My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 69

Karen Daly cried, her tears dropped on her fair skin which reminded Kevin Kyle of what he did. She looked at him with her teary eyes which were crystal clear enough to reflect his actions after he lost control. Kevin Kyle was stunned for a moment. Was the man who lost control in front of Karen Daly really him? How could I.. lose control like that? Kevin Kyle couldn’t understand. He didn’t know why he became like that. Kevin Kyle sighed deeply, then gently approached Karen Daly and carefully kissed away the tears that were on Karen Daly’s face. Her tears were bitter, very bitter. The bitterness filled Kevin Kyle’s heart, and his emotions turned to guilt that he had never felt before. “I’m sorry,” he said. After saying that, Kevin Kyle turned around and left in a hurry. The door slammed shut behind Kevin Kyle, which blocked Karen Daly’s vision and she could no longer see Kevin Kyle. She lowered her head and looked at her torn dress. She felt so sad that her tears rolled down her cheek again. She took a deep breath and forced her tears back into her eyes. She stopped herself from crying. She leaned against the door and she held her face with her hands. Then, she took a deep breath. Kevin Kyle came into her life suddenly when she was not ready at all. As time passed, she began to care for him. She cared about how she was in his eye and whether or not he knew her past. Now, she didn’t even have the courage to tell him about what happened in Midwest. She could not dare to imagine how he would think of her after he knew what happened. Will he misunderstand her and think less of her just like the rest? Karen Daly was feeling very insecure, so she didn’t dare to mention anything to Kevin Kyle, because she didn’t want him to know that she came from a family that was so terrible. She even worried that if he knew the truth, he would probably break up with her. Buzz… Suddenly, the mobile phone vibrated and buzzed on the coffee table, which startled Karen Daly. She dragged her skirt and picked up her phone. A strange number appeared on the screen, which was not in her contact list. But Karen Daly still recognized this number. How could she not remember this mobile phone number which belonged to someone used to be so close to her? The phone was still ringing, but Karen Daly’s fingers were frozen and she did not move her fingers. She was having a hard time to decide if she should she answer it or not. After thinking for a while, Karen Daly decided to listen to what the person has to say. At last, Karen Daly slid her fingers through her phone screen and answered the phone. After she picked up the call, no one said anything. It was so quiet that they could hear each other’s breathing through the phone. After some time, Kristine Daly spoke first. “Karen, are you free tomorrow? Let’s meet up.” Kristine Daly’s gentle voice passed through the phone into Karen Daly’s ear, which was still as charming as ever. Karen Daly still remembered that Faye Reed used to describe Kristine Daly’s voice, “it was made to seduce men on the phone. No wonder Charlie Gook was seduced by her so quickly.” “Karen…” Karen Daly did not respond, the person on the other side of the phone tried to call for her again. Three years ago, when Karen Daly knew that Kristine Daly plotted the incident of her being attacked by cyber bullies, she promised herself that she could not keep her in her life anymore. Kristine Daly was already dead to her. Now, after she received a call from Kristine Daly three years later, the resentment, hatred, and all kinds of emotions in her heart had slowly fade away. There was no need to punish herself for something someone else did. Karen Daly thought to herself “Karen, I want to talk to you about mother.” When Karen Daly heard Kristine Daly mentioning about their mother, she remembered that their mother was sick, but she did not ask about her for the past three years. Compared to the things that her mother did to her as she had no choice, her sister was more cruel. “Tell me the time and place.” In the end, Karen Daly compromised. She needed to know how her mother was doing. “I’ve heard there’s a restaurant that serves local cuisine at Peace Road in North Hill City. Let’s meet at noon tomorrow, OK?” Tomorrow was Saturday, Karen Daly didn’t have to work Since she was free, she agreed to meet Kristine Daly. After hanging up the phone, Karen Daly stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself in the mirror. The strap of her gown had been torn by Kevin Kyle, which exposed her fair skin. If someone saw her like this, they would gossip about it, she could not go out like this. There were no extra clothes to change. Karen Daly had to find a way to cover it up so no one will able to see it. She was a fashion designer. She used to cut and sew clothes when she was doing fashion design. She was very experienced in changing the design of clothes. She would look fine after she modified her gown. She quickly came up with an idea. She tied the shawl into a bow tie and tied it together with the shoulder strap, so that both the broken shoulder strap and the hickey that Kevin Kyle left on her neck were covered. “Nice!” After looking at her modified dress, Karen Daly was very satisfied After feeling reassured, she opened the door and went out. However, she never expected that Kevin Kyle, who should have been gone a long time ago, was just standing right at the door. The moment she opened the door, she found Kevin Kyle was standing there. The two of them looked at each other and no one said anything. They did not know what to say. The situation was very awkward. Finally, Karen Daly said, “Erm. I want to go back first.” She lowered her head and she didn’t look at him. She couldn’t tell what kind of strange repulsive feeling she was feeling in her heart. “Alright.” He answered softly. He reached out his hand to grab her hand and they were ready to leave. She wanted to pull away, but she didn’t. She is his wife, isn’t she? She will just assume what happened just now was just him using his rights on her as her husband. When Karen Daly was still justifying Kevin Kyle’s actions earlier, Kevin Kyle had already led her into the car. The driver, Mr. Watson glanced at the two people who were sitting in the back seat in silence from the rearview mirror, and asked cautiously. “Where do you want to go, young master?” “Home.” Kevin Kyle spat out the word softly, then he closed his eyes and leaned on the seat of the car. He pretended to be calm, but his heart was feeling very complicated. Kevin Kyle didn’t know what happened to him. He used to be someone who had a strong sense of self-control, he still could not believe that he lost control in front of Karen Daly. He had almost become one of those people who hurt Karen Daly If not for her tears, he might have already done things that he would regret Fortunately, nothing happened. He did not do anything that could hurt her, both of them were still in good terms..

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