My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 67

Karen Daly stopped struggling instantly. Was Charlie Gook threatening her with her mother’s life? How dare he! She was so angry. She raised her head and glared at him. The hatred in her eyes was adamant. However, Charlie Gook did not care about Karen Daly’s look at all. He said proudly, “Karen, how much can you make in a year at Innovative Tech? How much can your president make? Kevin Kyle can’t give you anything. When you come back to me, I promise I won’t let you work so hard every day.” Hehe… Did Charlie Gook really think that all women in the world could only live by depending on him? Karen Daly really wanted to slap this arrogant man hard, made him sorry for his stupid words. According to her temper, she would do this, but when she thought of her mother lying in the hospital and Kevin Kyle safety, she had to give up. “Karen, come back to my side. Let’s start over!” Charlie Gook pressed Karen Daly’s head into his arms and said affectionately. “Amelia, please accompany Mrs. Kyle back to the lounge.” Karen Daly was about to resist when a cold voice came from behind them. She was very familiar with this voice. For many times, this voice gave her hope and warmed her when she was in the dark. However, the voice now was as cold as ice. It was so cold that one could not help but tremble. Being frightened, Karen Daly pushed Charlie Gook away. When she looked up, she saw Kevin Kyle was standing there expressionlessly. When Kevin Kyle looked at her, he tried to conceal his real emotions. But there was a hint of anger in his eyes. Karen Daly was afraid of his look. She wanted to explain, but she couldn’t say a word. Amelia Gray immediately ran over and said, “Mrs. Kyle, please go to the lounge with me.” But Karen Daly did not move. She looked at Kevin Kyle with stubborn eyes, as she was trying to convey her thoughts to him. She wanted to explain and tell him the truth. Since Kevin Kyle appeared, Karen Daly and Kevin Kyle had had their eyes on each other, no one could break into their world. Charlie Gook, who had been ignored for a long time, finally couldn’t stand such an atmosphere. He stood in front of Karen Daly. “Kevin Kyle, if you have the guts, come to me. Why do you have to bully a woman?” He shouted loudly, trying to attract Kevin Kyle’s attention. However, without looking at him, Kevin Kyle’s eyes were still fixed on Karen Daly. They looked at each other, but they could not read each other. “Amelia!” After a long time, Kevin Kyle shouted angrily again. “Kevin..” Karen Daly wanted to talk to Kevin Kyle, but this time, Kevin Kyle turned his head away from her. There were people everywhere. Karen Daly did not want to argue with Kevin Kyle here, especially in front of Charlie Gook. She had to leave with Amelia Gray and find time to explain it to Kevin Kyle later. As soon as Karen Daly left, Charlie Gook laughed, “Kevin Kyle, you have seen Karen’s attitude. I am the person in her heart. Why do you force her to stay with you?” Kevin Kyle narrowed his eyes slightly and just looked at Charlie Gook coldly. Even if he did not prove anything, Kevin Kyle was far better than Charlie Gook. Every time he saw Kevin Kyle, Charlie Gook had an illusion that he would be swallowed by him. But why did the president of a small company have such a powerful aura? Charlie Gook could not figure it out. Charlie Gook couldn’t win so he had to say something first. He said disdainfully. “Kevin Kyle, as long as you divorce Karen, we’ll take back what we said before. Gook Corp will cooperate with Innovative Tech. You can still take your position as president.” “What if I don’t agree?” After a while, Kevin Kyle slightly raised his lips and said with a grin on his face. Those who were not familiar with Kevin Kyle, after hearing his tone and expression, would think that he was chatting casually with others. However, Nick Black, who had been with him for more than ten years, understood that this was the real anger of their big boss. For so many years, it was rare for Kevin Kyle to show this kind of smile. Nick Black vaguely remembered that it was when Polestar was suffering last time, Kevin Kyle showed a similar grin at the person who bullied her. That person seemed to have disappeared for a long time. Charlie Gook did not know that. He said arrogantly and proudly, “Karen and I grew up together. We have been in love for many years, and we won’t leave each other.” Charlie Gook didn’t notice that the grin on Kevin Kyle’s face gradually disappeared. After a long time, Kevin Kyle said coldly, “So what?” Karen Daly was his wife now. “Haha..” Charlie Gook was still ignorant. “But I’m her true love. She’s temporarily angry with me. One day she’ll come back to me. You’d better divorce her now. At least you can save your dignity in public. When she demands a divorce actively, you’ll be the most pathetic man.” Kevin Kyle nodded as if he had just understood the pros and cons. Charlie Gook thought he was close to victory, but Kevin Kyle suddenly laughed again. His smile was full of satire. “What if I don’t want to?” Kevin Kyle smiled and looked at Charlie Gook coldly. “You!” Kevin Kyle’s change of attitude caught Charlie Gook off guard. For a moment, he only felt a punch in his ego. He had never met such an ungrateful man in Beaford City How could a shrimp be so arrogant? Charlie Gook could no longer suppress the anger in his heart. He wanted to make a move on Kevin Kyle. But before he took a step, a strong man stopped him. Charlie Gook took a closer look and found that he was part of Kevin Kyle’s crew. He raised his voice, “Get out of my way!” However, the man in front of him was still motionless. “Nick Black.” Kevin Kyle spoke. “Mr. Kyle.” The man standing in front of Charlie Gook answered respectfully. Kevin Kyle continued, “Please send Mr. Gook out.” “Yes.” As soon as Kevin Kyle finished his words, Nick Black immediately stepped forward. He first politely nodded to Charlie Gook, and then said coldly, “Mister Gook, you are not welcome here. Please leave.” After that, he was going to take Charlie Gook out. But before Nick Black even touched Charlie Gook, Charlie Gook broke out into curses. “F**k you! Who the f**k you think you are?” Kevin Kyle had no right to ask him to leave. Did he think he was as powerful as Leo Kyle? Charlie Gook had never been insulted like this before. He was so angry that he completely lost his mind. So he turned his fist, trying to fight back quickly. However, the person he wanted to beat was not Nick Black, but Kevin Kyle, who was standing still beside him..

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