Kevin Kyle’s words made Karen Daly speechless. She wanted to go to the bathroom, but how could she ask him to help her? She was very embarrassed and shy! Kevin Kyle did not sense her embarrassment. He carried her to the washroom, Karen Daly’s face was blushing, she said, “Kevin, no.” Kevin Kyle ignored her. He put her on the toilet seat and he was about to help her take off her pants… “Kevin-“Karen Daly grabbed his hand and said in a panic, “I’ll do it myself. I really don’t need your help.” Didn’t he know that she would feel shy? She’s a woman. How could she do such an embarrassing thing in front of him? It was very bad for her image. “Are you sure?” Kevin Kyle asked seriously. He just want to help her and did not think about anything else. However, looking at the little woman’s blushing face, he guessed that she must have thought otherwise. “I can.” Karen Daly almost raised her hand to swear. Even if she couldn’t she didn’t want to ask him for help. Since Karen Daly was so sure, Kevin Kyle looked at her for briefly then turned around and went out. He closed the door and said, “Call me when you are done.” His voice was like his usual tone, and his face was without expressions. He didn’t mind to help her with her business at all, but Karen Daly wanted to in the bathroom and not see him again This man! After Karen Daly was done, she coughed softly and Kevin Kyle’s voice immediately came from outside the door. “Are you done?” “Yeah, Karen Daly answered in a very soft voice. When she was using the bathroom, Kevin Kyle was guarding outside the door, she felt so awkward. Kevin Kyle pushed the door open and came in. He gently hugged her to the sink to wash her hands, and then he took her back to the room and put her on the bed. He added, “Are you still feeling dizzy?” Karen Daly nodded. “A little, but it’s not as bad as earlier.” Kevin Kyle patted her head and said, “Eat something first, and rest after you eat.” There were many scratches on her body, and the most badly injured part was her legs. Her head was slightly concussed due to the heavy blow, so she had to stay in the hospital for observation for a few days. It was fortunate that the car yesterday was blocked by the bushes by the roadside, and if the direction of the car was slightly skewed when it rushed over, the consequences would be… Thinking of what happened yesterday, Kevin Kyle hugged Karen Daly tightly again. He would never let her get hurt like this again. After dinner, Karen Daly fell asleep again. Amelia Gray knocked on the door and came in. When she was about to speak, Kevin Kyle immediately gestured for her to keep quiet and went outside of the ward with Amelia Gray. “Director Kyle, you were right. It’s Charlie Gook’s order.” Amelia Gray looked at Kevin Kyle and saw that his face did not change. She continued, “He was targeting you, not your wife.” After hearing this, Kevin Kyle frowned, “If he is looking for death, then let him have it.” Amelia Gray added, “The police…” “This matter doesn’t require the help of the police.” Kevin Kyle walker back to the ward. Kevin Kyle didn’t say it clearly, but Amelia Gray understood what he meant. If Charlie Gook was handed over to the police, he would only be sentenced to a few years at most, which was the lightest punishment to him. Since Charlie Gook wanted to play dirty, then they would return the favor. Over the years, Kevin Kyle had been in charge of the entire Rovio Corporation Inc. He did not rule out the use of mean tricks in certain matters. As for Charlie Gook, who had always been so oblivious at his doings, it was him who personally caused the Gook family towards doomsday. Karen Daly knew that Kevin Kyle would not say nice words much, but he was actually a very thoughtful person. The wound on her leg was almost healed. She could walk slowly without anyone’s help, but he was still taking care of her. He was sitting on the sofa, reading the documents with a focused and serious expression. It was said that men at work were most attractive. Her Kevin Kyle was no exception. Every time when she watched him being serious, she could not look away. She stared at him for some time, he finally looked up. His deep eyes met her clear eyes. He asked softly, “What’s wrong?” Karen Daly thought for a moment and said, “I want to leave the hospital. I want to go back to Chatterton Town. I miss Momo…” She had been in Beaford City for almost half a month. She really missed the weather of Chatterton Town. She missed Momo who was in Chatterton Town, the delicious food and many things about Chatterton Town. The reason why she couldn’t wait to leave Beaford City as soon as possible was that the Gook family was the most powerful in this town. Kevin Kyle did not tell her about the car accident a few days ago, but it did not mean that she didn’t know about anything That incident must have something to do with the Gook family. The only thing that was fortunate was that she was the one who got injured “Someone is taking care of Momo.” Kevin Kyle put down the document in his hand and sat beside her. He patted her head and said, “Go for another check-up this afternoon. We’ll go home after making sure that your head is okay.” “Okay.” Karen Daly nodded with a smile. He said that we will go back to our home. No wonder she had been thinking about going back to Chatterton Town all this time. It turned out that she had already regarded that place as her home, their home. “Thump, thump There was a knock on the door. Amelia Gray pushed the door open and walked in. “President Kyle, Mr. Ken is here.” “Let him wait.” Kevin Kyle pulled the blanket over Karen Daly. “Have a good rest. I’ll be back soon.” “Okay.” Karen Daly nodded. When Kevin Kyle went out of the ward, George Ken stood by the corridor outside the ward. His usual smile was gone, and he looked at Kevin Kyle with concerned eyes. Kevin Kyle did not say anything. He nodded at George Ken and walked aside, trying to stay away from Karen Daly’s ward. George Ken understood Kevin Kyle’s intention, he reluctantly looked at the ward and followed behind Kevin Kyle. “How’s she doing now?” George Ken was concerned. Kevin Kyle looked at him, then turned his head and looked out of the window. “She is doing okay.” George Ken saw Kevin Kyle’s cold attitude. They had been classmates for many years, and their relationship had always been good. Although Kevin Kyle didn’t talk much, he was nice to his friends and classmates. Now that he was so cold, either Kevin Kyle felt that he had crossed the limit, or… he must have known something. Thinking of this, George Ken finally asked this. “You knew?” Kevin Kyle nodded. “I really can’t hide anything from you.” George Ken laid out his hands helplessly and said, “What do you want me to do?” Kevin Kyle lit a cigarette and took a puff. He said slowly, “If you want to reconcile with her, I won’t stop you. But I hope she don’t need to know about that matter.” Karen Daly just came out of the shadow of losing her mother. If he let her know about what had happened 20 years ago, he could not imagine how she would react. He would do everything he can to protect her from getting hurt again..

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