My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 64

The charity dinner was held on Rana Mountain in Chatterton Town. This mountain was not big, and to be precise, it could be considered a hill. However, the scenery on the mountain was very good, so in this busy city in Chatterton Town, it was unique However, this mountain was not originally named Rana. It was said that a few decades ago, the young master of Rovio Corporation Inc had met the daughter of the Brown family here. At that time, it was the blooming season. The daughter of Brown Family, Rana Brown who was at the prime of her life, stood in a sea of beautiful women. Since then, she captured the heart of the young master of the Rovio Corporation Inc. Later, the young master bought this mountain and changed its name to Rana. Then he built an extremely grand villa on the Rana Mountain as a token of their love. Unfortunately, they went to the United States together. Rana Brown was in poor health, so she rarely came back. However, their son, Leo Kyle, was worried that his parents’ home was too empty. Every time he came back to Chatterton Town, he would hold a charity party on the mountain where his parents met, as a blessing to his parents’ love. Such a famous charity dinner would definitely be filled with social celebrities, but not everyone of them were invited. Every guest had to be carefully selected before they could come to the dinner. Therefore, people who could attend this banquet would feel extremely honored, which was also a kind of affirmation of their social status. However, occasionally, there would be some uninvited people sneaking into the venue, such as Charlie Gook, who would create havoc during the banquet. Charlie Gook had not received the invitation. In order to get Rovio Corporation Inc’s invitation, he had to spend a lot of money, and brown-nosed a lot of important people to get the invitation card for him. It was not easy to sneak into the upper class of Chatterton Town. Charlie Gook did not let go of the opportunity. No matter who came, Charlie Gook would take the initiative to talk to these people. It was obvious that he regarded this place as the Gook Family’s. Therefore, when Kevin Kyle arrived with Karen Daly, Charlie Gook, who was busy in the crowd, was first to see them. Kevin Kyle and Karen Daly arrived late. But as soon as they entered the venue, everyone looked up. It seemed that the venue was quiet for a few seconds. After that, there were countless exclamations heard. No words could be used to describe the stunning feeling brought by the couple. Kevin Kyle was tall and handsome. His suit was straight and he looked elegant. As soon as he entered the room, he walked through the hustle and bustle in the room, as if he was an emperor. Next to him was the petite Karen Daly. She held Kevin Kyle’s hand. She smiled lightly, and her eyes were watery and soft. Her long curly hair was tied up and covered with exquisite diamonds. The “Butterfly Love” made her look like a blooming flower. They walked into the venue hand in hand, and occasionally looked at each other. The man was gentle and firm, and the woman looked content as if, at a glance, they could have the whole world. Everyone swooned at them like they were really a match made in heaven. Charlie Gook had to admit it. He had always known that Karen Daly was beautiful. He didn’t know that Karen Daly could look as beautiful as she was now. She was so beautiful that she could make butterflies die for her. Kevin Kyle, who was beside her, used his low-key and reserved aura to complement Karen Daly’s elegance, making her look even more beautiful. Unconsciously, Charlie Gook’s hand, which was clutching the wine glass, turned pale. He even wanted to rush over and grab Karen Daly back to let everyone know that this woman belonged to him. The noisy banquet seemed to become silent in an instant. Charlie Gook could no longer hear any sound, he was staring at Kevin Kyle and Karen Daly. He was irritated by how Karen Daly was smiling with Kevin Kyle. It felt like they were mocking him in silent. No, he couldn’t sit still and wait. He must take the initiative and dishonour Kevin Kyle So tonight, he wanted to let Kevin Kyle know that such a upper-class circle was absolutely not for someone like him. Charlie Gook raised his glass and drank the red wine in it. Then he turned around and found a hidden place to hide in the darkness, waiting for an opportunity to pound on. After Karen Daly left Beauford City, she had never participated in such a charity banquet. Now, facing such a gorgeous banquet venue and all kinds of upper class people, she felt somewhat uneasy. Many years ago, Karen Daly also attended a charity dinner before, but she went with her father at that time. The dress was prepared for her by her father, so she had little say. The only purpose of his father taking her to such a banquet was to hope that she could get to know more upper-class people. Even if she and Charlie Gook did not work out the Daly family still had other choices. Therefore, even if she was his daughter, he chose a revealing dress for her. He was afraid that those rich and powerful families could not notice her daughter. It was also because of this, that when the incident happened later, that upper-class society in Midwest even put up the photo of Karen Daly attending the dinner party. The second daughter of the Daly Family had been like that for a long time. She seduced men by wearing revealing clothes, and now she wanted to seduce her brother-in-law. At that time, Karen Daly also resisted. But his father would curse and even beat her weak mother. Every time, he would beat her mother badly. However, her mother, a weak and helpless mother, only cried silently. She dared not to struggle, dared not to resist, and even dared not to ask for mercy. Therefore, Karen Daly struggled, resisted, and begged for mercy. She tried various methods to stop her father, but her father was fearless with support of the Gook family. Every time, he could only give more severe punishment. She could not save her mother. The situation lasted until Charlie Gook and her confirmed their relationship. She used to foolishly think of Charlie Gook as her hero. As she was reminiscing, Karen Daly glanced over at Kevin Kyle who was next to her Kevin Kyle’s eyes shone with dazzling lights, making him look even more charming. “Kevin Kyle, will you be my hero?” Could we stay together until we grow old? He may have saw her looking at him, then a pair of warm and powerful hands gently wrapped around her waist and brought her to his side. Kevin Kyle turned his head, looked at her gently, and whispered, “I am here.” Yes, you’re here. Karen Daly couldn’t help but straighten her back and she raised her head..

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