“Our father died in a car accident. The police said it was an accident. But everyone knew that it was not.” George Ken sighed and said, “This time, car accident again? Only the Gook family can use such dirty tricks.” Kevin Kyle said calmly, “The Gook family won’t be able to struggle for much longer.” “Yes.” George Ken looked at Kevin Kyle and sighed again “As long as you are ready to fight back, the Gook family won’t be able to fight much no matter how capable they are.” “I don’t have to do it. Someone will take care of them.” Kevin Kyle looked at George Ken and said this calmly. After listening to Kevin Kyle’s words, George Ken understood that Kevin Kyle was aware of everything he had done. For example, Kevin Kyle knew that George Ken gave Karen Daly some hint to look for Mr. Willis to deal with the Gook family. Since Kevin Kyle already knew about Mr. Willis, George Ken was not afraid of admitting this. He added, “It’s a good show to make Mr. Willis punish the Gook family and let them kill each other.” After finishing the last puff of the cigarette, Kevin Kyle put out the cigarette and said, “I don’t blame you for using Karen Daly to do that.” On the contrary, Kevin Kyle wanted to thank George Ken for giving Karen Daly a clear path. Her mother was forced to death by those people. According to Karen Daly’s character, she would never give up. Giving her a way to find Mr. Willis, it was better than doing things recklessly To guarantee the success, he could secretly help Mr. Willis. As George Ken said, watching the Gook family fight was the most interesting show, wasn’t it? “Thank you for not blaming me.” George Ken patted on Kevin Kyle’s shoulder. “I know you’re worried about her, so I won’t do what you’re worried about.” Kevin Kyle looked at him and did not speak. “Take good care of her.” George Ken patted Kevin Kyle’s shoulder again and restored his casual smile. “My good brother-in-law.” His father used to have a childhood lover, but then they broke up amicably after. Then, both of them married someone else. Both of them had their own families and their own children. He thought that they would not cross path again. Even if they saw each other again, they just nod at each other as if they were strangers. However, he had never expected that his father, who was in a high rank became someone’s target to rely on for power. The man came looking for his father several times and told that he could give his wife to his father. After his father refused many times, the man had a vicious idea. His father was framed in a business trip… After his childhood sweetheart was drugged, she was sent to his father’s bed. His father refused in the beginning, but after she cried and persuaded… George Ken guessed that Karen Daly’s mother still love the father. Otherwise, she would never be used by her husband. The mistake had been done. The man took photos and threatened his father. Unexpectedly, his father was unwilling to compromise, so they conspired a car accident in the end. More than 20 years passed, and they were conspiring for a car accident again. Fortunately this time, they were lucky and they only suffered from some injuries, which did not endanger their lives. However, no one from the Gook Family or the Daly Family can escape this time. When walking out of the hospital, George Ken looked up at the sky. The sky was gloomy. Another round of heavy snow was about to come. Daly family’s villa. Kristine Daly sat in front of the mirror and looked at the person in the mirror quietly. The person in the mirror had beautiful eyebrows and a standard oval face. No matter how she looked at mirror, she still felt she is was the definition of beautiful. However… But her body was so dirty that even she disliked her body In the past two days, as long as she closed her eyes, she would think about what had happened that night and the disgusting things those men had done to her. What about Charlie Gook? Charlie Gook was watching from the side, even cheered for the others. At that moment, the one she hated was not the man lying on top of her, but the man who she had been going after since she was a kid. She hated him so much that she wanted to destroy him – Kristine Daly stared at herself in the mirror for a long time before she put on some light makeup. There was no doubt that she was beautiful. She don’t need for too much makeup to look pretty. She could surpass many girls even if she went out without makeup. Of course, except for the one she grew up with After cleaning up, Kristine Daly acted like nothing happened. She went downstairs to eat and then drove out. She was calm. But only she knew that she was no longer the same Kristine Daly who followed Charlie Gook foolishly, and no longer the one who always listened to Samuel Daly. The snow on both sides of the road have not melted yet, and it was going to snow again. In order to be safe, she drove very slowly. She still had a lot of things to do. She must stay alive and live longer than those people. After arriving at the destination, she did not get off the car, but slowly rolled down the window. There was another car beside her car. The other person also slowly rolled down the window and smiled at her. “Miss Daly, nice to meet you!” “Hello, Mr. Willis!” Kristine Daly said. “As per our phone discussion, you must have thought about it.” The man still smiled gently. Kristine Daly looked at him. After looking at him for a long time, she asked, “Are you so sure that I will cooperate with you?” “Of course.” The man smiled. “Because I know Miss Daly’s character very well. Besides, from what I understand, it was not a small matter, it will affect your whole life.” Hearing the man’s words, Kristine Daly’s face became pale and changed. She held the steering tighter with her hands, even her veins appeared on the back of her hand, Seeing Kristine Daly’s expression changed, the man continued, “Miss Daly, what you want would be what I want, so I am your best choice of partner.” Kristine Daly took a deep breath and loosened her grip on the steering wheel slowly. After some time, she said, “If I cooperate with you, what will I gain from it after it is done?” The man narrowed his eyes slightly and said with a smile, “I’ll give you 20% of the share of the Gook company.” “Twenty-eighty? Do you think I am a beggar?” Karen Daly said disdainfully. The man stared at her, and his slightly narrowed eyes flashed a cunning light. He smiled and asked, “What do you want?” Kristine Daly took another deep breath and said slowly, “You’ll marry me after it is done!” “Marry you? Even if I marry you, I won’t love you or do things that husband and wife do.” The man said cruelly, “If you still want to marry me, then I can give you the identity of Mrs. Willis.”.

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