made her feel warm and comfortable. She raised his head and smiled at him. “Will it really not delay your work? If your Big Boss knows that you work during working hours, will he deduct your salary?” “My work will never end.” Kevin Kyle held her cold hand and asked in a low voice, “It’s so cold, why didn’t you wear thicker clothes when you came out?” “Women loved to look nice. It’s not pretty to wear thick clothes when going for shopping.” Karen Daly smiled at him playfully. In fact, she went to see Mr. Wilis a very professional image. After the meeting, she didn’t want to go back to the hotel and change. While Karen Daly was talking, Kevin Kyle took off his suit and put it on her. “I’m not cold.” He gave her the suit jacket, leaving him only with a white shirt inside, which would definitely cause him to be cold. “Your hands were so cold, you still dared to say it’s not cold.” His tensed tone made Karen Daly unable to reject him anymore. Karen Daly looked at him and smiled. “Put on the suit and hold my hand, then I won’t feel cold.” “Be obedient,” he said. His tone was a little tense, and it sounded like he was very unhappy. She was very thin. She was almost 1.7 meters tall, but he can’t feel any weight when holding her. His coat draped over her body, long and wide, making her look even smaller. Unconsciously, Kevin Kyle held her in his arms and wanted to pass his warmth to her. Karen Daly leaned against him and moved forward slowly following his slow steps. At this moment, an idea appeared in her mind. Instead of dinner, both of them can just walk beside each other like this until the end of their lives. It was such a romantic idea. When Karen Daly was lost in thought, she looked up and saw a car rushing toward them out of control. Karen Daly had no time to think about what to do, but out of instinct, she pushed Kevin Kyle away, who was going to be hit by the car. However, when Kevin Kyle left, she was still on the spot. She felt a gust of wind whistling, and then a mountain-like shadow came towards her… She suddenly understood why she was feeling uneasy today Bang The car crashed into the wall at the side, making a loud noise, and there was a big dent. Karen Daly was thrown out..

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