My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 66

Karen Daly did not want to talk with Charlie Gook. She sat still and said, “But I don’t want to hear it.” “Do you believe that I’ll let Kevin Kyle crawl out of the banquet tonight?” Charlie Gook sneered and left. “You -” Charlie Gook’s threat made Karen Daly lose her confidence. Thinking of Charlie Gook’s personality, he always does what he wants, she dared not imagine what Charlie Gook would do to Kevin Kyle. She did not want to risk it, so she had to follow him. The banquet hall was on the second floor. There was a balcony beside the resting room. The light was not very good. Charlie Gook had already aimed for this place clearly, so he brought Karen Daly here. Karen Daly looked around. Although the balcony was dim there were people passing by from time to time. She thought that Charlie Gook would not dare to do anything, so she followed him. Charlie Gook looked back at her and eyed her up and down. “Karen, you looked more beautiful.” Charlie Gook thought he was charming, but Karen Daly felt disgusted after hearing that. She really wanted to turn around and leave, but she was worried that Charlie Gook would really do something to Kevin Kyle. She treated him coldly. She didn’t even want to have any eye contact with him. Seeing how Karen Daly was so indifferent, Charlie Gook’s anger rose again. He sneered and said, “Kevin Kyle is just a president of a small company. Many people can step on him. Don’t be too naive to think that he is a high-class person just because he can take you to this banquet.” Karen Daly never thought it was good to be a upper-class person. She just wanted to live a quiet life, far away from scheming, betrayal, and all the painful memories of the past. She wanted to live a quiet life with Kevin Kyle. Charlie Gook thought that he had convinced Karen Daly because she did not refute him, so he continued to say, “You should know that since the my company announced that we will no longer cooperate with Innovative Tech, many companies are unwilling to cooperate with them. Do you know why? Because Innovative Tech will never be able to compare with the Gook Corp. Kevin Kyle will be trampled by me.” Kevin Kyle’s identity did not matter at all. No matter who he was, Kevin Kyle remained her husband. Even if Charlie Gook was right, compared with the Gook Corp, the financial ability of Innovative Tech was much weaker. But so what? In her mind, Kevin Kyle was so much better than Charlie Gook in terms of character and knowledge. Karen Daly was still silent. Charlie Gook also realised that she was not moved by him, she was just not willing to talk to him at all. He clenched his fists and continued, “Do you know that your sister Kristine Daly also came to Chatterton Town? Your father asked her to come here.” Karen Daly was uncomfortable hearing the name she tried so hard to forget. It was painful and bitter. The past popped up in her mind uncontrollably. She still remembered that day, her sister cried and knelt down to ask for her forgiveness, for being involved with Charlie Gook and that they should not have been discovered by their parents. However, the Gook Family and Karen Daly’s parents could not see the pain in Karen’s heart. They only rushed to protect her sister Karen Daly could not remember what they said clearly. She only remembered what Charlie Gook’s mother said. “Kristine, you are pregnant. Even if you don’t care about your body, you should think about the child.” At that time, Karen Daly only found out that her sister and her fiancé even had a child. She held the design of her wedding dress in her hands. She wanted to give Charlie Gook a surprise, but she didn’t expect that they would give her a bigger “surprise”. Later, she became a shameless person who was said to seduce her sister’s fiance. She was abused online and searched by others. She did not dare to go out. I know, you definitely don’t want to see her, but both of you are sisters. You can’t avoid her forever.” Charlie Gook obviously knew this was the pain in Karen Daly’s heart, but he had to bring up her scars. “Sister? My sister died three years ago.” They could do that behind her back and then frame her like that. For her, those people had nothing to do with her anymore. If Kristine didn’t respect her, why should she call her sister? “Your sister died in your heart?” Charlie Gook looked at Karen Daly and mocked her, “What about your mother? Is she the same as your sister in your heart?” He spoke very slowly, and each word was like a poison. Karen Daly felt a sharp pain in her heart, and she couldn’t say a word. Charlie Gook added, “After you left, your mother was very sad and couldn’t take it. She lay in bed for three years.” Karen Daly was suddenly reminded how when she was a kid, her mother always touched her head and said, “Our dear Karen is the most sensible. You will definitely be more caring when you grow up.” Karen Daly still remembered her mother’s helpless and distressed look when she was framed three years ago. Her mother really loved her, but she had no choice. Her weak and incompetent mother could only sit there and cry all night. Her mother prayed to her father to not force her again, and her mother also prayed to Charlie Gook to let go of her sister and Karen Daly. However, no one could help her mother, even though her mother’s eyes were swollen from crying and her voice was begging. Karen Daly left Beaford City in a mess. Perhaps her mother would get sick because she felt that she couldn’t even protect her daughter well and that she was useless. Karen Daly didn’t want to cry, but she was so distressed that she shed tears. That was her mother, and she loved her mother the most. Even if she couldn’t stop anything in the past, Karen Daly still couldn’t blame her. “You also know the nature of your Daly Family. Your mother has been lying in the hospital for three years. Can your family afford it without the support of the Gook family?” Charlie Cook continued to say, purposefully inflicting pain onto Karen Daly. In the past three years, she didn’t care about the anything that happended between Gook family and Daly family. She almost cut off all contact with everyone in Beaford City. Therefore, she didn’t even know that her mother was sick. Karen Daly could blame her father and her sister for being heartless, but she could not blame her mother. Karen Daly had a hard time holding her tears. Her body trembled slightly. Charlie Gook took the opportunity to hold her in her arms and patted her back gently. “Don’t be sad, am still here. I will always back you up.” Karen Daly was suddenly hugged by Charlie Gook and struggled to push him away, but he held her even tighter. He blurted out threateningly, “Karen, if you don’t listen to me, what should I do with your mother?”.

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