My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 72

Charlie Gook had never been scolded like this by his father since he was a child. He was very angry and he blames this on Kevin Kyle and Karen Daly. If it weren’t for Kevin Kyle who was playing tricks behind his back, how is it possible that the Yaleman Family suddenly chose to cooperate with Innovative Tech? Also, he surely will not be embarrassed at the charity banquet of Rovio Incorporation Inc. Charlie Gook clenched his fists and crumpled the newspaper as if that newspaper was Kevin Kyle who he wanted to choke to death so badly. “Charlie, what happened?” Actually, Kristine Daly already heard about what happened, but she pretended like she didn’t know anything. All men likes silly women. So Kristine Daly would try to disguise herself as an obedient and silly woman when she was around Charlie Gook. Charlie Gook was furious, but when he saw Kristine Daly’s face, it’s like he saw a glimpse of hope again. So he forced a smile and asked, “When are you meeting with Karen Daly?” “Yes, I had already made an appointment with her. I will have lunch with her at noon today.” Kristine Daly smiled gently, seemingly unbothered by the fact that Charlie Gook was thinking about other woman. “You are so wonderful. No wonder you are my good wife.” Charlie Gook reached out his arm and hugged Kristine Daly. “Let’s go.” Kristine Daly stopped him and said, “Charlie, there are some things when spoken by me, she might listen, but if you were there..” Actually, Kristine Daly bribed the people around Charlie Gook. She was aware of all his actions during this period. She knew very well that Charlie Gook had not managed to approach Karen Daly yet. Karen Daly’s attitude towards him was as cold as ice. As for her appointment with Karen Daly, only she knew her real purpose for the meeting. How can she let Charlie Gook follow her and ruin her plan? Kristine Daly arrived early at the restaurant and ordered a few dishes that Karen Daly liked. While waiting for Karen Daly, Kristine Daly thought about what happened a long time ago. That year, when Kristine Daly was eight years old, Karen Daly was six years old. They moved to a new place with their father and met Charlie Gook, who was only ten years old. His father told them to be the friends of the young master of the Gook family and not to make him unhappy. Kristine Daly kept her father’s words vividly in her mind. After that, whenever Young Master Charlie was around, she would treat him nicely and carefully. However, at such a young age, Karen Daly did not care so much. She was still young then, so she never listened to her father’s words. She even bit Charlie Gook once in a dispute. No one expected that after Karen Daly bit Charlie Gook, their relationship has gotten even better and closer. Charlie Gook even threatened anyone who dared to bully Karen Daly. He was very nice to Karen Daly after that. At that time, Kristine Daly did not understand why Charlie Gook was so nice to Karen Daly. She was always there for him but why could he not appreciate her? Her father wanted her to get close to Charlie Gook, hoping that she could win Charlie Gook’s heart and become the eldest daughter-in-law of the Gook family in the future. However, Charlie Gook could only see Karen Daly in his eyes. No matter where he went, Karen Daly was with him. There were never a place for Kristine Daly. Years went by, and they grew up. Kristine’s father had tried to train Kristine Daly to be excellent enough to be capable of helping Charlie Gook in the future. Her father had arranged for her to go to the United States to study Economics so that she could be fully prepared to enter the Gook family in the future. However, after the second year, she went to the United States, there was news that Charlie Gook had already engaged to Karen Daly. That’s the man that she had always wanted and her father had always told her that she would be Charlie Gook’s bride in the future. Why was he engaged to Karen Daly? She was still waiting to graduate from her studies and then return to be Charlie Gook’s beautiful bride. However, she was far away from home when she received such a heartbreaking news. At that moment, she felt like the sky was falling down as if it was the end of the world, and her heart ached tremendously. The pain in her heart did not go away until someone else appeared before her. She had never seen a man who was so elegant, well mannered before, and he even had the perfect look. She was deeply attracted by the man at first sight. After asking around, she found out that the man was doing his Masters in Finance at Harvard University and his name was Matthew Kyle. She knew nothing about him. Later, she met him at the school’s debate conference. She created an opportunity for him to notice her. Finally, she had the opportunity to talk to him. She took the initiative to go after him, sent him emails and even became his girlfriend. It was funny how he was always very busy and hardly seen. After becoming his girlfriend, she only met him twice. One of them was at the school’s social meetup. The other time was when she took the initiative to arrange for a date, but he left before he can even finish a cup of coffee. They were in a relationship for two months, but they didn’t even hold hands. Perhaps in his heart, he wouldn’t remember her at all. Since he didn’t care about her at all, why did he agree to be her boyfriend at that time? Or perhaps, she was the only one who cared about being in a relationship with him. Ever since she returned from abroad, she never saw him ever again. However, compared to a man who was outstanding in his appearance and qualities, she was more interested in someone with power. Charlie Gook of the Gook family was the one whom she always wanted to marry. On the day Kristine returned from abroad, Karen Daly was busy with her design work, so Kristine asked Charlie Gook to pick her up. It was Charlie Gook who announced the news again at that time. Karen Daly was always so busy with her studies and work. She rarely had time to accompany Charlie Gook, not to mention to work on their relationship. Then Charlie Gook began to complain. Kristine Daly knew her opportunity was coming. She wanted to interfere in their relationship. She immediately came up with an idea. In the hot summer, it was easy to have a heatstroke. So, Karen Daly pretended to faint in Charlie Cook’s arms. When a man and a woman are in contact with each other, that’s when sparks ignite. They went to a hotel before they went home that day, Charlie Gook wanted to be with Kristine Daly again and again, but he was calling her by Karen Daly’s name a lot. Kristine Daly didn’t care. She was the one lying beneath him instead of Karen Daly. She won. Karen Daly was always so busy with studies and work, so she should continue to be. As a sister, Kristine Daly would do things that her sister was unwilling to do. When you have tried some things, there will be a second time, and the next, and soon, it will become a habit..

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