My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 61

However, Karen Daly still did not have the courage. She needed a little bit more. “You’d better go first. I have something else to do.” Please give me some time to accept your invitation. On the other end of the phone, there was silence again. After a long time, Karen Daly heard Kevin Kyle responded, “Okay.” Karen Daly breathed a sigh of relief. After a few words with Kevin Kyle, they hung up the phone. It was 11:30 a.m. and her colleagues were ready to go out for lunch. Karen Daly put down the phone in her hand and began to pack her things, ready to go out. Karen Daly was focusing on tidying her stuff so she did not see Kevin Kyle outside. The office of the Innovative Tech used glass compartments mostly, so the insides of the office could be seen clearly from the outside. At this time, Kevin Kyle stood outside the business department. He quietly looked at Karen Daly. He had been standing here for a long time. Looking at Karen Daly sitting in the office with her head lowered, her expression changed abruptly, so he thought to himself, “What’s in her mind? Does it have anything to do with him?” Absentmindedly, he took out his mobile phone and dialed her number She was flustered at first, then blushed, and then smiled. He had seen a lot of beautiful women in his life, many of whom were more beautiful than Karen Daly. But Karen Daly was the most beautiful one with the brightest smile, which was dazzling. For a moment, he nearly lost himself in her smile. Kevin Kyle wanted to keep this smile for himself, and he wanted to tell everyone that she was his. He asked her out of courtesy Outside the glass, he saw her hesitation. Suddenly, he felt a little upset. She refused him, refused to show their relationship to the world. He suddenly wanted to hold her hand regardless of everything and no longer want to stand by those strange promises, and loudly announce that she was his wife. But he couldn’t bear to put her in a dilemma. So he said, “Okay.” Then, he saw her relieved look. After finishing work, Amelia Gray walked up to Kevin Kyle’s side and asked, “Director Kyle, do you want to call your wife to go with you?” In the office, Karen Daly was still tidying. Kevin Kyle watched in silence. After a while, he turned around and said to Amelia Gray, “Let’s go. We don’t have to wait any longer.” When Karen Daly arrived at the private room of the Baiha Restaurant, Kevin Kyle had been waiting for a long time. As soon as she opened the door, she saw Kevin Kyle sitting elegantly in front of the window with his back straight. He seemed to be looking at something. The sunlight outside the window highlighted his side profile beautifully, and his bright face looked even more good looking. Everything in front of her was like a picture, but somehow, Karen Daly saw loneliness in the picture. She wanted to go over and hug him tightly from behind very badly However, before Karen Daly walked over, Kevin Kyle saw her. He turned his face and said with a smile, “You’re here.” The sunlight now highlighted the beauty of his eyes. Karen Daly felt her face burning, and hurriedly avoided his gaze. She nodded and sat down in front of Kevin Kyle. Today, they were having seafood. There were steamed scallop, crab curry, tofu, fried shrimp with bitter gourd, salt and pepper shrimps… The five dishes each had a clear and strong taste, which matched their tastes. Karen Daly liked seafood very much, but unfortunately, her hometown, Midwest, was located far from the sea, so there was not much seafood. Later, when she came to North Hill City, she had plenty of seafood. She looked at the dishes on the table and looked at Kevin Kyle in surprise Karen Daly didn’t know whether it was a coincidence or something else. Kevin Kyle seemed to know what she liked very well, just like a long lost friend. “What’s wrong?” Kevin Kyle was confused by her stare and asked “Nothing.” Karen Daly took a spoonful of tofu and put it in her mouth. Her mouth tasted the flavours and she smiled with satisfaction. “I’m just curious how you could always know what I like.” “Because…” I have investigated you previously. The latter part of the sentence was stuck in his throat, and Kevin Kyle couldn’t say it out. He had spent a lot of effort to analyze Karen Daly and he knew exactly what she had gone through and what she liked… But were these really his reasons? Why did he try so hard to make her happy? “Huh?” Karen Daly blinked as she saw that he held his words back. “Nothing, as long as you like it.” Kevin Kyle said. He couldn’t figure himself out and couldn’t give the answer, so he changed the topic. This answer was very formal and very stiff. For a moment, Karen Daly did not know how to answer, so just responded with a simple thank you. Then she continued to eat silently. Both of them were eating quietly. After a long time of silence, Kevin Kyle suddenly spoke and asked with slight confusion, “Don’t you like shrimps?” Karen Daly was stunned. It took her quite a while to realise that while she tried through most of the dishes, she did not take the shrimps… Did he observe her while eating? His observation shocked her. “I like it,” she replied with a smile. She liked pepper salt shrimps very much. She could eat one entire plate by herself. However, while the shrimps were delicious, but it was very troublesome to eat, and she wouldn’t look good. Therefore, she didn’t want to eat it in front of Kevin Kyle. But Kevin Kyle didn’t think so. He knew how difficult it would be to eat the shrimps, but it was simply delicious. In the past, Mia Kyle would ask for her mother’s help every time Mia Kyle ate shrimps because if she couldn’t peel it well, she would cut herself. Her mother doted on her, so she would peel a whole plate of shrimp for Mia Kyle every time. Karen Daly said that she liked it, but she didn’t eat it. Maybe it was because of this? After some time, Kevin Kyle put on disposable glove and grabbed a shrimp. As he recalled how his mother peeled the shrimps, he tried to peel it off the same way. He didn’t like to eat shrimps, so he never peeled them. Undoubtedly, he was clumsy and slow this time. Karen Daly saw that he had not managed to peel after a while, so she also took shrimp and said, “This is the way to peel it.” As she spoke, she twisted the head of the shrimp and inserted the chopsticks through the tail of the shrimp. The delicious meat of the shrimp instantly broke out. Kevin Kyle was very surprised to see this, so he also wanted to have a try, so he took a chopstick like what Karen Daly did. However, he couldn’t pull the meat out as easily as Karen Daly did. Karen Daly looked at his clumsy look and laughed, but Kevin Kyle rolled his eyes at her. “Help me,” Kevin Kyle said. Karen Daly picked up the shrimp again. When she was about to demonstrate, she heard Kevin Kyle said, “Hand in hand.” His words came out of his mouth without much hesitation. He said them comfortably. Karen Daly looked at his eyes, and suddenly blushed again. It was just peeling a shrimp. Why was she blushing? She shook her thought away. Then she got up and walked towards Kevin Kyle. Kevin Kyle was sitting and she was standing, so she could only bend down. Then she grabbed Kevin Kyle’s hand and guided him through the steps

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