My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 65

“Young man, it’s been a while!” A man, who in his fifties, came over and greeted Kevin Kyle. He patted Kevin Kyle’s shoulder as he spoke. “Hello, Uncle Law!” Kevin Kyle nodded slightly and responded politely The two of them simply talked for a while, and the content seemed to be related to Kevin Kyle’s mother. Karen Daly tried to eavesdrop to hear about Kevin Kyle’s family. Unfortunately, in the short conversation, the elder did the most talking, Kevin Kyle just said a few simple words. Kevin Kyle didn’t talk much, especially in social occasion. He seemed to be more open with her. Kevin Kyle wondered, “Is it because she talked too much, so he was forced to talk more?” “Who is this?” The man suddenly changed the topic to Karen Daly. Karen Daly smiled politely and she was about to answer, then she heard Kevin Kyle say, “My wife.” “You, you are married? Why haven’t I heard of it?” Uncle Law was very surprised Compared to Uncle Law’s surprise, Karen Daly felt excited yet uneasy when she heard Kevin Kyle’s introduction Uncle Liu obviously knew Kevin Kyle’s family… So does this mean that he was telling his relatives about their relationship? However, would they like her? Could they… stay until the end? “Great, kid. She’s very beautiful. But your father probably doesn’t know about your sudden marriage. Haha, doesn’t he want you to marry Mia Kyle..” “Uncle Law.” Kevin Kyle suddenly interrupted him. His voice was more stern than before. “I have something to do. I have to go first.” Before he could respond, Kevin Kyle hurriedly pulled Karen Daly away. However, Karen Daly had heard Uncle Law’s words clearly. Marry… Mia Kyle. What did he mean? But before she could ask, several men came over to greet Kevin Kyle, but Karen Daly had no mood to listen to what they said. The words “marry Mia Kyle” echoed in her mind like a curse, lasting for a long time. “Director Kyle, Uncle Tang has been waiting for you for a long time. After a while, Nick Black came over and said. Kevin Kyle nodded and turned to look at Karen Daly, only to find that Karen was lost in thought. He asked, “What’s wrong?” Karen Daly came to her senses, shook his head, and said with an embarrassed smile, “Nothing.” Kevin Kyle frowned, as if he did not believe Karen Daly’s answer. He looked down at her feet, but because her skirt was too long, he couldn’t see her legs. He looked up and said softly. “You have worn high heels for a long time. There is a rest area over there. You can sit for a while.” Kevin Kyle’s attitude was gentle and considerate, and there was no trace of deception or hypocrisy in his eyes She questioned how she could have doubts over one simple sentence. “Hasn’t he married me? What’s there to doubt?” After a pause, Karen Daly nodded and looked at him with a smile. “I am no longer a child. I will take care of myself. Go and do your work.” To be honest, she did not want to rely too much on Kevin Kyle. But what would happen to her if Kevin Kyle leave her now? If a woman was too dependent on a man, she would slowly lose her self. Her family was the most typical example. It was said that when her mother married into the Daly family, she had a good relationship with her father. Later, because her mother did not stand her grounds, she gradually changed and became depressed. Karen Daly often saw her mother crying silently in her room when she was very young. At that time, she wanted to protect her mother and sister when she grew up. However, those who she wanted to protect, ruthlessly abandoned her in the end, as if they never cared about her. Karen Daly didn’t want to think about bad things in the past. but for some reason, she thought a lot recently. Looking at Kevin Kyle’s back, Karen Daly clenched her fists in silence. She didn’t want to be tied up by the past. She’s with him now. The banquet was still going on. The sound of the conversation was endless. It was very lively. The circle of upper class was not big, but people around seemed to know each other. Not many people knew Karen Daly so when she appeared with Kevin Kyle, it caused some commotion. After Kevin Kyle left, some people also cast their eyes on him and watched him from afar, but no one came up to court him. Tonight, they were not the most outstanding couple, because the main character should be the legendary leader, Leo Kyle, but he had not show up yet. He was really mysterious. Without anyone disturbing, Karen Daly walked up to the lounge and sat down. As soon as she sat down, a waiter brought her snacks and tea. “Mrs. Kyle, this is what Mr. Kyle asked me to prepare for you. Please enjoy yourself.” Karen Daly nodded and smiled. “Thank you!” It seemed that Kevin Kyle had been worrying her because she had not eaten dinner at night, so he arranged someone to send snacks to her so soon. It was already past nine o’clock in the evening. Karen Daly was indeed hungry, so she couldn’t resist her hunger and ate the snacks. Well, the taste of snacks were very good – crispy and sweet, full of taste. She took another piece, and she just took a bite, then there was a person who sat down opposite her. “Karen, we are really destined. I didn’t expect to see you here. Or did you come specially for me?” “You, why are you here?” Seeing Charlie Gook suddenly appear, Karen Daly frowned. The delicious snack that she had just now was now difficult to swallow. Charlie Gook chuckled, his eyes appeared arrogant and condescending. “Shouldn’t I ask you, why are you here?” Karen Daly felt that Charlie Gook’s smile was extremely annoying, but she could not find any reason to refute him-it was not unusual for him to come here. The Gook Family could be regarded as a member of the upper class, but she was a nobody. However, Karen Daly did not want to get in touch with this man. The man in front of her used to be the hero she had expected, but now, he was the person she didn’t want to see anymore in her life. He was like a malignant tumor – when she touched it, it would be a disaster. She didn’t want to care about this man anymore. She got up and was about to leave, but Charlie Gook grabbed her and said, “Karen, sit down. I want to talk to you. Charlie Gook deliberately raised his voice, and some people turned their eyes at them. For a moment, she became the focus again. Karen Daly did not want anyone to laugh at her, so she sat down obediently and said coldly, “Charlie Gook, i have nothing to say to you. Please don’t disturb my life anymore.” Hearing this, Charlie Gook smiled. He suddenly got up and looked down at Karen Daly. Then he let out a smile that he thought was charming and said, “But I have, so come with me. His smile was so arrogant and obscene that it disgusted Karen Daly..

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