My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 68

Kevin Kyle did not move at all when Charlie Gook shook his fist at him. He remained calm. Before Charlie Gook’s fist could touch Kevin Kyle, Nick Black blocked him and held Charlie Gook’s fist tightly. With a little force, Charlie Gook’s bones almost cracked. “Let go, what the hell do you want to do?” Charlie Gook felt that his bones were about to crush, and he was burning with rage. He roared, “Kevin Kyle, do you want to die? Who the fuck do you think you are? Do you think you are a first-class person like Leo Kyle? Believe it or not, I will make you disappear from this world forever.” Looking at Charlie Gook becoming mad, Kevin Kyle acted like an outsider. He just watched coldly. But he didn’t want to see it anymore. So he gave Charlie Gook a glimpse, turned around and left. When Charlie Gook saw Kevin Kyle was about to leave, he was even more furious. How could he let this bastard leave just like that? Charlie Gook threw another fist at Nick Black. Nick Black dodged quickly and kicked him in the abdomen. Charlie Gook was in pain and cried out loud, “F**k! Kevin Kyle, stop! Fight me!” “Ha ha ha ha…” Nick Black laughed after hearing this. “Mister Gook, I advise you to stop here. If Mr. Kyle comes, you may even lose your life.” Charlie Gook was still unconvinced, thinking that Nick Black was making fun of him so he punched again. His fist did not reach Nick Black, instead, he was punched back again. After Charlie Gook was punched a few times, the security guards came over just in time. Nick Black let go of Charlie Gook, turned back and said to the security guards, “What are you guys doing? How can you let a thug without invitation in?” “Mr. Black..” “Forget it.” Nick Black waved his hand. “Throw him out.” “Who dares to move? I am invited by Leo Kyle from Rovio Corporation Inc. Who dares to hurt me?” Charlie Gook was too angry, completely ignoring the security guard’s attitude towards Nick Black. He even wanted to get Leo Kyle on his side. However, he did not know that he had already offended Leo Kyle. Nick Black sneered and said, “Tell Mister Gook, who asks him to leave. “Mr. Gook, Leo Kyle does not welcome you. Please leave now, or don’t blame us for walking you out.” The fight just now had attracted a lot of people’s attention. At this time, the security guard spoke loudly. Others had already begun to point at Charlie Gook. Charlie Gook didn’t give up and said, “Do you f**king know who I am? I am Charlie Gook, the young master of the Gook Corp from Beaford City. Don’t you dare to ask me to leave!” “I don’t know Mister Gook from Beaford City. We only know our boss, Leo Kyle, Rovio Corporation Inc. Mr. Gook, please cooperate with us. Otherwise, we will take action. The security guard’s words were more embarrassing than the punches he received. At this moment, he finally realized that he had suffered a significant loss today. Not only did he embarrass himself, but he also impressed Leo Kyle in a ridiculous way. In order to continue to cooperate with Rovio Corporation Inc in the future, Charlie Gook decided to endure first and then settle with Kevin Kyle afterwards. Charlie Gook was followed by the staff to the hall. Guest members cast their attention on Charlie Gook. The mocking sound came into his ears as if he was a complete clown tonight. He clenched his fists and frowned his eyebrows. His eyes were fierce and sinister. He thought to himself, “Karen Daly and Kevin Kyle, both of you don’t know your place. Don’t blame me for being ruthless.” In the lounge of the banquet, Kevin Kyle stood at the door for nearly a minute before pushing the door open and walked in. When Amelia Gray saw him, she went out sensibly and closed the door Kevin Kyle locked the door and looked at Karen Daly gloomily. “Kevin, I..” Karen Daly wanted to explain, but she couldn’t say anything when she saw Kevin Kyle’s gloomy eyes. There seemed to be something stuck in her throat like the world would collapse if she spoke. “You explain, I’m listening.” Kevin Kyle waited for a long time but did not hear Karen Daly’s explanation. He probed her. What could she say to him? Should she tell him what had happened in her family? So he would pity her? Then, what? To let him get justice for her? Against the powerful Gook Family! What’s more, no matter what was behind it, she did violate her promise. She had promised that she would not see Charlie Gook again, but he caught her again. Moreover, Charlie Gook was holding her close just now. She should give him an explanation. She didn’t want to say the real reason but neither want to lie to him. After a long time, Karen Daly did not know where to start. She looked at Kevin Kyle, his look was fierce. For a moment, she wished she could sink into the dark and no longer have to worry about the complicated world. However, she didn’t and she couldn’t. “1..” She opened her mouth but stopped. And this sound was like a horn that broke the silence. Kevin Kyle, who had been silent for a long time, seemed impatient. He suddenly stretched out his long arm and pulled her into his arms. His right hand held the back of Karen Daly head, and the kiss cam. He kissed her fiercely. He swallowed all her breaths and bit her lips. Karen Daly tried to push him away, which in turn made him kiss even harder. Soon, Karen Daly’s lips could no longer satisfy Kevin Kyle. A fierce kiss gradually went to her neck, while biting her skin all the way as if it was a punishment. “Kevin Kyle, don’t!” As soon as her mouth was free, Karen Daly yelled, but this couldn’t stop Kevin Kyle. His big palms moved up rapidly from her waist. He grabbed the shoulder straps of her dress and pulled it hard. There was a ripping sound. Karen Daly suddenly felt a chill, and she exclaimed, “Don’t-” She reached out to protect her chest, but Kevin Kyle was faster than her. His hands had slipped down from her collarbone… His hot kiss, from top to bottom, continued to spread down from her neck, leaving marks one after another. A strong fear attacked Karen Daly. She pushed, refused and whimpered. These days, she had thought about how close they would get, but she had never thought that it would be like this. They shouldn’t hurt each other so coldly. “Stop, Kevin.” She pleaded with tears in her eyes for the last time. Her voice sounded helpless. His violent kiss stopped abruptly, and the sudden release freed her. Kevin Kyle looked up at her..

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