My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 71

On the weekend, when Kevin Kyle was working in the study, Karen Daly was sitting on the balcony reading. Although it seemed very boring, Karen Daly liked this kind of peaceful days very much. Time has passed by peacefully. Today, Kevin Kyle suddenly proposed to go for a walk. Was he trying to apologize for what happened last night? Regardless of his intentions, Karen Daly would just assume that he was thinking this way. She forced a smile and said, ” have an appointment with someone at noon. Can I go out with you later?” “Okay.” Kevin Kyle nodded and did not say anything else. Then he turned to look out of the window. Watching his lonely figure, Karen Daly suddenly can’t bear to see him like that and added, “I just need to say a few things to that person. It won’t take much time.” Karen Daly promised to meet Kristine Daly. The purpose of Karen Daly’s meeting with Kristine Daly was to ask about her mother’s condition. She didn’t want to talk about anything else with Kristine Daly Kevin Kyle turned around and there was a glimpse of light in his eyes. “I can go with you after lunch?” Kevin Kyle was asking Karen Daly in a questioning tone, he was waiting for her answer. Karen Daly was going to see Kristine Daly, who was a part of a very painful memory of her past. Karen Daly was not willing to let Kevin Kyle accompany her. Kevin Kyle would be her everything now and also her future. She will deal with everything in the past on her own. She didn’t want to drag him in and cause any trouble to him. But she can’t bear to refuse Kevin Kyle’s request. She was struggling so much because she didn’t know how to answer. Then she heard Kevin Kyle say, “Go and wash up. ‘ll go out first and wait for you for lunch.” He came over, picked Momo up and went to the living room. When he put Momo on the sofa, he stared at Momo with an unfriendly gaze. “Woof, woof, woof..” Momo was very intelligent. It could feel Kevin Kyle’s unfriendly gaze, it tried to use its own way to confront him. After barking for some time, Momo’s voice softened. This man was so scary. Just by looking at him, his aura was so overwhelming that Momo did not want to bark anymore. If Momo could talk, Momo would ask her mother to bring it far away from such a cold man. “Woo” This man was so scary. Why must he look at it with such a horrifying look? Well, it couldn’t fight him, so it ran back to its mother for rescue. However, as soon as it ran, Kevin Kyle reached out and brought it back. Kevin Kyle also patted its head like Karen Daly and said, “Be a good girl.” “Woo-” Momo laid on his stomach and didn’t dare to move anymore. It was so afraid that this evil man would break it’s neck Kevin Kyle patted its head again. For someone who was a germaphobe like him, he had never been in contact with small animals. The reason why he accepted this little fellow was because it was a very important pet to Karen Daly. She regarded it as her child. After getting along with it for some time, he found out that small animals were not as annoying as he imagined, sometimes they could be quite cute. Especially when it made Karen Daly happy. It was so easy for Momo to make Karen Daly laugh, but he couldn’t. Karen Daly washed up and saw them together. Momo knelt beside Kevin Kyle comfortably while Kevin Kyle was gently patting its head. At first, she was worried that Kevin Kyle would not accept Momo. But after observing for a while, she realized that Kevin Kyle just didn’t like to express his feelings. Actually, he likes Momo But anyway, Momo was so cute, how could anyone not like Momo? “Momo, are you playing with Uncle Kevin?” Karen Daly stood beside them and patted Momo’s head. Uncle Kevin? Kevin Kyle was not satisfied with these words. He frowned slightly and said, “Karen Daly, I am your husband.” He didn’t know why he suddenly emphasised about this again. Karen Daly looked at him with a puzzled face and nodded, “I know.” Was he trying to emphasise that it was right for him to do what he did to her yesterday? Why was she thinking about what happened last night again? She promised that she will not think about it anymore and that they would live happily together. Karen Daly really felt like slapping herself. Kevin Kyle,”…” Kevin Kyle didn’t say a word and Karen Daly brought Momo over and said, “Let’s go. I’ll get you something to eat. Let’s go for a walk when you are done eating.” The lunch was prepared by Aunt Jen. She cooked some simple home-cooked dishes, but it was very tasty and Karen Daly enjoyed eating the dishes. Kevin Kyle did not move his fork, he kept looking over at Karen Daly. She always had a smile on her face. She always spoke so gently and softly. She gave people an impression where she had been through a lot in her life and she had already made peace with her life, as if nothing can her affect her anymore. “Karen Daly, I will fetch you there later.” After some time, Kevin Kyle confirmed their plans, “Okay.” Karen Daly answered while eating without looking up. The charity banquet last night had attracted the celebrities in Chatterton Town, but Charlie Gook was chased out instead. They didn’t invite the media, but this matter had soon spread among the high society circle and reached Charlie Gook’s ears. The news didn’t actually reach him, instead, he sent someone to ask about it. He was very concerned about what those people thought about him last night. As soon as he tried to ask about it, he heard only bad news. People said that he was rude and ill-mannered. Most importantly, he offended Leo Kyle from Rovio Incorporation Inc. That was the first time Charlie Gook was embarrassed in front of so many people last night. Anyone would had felt embarrassed in such a scene, not just Charlie Gook. Charlie Gook got angrier the more he thought about it. It was like a ticking time bomb. He really could explode anytime. Lincoln Hill ran in and shouted, “Young master, something happened. Something serious happened.” Charlie Gook said in frustration, “What are you panicking about? How serious can it be?” Lincoln Hill handed the local newspaper Charlie Gook and said, “Look, the Yaleman Family is going to work with Innovative Tech.” “Yaleman Family?” Charlie Gook picked up the newspaper and had glanced at it quickly. He said angrily, “What is Chris Yalemen thinking about?” The Gook family was one of the well-known companies in Beaford City and the Yaleman family was the equal counterpart of the south. In Charlie Cook’s opinion, if Rovio incorporation Inc were to chose a partner in business, they will most likely choose from these two families. Over the years, the Gook family had worked together with the Yaleman Family. The two families were not really friends, but partners. Why did Chris Yaleman chose Innovative Tech over Gook family’s company? Isn’t Innovative Tech just a small company? Was Chris Yaleman trying to show his generosity so that Leo Kyle could see it and he would increase the chance of winning the project with Rovio incorporation Inc? While he was still trying to figure it out, Charlie Gook’s phone rang. Just by listening to this ringtone, he knew that it was a call from his father. He took a deep breath and answered, “Dad…” “Bastard, what on earth have you been doing in the Chatterton Town these days? Why are you causing trouble for me? Get back here right now…” Charlie Gook endured his scoldings in silence..

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