My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 62

“Go through here with your chopsticks. If you put in more strength, the meat will come out easily.” She taught him very seriously. When he succeeded, she looked at her student proudly, only to find that he was not really into it like she was. Kevin Kyle was just staring at her. They were so close to each other that she could even see herself in Kevin Kyle’s eyes. Her face was red and her eyes were bright. She was embarrassed and hurriedly turned her head. She pretended to be calm and said, “That’s it…” As she was talking, Kevin Kyle suddenly pecked on her face lightly She felt his cold lips on her soft skin. Then it turned extremely hot and numb. Karen felt that there seemed to be a burning sensation on her face. “Don’t you want to eat shrimp? She covered her hot face and brushed the matter away. Kevin Kyle raised his eyebrows, and his eyes were particularly dazzling. He smirked and said, “You are more delicious. “Ah, he was teasing again. He won’t let go of me even if we are just having a meal.” Karen glared at Kevin Kyle and went back to her seat. She was a little bit angry that she did not mind what he thought of her anymore and grabbed the shrimp from the plate to eat it. However, she couldn’t help thinking of the kiss. The man opposite her smiled and placed some peeled shrimps in front of her “Here you go.” He said with a smile as if he was apologizing for the sudden kiss. These shrimps were peeled very well, and Karen did not know what kind of expression she should use to face Kevin Kyle, so she just continued to eat. Kevin Kyle was standing on the side. He was smiling and peeling them one by one in silence. After a long time, he said, “Tomorrow, let’s get you a gown.” Kevin Kyle nibbled on the last shrimp and blinked her eyes in confusion “I’m going to take you to a dinner party.” “A dinner party? Why?” Kevin Kyle gracefully picked up a wet towel to wipe his hands, then looked straight into Karen Daly’s eyes and said with a smile. “To announce that you are Mrs. Kyle.” Suddenly, she was lost in his deep and charming gaze. After getting off work the next day, Karen Daly was ready to follow Kevin Kyle to pick up the gown. Since the banquet was set to begin at nine o’clock in the evening, Kevin Kyle took Karen Daly to Baiha Restaurant first for a quick meal. However, Karen Daly did not eat. She just held a cup of warm water and sipped it bit by bit. At the table, Kevin Kyle who was eating, looked at her in disapproval, “Don’t you want to eat?” Karen Daly glanced at the delicious food on the table, took a sip of plain water, and said, “I’m not hungry.” “Huh?” Kevin Kyle raised his eyebrows and obviously did not believe her words. Karen Daly knew that she couldn’t hide anything from him, so she shook her head and said honestly, “No, I don’t want it. The dress is body hugging. What if I eat too much and expose my big stomach and embarrass you?” Hearing this, Kevin Kyle smiled lightly and said, “I don’t mind.” Her concern was the perception of others, what does it have to do with the both of them? He said it very seriously. Karen Daly chuckled and asked, “If I become ugly and old, will you dislike me?” Kevin Kyle was a little surprised to hear this. Then he frowned and began to seriously think about it. Ugly, and old. He looked at Karen Daly who was sitting opposite him with a bright smile, Kevin Kyle seemed to find it hard to imagine that she would grow older and become ugly. But what if she really grew older and became ugly? “You are hesitating, so that means you would really dislike me?” She simply pretended to be disappointed and asked. “No.” This time, Kevin Kyle quickly gave the answer, “I am older than you. When you have gray hair on your temples, I am also gray-haired.” He paused, looked straight into Karen Daly’s eyes, and said, “That’s good.” “That’s good.” He only said so, but Karen Daly understood what he meant When you have gray hair on your temples, I will have gray hair too. It would be good if we can grow old together. Karen Daly smiled and felt assured by his words. She answered in a soft voice, “Okay.” Since Karen Daly refused to eat, Kevin Kyle quickly finished up his meal. Then, he brought Karen Daly to the store. The driver drove for about half an hour, and the car stopped in front of a villa without any signs. It was a villa with no neighbors around. In such a crowded city in North Hill City, it was not common to see such a lonesome building. The villa had an Italian Gothic style, and its main decoration consisted of a unique dome and window glass. There was no sign of a brand on the door. Without another’s recommendation, you could not tell that the villa was a private clothing studio. Karen Daly used to study fashion design. Although she was not in the design field because of the past, it still remained her hobby, so she always paid more attention to this field. She loved all the clothing studios in North Hill City, and she remembered the characteristics of every studio. However, she had never heard of such a studio. Now, she was standing in front of this villa with a foreign style, looking from afar and daydreaming. Kevin Kyle took her hand and opened the door of the villa. As soon as she entered the door, she was shocked by the luxurious decoration in the house. She looked at Kevin Kyle uneasily. The room was decorated magnificently, it must be expensive to buy clothes here. Kevin Kyle could see what she was thinking, so he held her hand tighter as if he was comforting her. He said softly, “It’s okay, it’s my friend’s.” Karen Daly felt a little relieved and was about to comment further, but a foreign girl dressed in a contemporary style walked up. She was about 17 years old and looked very delicate and lovely. She first bowed to Kevin Kyle in an elegant manner like a princess, but not like a server. She smiled and said, “Mr. Kyle, Buongiorno.” “Buongiorno.” Kevin Kyle nodded slightly and replied politely. They were speaking in Italian, and Karen Daly did not understand. Just when she did not know what to do, the beautiful foreign girl turned around and also greeted her. She spoke in English but with a foreign accent, “Mrs. Kyle, nice to meet you.” Karen Daly smiled politely. “Hello!” The girl seemed to like Karen Daly very much and looked at Karen Daly with a bigger smile. “My name is Julie Lyle. Today, let me go through some clothes with you.” Julie Lyle’s English was not very fluent, but her smile was lovely and adorable. After she introduced herself, Julie Lyle led Kevin Kyle and Karen Daly inside. The villa was very spacious. The walls were hung with all kinds of famous paintings, and the rooms were filled with all kinds of historical decorations. The whole villa did not look like a clothing studio, but more like a museum. You could tell that the owner of the shop had great taste.

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