My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 73

Karen Daly walked into the restaurant and saw Kristine Daly sitting there daydreaming. They hadn’t seen each other for three years, but Kristine Daly’s appearance remained the same – soft and weak, as if she could be blown away by the wind. Karen Daly walked towards her. When she was still a few steps away, Kristine Daly looked up and smiled. “You are here.” “Yes.” Karen Daly replied unwillingly. It turned out that she can be so calm when she saw Kristine Daly again, as she had forgotten about the past. Kristine Daly said, “I ordered your favourite crab yolk shark fin, fried cucumber and.. “I’ve had my lunch. Didn’t you say that you want to talk to me about mother? Just say it.” Karen Daly interrupted without mercy. She saw Kristine Daly’s disappointed eyes, but she didn’t regret it at all. In the past, Kristine Daly knelt on the ground with such a sad look and apologized to her. What for? Things had passed for some time, and Karen Daly did not want to think about it again. But she could not forget about the things that Kristine Daly had done. “Father asked me to talk to you this time.” Karen Daly wouldn’t want to listen to her nonsense, so Kristine Daly did not waste her time. “Ha..” Karen Daly smiled coldly. Father? She almost forgot that she even had a father. Kristine Daly said, “Father hopes that you will go back to Beaford City with me. Stop wandering far away from home.” “What else?” Karen Daly asked coldly. She left Beaford City for three years, but no one ever asked about her. Now that Charlie Gook found her, and her so called father wanted her back, she knew what was going on when she thought about it. “Karen..” Kristine Daly pursed her lips and her tears swirled in her eyes. “I lost my child and I can’t give birth ever again in the future. I can never carry a child for the Gook family…” “So he wants me to go back? He wants me to give birth to a baby for the Gook family?” Karen Daly said sharply. She looked calm, but her heart was hurting. Even if she didn’t want to admit it, that person was her father anyway. She really hoped that she could have a father who loves his wife and daughter like how other fathers do and live happily with them without needing to fight for fame. Instead, her father ignored his wife and treated his daughter like some tools. Karen Daly guessed that when Kristine Daly was having an affair with Charlie Gook and she even carried Charlie Gook’s baby, her father was aware of it. Anyway, they were both daughters from the family. It did not matter who was the one to marry who would marry into the Gook family. What mattered was as long as they are related to the Gook family. Although she had been engaged to Charlie Gook, their relationship was not fruitful because she was too young and too busy. Her father even gave her a hint that she should do more with Charlie Gook, so that she can secure her position in his heart. Karen Daly had her own opinion in this, she thought that if their relationship had to be maintained by sexual desire, how far could that relationship go? She often made her father speechless. Soon, Kristine Daly was pregnant with Charlie Gook’s baby which was a great news for their father. Once Kristine Daly gave birth to the bloodline of Gook family, it would stabilize the relationship between the Daly family and the Gook family. In the future, no one would look down at the Daly family. So in the end, when they told her to cancel the engagement between her and Charlie Gook and let Kristine Daly marry into the Gook’s family instead, her father commented that Karen was useless because she could not even have a child for the family, which was a woman’s duty. Now that Kristine Daly had a miscarriage, and she could no longer give birth again. Then, their father changed the target to Karen Daly. She was disgusted at the idea. Karen Daly continued, “Please go back and tell him to not bother me anymore. I, Karen Daly, don’t see him as my father.” Kristine Daly said softly, “Karen, I know that you have always been a strong and independent girl. You won’t listen to father’s orders.” Kristine Daly was very clear about Karen Daly’s character Karen Daly was someone who was very opinionated. She even dared to disown her father, let alone Charlie Gook, who betrayed their feelings. Kristine Daly dared to use the trick of getting pregnant with Charlie Gook’s baby, it was because she knew that once Karen Daly remembered that Charlie Gook had betrayed their feelings, she would never forgive Charlie Gook. Kristine Daly knew Karen Daly’s decisive character too well, she knew that Karen Daly would never listen to her father’s orders and would never go back to Beaford City with her, that’s why she purposely came to Chatterton Town to persuade her. Instead of saying Kristine Daly came to Chatterton Town with the purpose of persuading Karen Daly, she was trying to ensure that Karen Daly will stay away from Beaford City. As Charlie Gook’s fiancée, she couldn’t give birth to his children. She could have let any woman bear children for Charlie Gook, but that woman could never be Karen Daly. If Karen Daly went back to the Beaford City and reconciled with Charlie Gook, there will not be a place for Kristine Daly. Her father had always acted according to the likes and dislikes of the Gook family. As long as Charlie Gook treated Karen Daly well, her father will only have Karen Daly in his eye, by then Kristine Daly will also lose her place in Daly family. Kristine Daly would be treated the same way Karen Daly was treated three years ago. How could she let Karen Daly go back? Karen Daly knew that Kristine Daly must have something to say, but she didn’t ask. If Kristine Daly said something, then she would listen, but if she didn’t want to say anything, she wouldn’t be interested anyway. Kristine Daly took her bag from the chair and purposely placed the direction of the logo of the bag in front of Karen Daly. It was from a luxurious brand where a small bag could go up to thousands of dollars. Then she looked at the bag that Karen Daly was using. It was from an unknown brand, which looked cheap and mass produced. Kristine Daly showed off her bag for awhile and then she took out a bank card from her bag and put it on the table, pushing it to Karen Daly. She smiled and said, “Karen, there are about a million dollars in this card. This is enough for you to find a small city, buy a house, and if you spend it wisely you don’t need to work for the rest of your life anymore.” It turned out that the real purpose of Kristine Daly’s meeting was to ask her to leave Chatterton Town with the money. Karen Daly felt funny and smiled gently. “Kristine Daly, you want to chase me away with a million dollars?” Kristine Daly was stunned for a moment. She blinked her eyes wide and looked at Karen Daly. She looked innocent and helpless. Karen Daly continued, “If I go back to Beaford City and give birth to a child for Charlie Gook, would the Gook family treat me poorly? Maybe the old man of the Gook family would give his grandson a small share whenever he wants to. At that time, as his mother, I will also be as precious as his grandson. Do you think I still need this money?” “You want me to feel disgusted, don’t you? I can do disgusting things too, and I won’t be weaker than you in this game.” Karen Daly thought. “Karen, how can you…” Kristine Daly said and she can’t smile any longer. She bit her lip and looked like she was going to cry soon..

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