My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 70

Kevin Kyle smoked several cigarettes in the corridor just now, trying to figure out what happened earlier. He lit the cigarette and took several puffs, every puff was very heavy. As soon as the cigarette turned into ash, he will lit another up. Perhaps he became angry when Karen Daly was not willing to give him an explanation. He was her husband. As long as she explained to him, he would believe whatever she said, but she was reluctant to give him an explanation. What was so great about Charlie Gook? Why was Karen Daly still involved with him after he hurt her so badly? In Kevin Kyle’s opinion, Charlie Gook was an arrogant and rude guy who came from a filthy rich family. He never took Charlie Gook seriously. He never expect that he would lose to Charlie Gook in Karen Daly’s heart. After hearing that Charlie Gook said that he and Karen Daly were childhood sweethearts and that kind of relationship was indeed the purest, but those feelings should be in the past now, shouldn’t it? Kevin Kyle was very clear that Karen Daly was now his wife and she will spend the rest of her life with Kevin Kyle. Kevin Kyle didn’t know why he was being so possessive over Karen Daly suddenly. He had never felt such desire before in his life. It was so strong that it felt unbelievable. At that moment, there was only one thought in Kevin Kyle’s mind. He must win this woman over completely and own her so that she can become his. Then, she would not be able escape from him anymore. What a naive and ridiculous idea, but it really appeared in Kevin Kyle’s mind. His thoughts were racing in his head. Kevin Kyle, at the age of 22, officially took over the big business empire, Rovio Incorporation Inc, from his father. Over the years, he had made great plains. No matter what kind of difficulties he faced, nothing could disrupt his mind. Why did he suddenly become so possessive over Karen Daly? Kevin Kyle couldn’t figure out why. Was it because of her identity as his wife or were there other reasons? For the first time, a powerful man like him did not know what he was thinking. It was very quiet inside the car. Kevin Kyle closed his eyes and Karen Daly looked out of the window. Both of them were in their own world. Usually, when they were together, Karen Daly would take the initiative to find something to talk about, because she knew that Kevin Kyle was someone who doesn’t talk much. It would be impossible for him to take the initiative to chat with her. Karen Daly didn’t mind that she had to take the initiative every time. When two people are together, one of them will have to take the initiative and the other will be passive. The only way to spend their whole life together is to accept each other’s flaws. But today, Karen Daly really did not want to talk to him. She didn’t know what to say to him and did not even want to see him. The two of them just kept quiet all the way until they reached home. No one said a word. After returning home, Kevin Kyle went to the study as usual. Karen Daly took off her gown, then she carefully fixed the broken pieces using thread and needle. She was experienced in designing clothes, so Karen Daly added some designs to her gown when sewing it up. Perhaps this may be disrespectful to the original designer, but when the idea popped in her head, and despite her being usually sensible and careful, Karen Daly did not hold back this time. Over the years, she changed her job into a job that was not related to fashion design. She tried hard not to think about fashion design, but her passion for fashion design cannot be worn out over time. Karen Daly did not know whether if he bought this gown or rented it. Anyway, she still needed to tidy it up first and wash it tomorrow. It was almost one o’clock in the morning after she took a shower, but Kevin Kyle was still in the study. Karen Daly went to bed as usual. Not knowing how long since she fell asleep when Karen Daly was in her dreams, she could feel the other side of the big bed sunk slightly. Kevin Kyle had already laid next to her. He approached her and pulled her to his arms, calling her name in a deep voice, “Karen..” Actually, Karen Daly wasn’t sleeping very well. When Kevin Kyle laid down, she had already woken up, but she did not say anything But when he reached out to her, her body froze, and what happened at the banquet earlier came into her mind again. He was rough with her. At that moment, she felt like she saw a demon who can swallow her. “Karen…” Kevin Daly wanted to talk about what happened tonight. He was sorry, but he felt that apology was the most useless thing to do in the world. Anyone could say those fancy words, but not everyone would be able to do as they say, so he didn’t say it. Especially when he saw marks on her neck, collarbone, and on her chest, he couldn’t say a word. Her skin was fair and delicate, and the marks he made looked so scary, as if the marks were narrating his violent acts silently. “Karen..” He called her name softly again. Karen Daly moved his hand to the side, away from her, keeping a distance from him. She said calmly. “It’s late. Go to sleep.” The distance made Kevin Kyle’s heart ache and he had never felt like this before. Kevin Kyle didn’t say anything. He just stared at her back quietly. He could not fall asleep as time passed. They didn’t mention about what happened at the banquet tonight, as if they could just pretend like nothing happened and move on with their lives. They did not know that the best way to deal with a problem is to face it. Avoiding the problem will only cause a bigger problem in the future. The next day, Karen Daly slept until late in the morning. On the weekends, Karen Daly didn’t have to go for work and she had nothing else to do. Sleeping late was the best enjoyment. After she opened her eyes, she looked out the window. She saw a man and a dog. Today Kevin Kyle was not holding any newspaper in his hands. He stood by the window and he was staring out of the window quietly. No one knew what was going through his mind. Momo sat beside Kevin Kyle’s feet, it was rolling on the ground from time to time. It was trying to attract someone’s attention after being too bored. Kevin Kyle turned around and said softly, “You’re awake.” Kevin Kyle’s sexy and pleasant voice came into Karen Daly’s ears. She nodded and did not say anything. Momo ran over to her and Karen Daly held it in her arms. She patted Momo’s head and said, “Baby, Mom don’t have to work today. I can play with you.” “Woof Woof Woof…” Momo barked a few times. Momo snuggled in Karen Daly’s arm, looking very excited. “You get up and freshen up. I’ll wait for you to have lunch together. After a pause, Kevin Kyle added, “How about we go out for a walk together in the afternoon?” They had been married for quite some time, but Kevin Kyle was never free on any of the weekends. Except for the last time they went on that villa retreat, they mostly just spent the weekends at home..

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