My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 63

Julie Lyle then led them to the long, spiral staircase and said, “The clothes are on the second floor.” When she went upstairs, Karen Daly found that there seemed to be no one else there except them, no other staff, no other customers… She was doubting if this was really a store? The decoration on the second floor was different from that on the first floor where displayed the famous paintings and antiques, on this floor, there were a lot of dazzling clothes on display Karen Daly looked at the clothes and suddenly felt excited. No matter how long it had been, no matter how much she didn’t want to recall, her love for fashion design had not faded away. She had always wanted to design a perfect wedding dress for herself. Once, she had tried to chase her dream, but before the design of the wedding dress was completed, she was betrayed by her relatives and boyfriend. After that, she never thought about it again. Karen Daly looked at Kevin Kyle. Kevin Kyle, can I continue my passion for designing for you? Kevin Kyle felt Karen Daly’s gaze and turned to look at her. He knew that she used to be a very talented fashion designer, but she gave up that dream because of the incident three years ago. Her loved ones betrayed her. She was so sad that she gave up her dream. How could such a fragile woman bear such suffering in the past? Kevin’s heart ached for her. He would never let anyone hurt her again. “Try it on.” Kevin Kyle said, “Choose what you like.” Karen Daly nodded and walked into the sea of clothes – mermaid cut dresses, A-line skirts, pleated dresses in organza… all kinds of beautiful clothes, fancy, sexy, all sorts. Every design amazed her. She wanted to look for the brands on the clothes, as she wanted to know which designer made these clothes, but she couldn’t find any logo after looking for a long time, just like she didn’t know who was the villa’s owner. “What’s wrong? Don’t you like it?” A big palm suddenly appeared at Karen Daly’s waist, who was in a daze. The low and sexy voice came near her ears, and her body shivered slightly She shook her head and said, “Actually, I like it very much.” “Why don’t you try on anything?” Kevin Kyle pressed his head against Karen Daly’s head and asked. “I don’t know what to choose.” Karen Daly stroked Kevin Kyle’ s neck like a kitten and said coquettishly, “Mr. Kyle, please help me choose one.” Her soft voice echoed in Kevin Kyle’s ear, and his heart melted slightly. He lowered his head and kissed Karen in the ear. Then he said softly, “Okay.” After that, Kevin Kyle let go of Karen Daly and carefully picked out some clothes for her. He glanced around, but did not find any clothes that could grab his attention. After a while, he turned to Julie Lyle and asked, “Where’s the Butterfly Love by Ivan?” “Ivan said he can’t give that to you. It’s for his bride.” She replied reluctantly “Give it to me” Kevin Kyle said. His voice was not loud, but it made it hard to refuse. Julie Lye pursed her lips and sighed, but under the persistence of Kevin Kyle, she had to to get the dress called “Butterfly Love” After she left, Karen Daly finally spoke up, “Ivan? Is he… the Italian designer?” Kevin Kyle nodded. “It’s him.” It was like a lightning strike, Karen Daly was out of ecstasy. Ivan was her most admired designer. If her father hadn’t refused, she would have gone to Italy to be an apprentice for Ivan But now, she had the chance to wear the dress designed by Ivan for his wife… This was… no, it was Kevin Kyle, who on earth was he? How could he be a friend of Ivan? When Karen Daly was still surprised, Julie Lyle had already taken out the “Butterfly Love”. When the dress was unfolded in front of Karen Daly, she was shocked again. This was really a special piece worthy of the name, “Butterfly Love”. The skirt was very long, and its hem spread out layer by layer, but it was not heavy at all. The white-grey colour was unique and eye catching. The material was soft and comfortable, and the light texture added a dreamy feeling to the whole outfit. The life-like butterflies on the skirt hem danced upwards together, but some butterflies were falling down, like a metaphor of life and death. Why would the butterflies fly around like this? Kevin Kyle looked at the dress and nodded with satisfaction. Then he reached out and patted her head. “Try it.” Karen Daly nodded and followed Julie Lyle, who still appeared reluctant, into the dressing room The process of putting it on was very smooth. This “Butterfly Love” seemed to be tailor-made for her. The size just right. Even Julie Lyle who had been reluctant, exclaimed with praise after Karen Daly put it on. Then she pushed Karen Daly out and said, “Show it to Mr. Kyle!” Karen Daly looked at herself in the mirror and nodded. As Karen Daly walked out of the room, Kevin Kyle looked at her immediately Kevin Kyle slightly narrowed his eyes, which appeared expression-less at first and was difficult to figure out what he was thinking He once asked Ivan, why did he call this outfit Butterfly Love? Was it only because of butterflies? At that time, Ivan who was drinking coffee, frowned, “Can’t you see the butterflies are trying their best to pursue something?” What were they pursuing? Today, Kevin Kyle finally got the answer. The butterflies continued to pursue a beautiful girl. For this, they did not hesitate to sacrifice their short lives. This was what the butterflies fell in love with Being stared at by Kevin Kyle for a long time, Karen Daly felt a little shy. She smiled awkwardly and asked, “Is it bad?” Kevin Kyle shook his head, then he still did not speak, but he waved for Karen to come over. Karen Daly slowly walked to his side. He gently put his hand on her shoulder. Leaning against her ear, he whispered, “You look gorgeous.” Such a direct praise made Karen Daly’s fair face turn red again. She was about to thank him, but she heard Kevin Kyle say, “I really don’t want others to see you like this.” He said it very seriously, like a child protecting his beloved treasure Karen Daly could not help joking him. “Should I change into another one? “No.” Kevin Kyle did not hesitate, then turned back and said to Julie Lyle, “Tell Ivan that I’ll take the dress. If he wants to charge me, ask him to let my assistant know.” Karen Daly had never seen such a carefree Kevin Kyle. She guessed that he should be a good friend of Ivan’s so that he could have such a close relationship with him. When they left, they did not notice someone on the roof platform was looking at Karen Daly There was shock and appreciation The man’s eyes were following her as she walked away, just because his ” Butterfly Love” had found its real owner..

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