My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 74

“Don’t pretend to be so pitiful in front of me. I’m not a man, and I won’t be tricked by you.” Looking at Kristine Daly’s face, Karen Daly had no pity. Karen Daly paused and said, “Kristine Daly, I just want to tell you that you treat Charlie Gook like some treasure. If you all want to give birth to his child, feel free to do so. Don’t make me feel disgusted with this kind of thing. The reason why promised to see you was because I want to know how my mother is doing.” “Mom, she..” Kristine Daly swallowed her words in time. If she told Karen Daly about their mother’s situation, Karen Daly would definitely return even if the Beaford City was full of danger. Once Karen Daly returned to Beaford City, their father would try his best to make Karen Daly stay and ask her to be together with Charlie Gook. Thinking of her future, Kristine Daly immediately changed her tone. “Mom has always been very good. This time, she asked me to bring you a message. She told you to listen to Dad’s orders.” Kristine Daly knew Karen Daly’s weakness very well. Karen Daly can ignore her father, but her mother will always have a place in her heart Of course, her mother did not say that. She purposely distort the truth in order to make Karen Daly hate her mother and give up the idea of returning to Beaford City. “Did, did she really say that?” Karen Daly thought of the scene where her mother was crying three years ago. “That’s right. Why wouldn’t mom say that? Didn’t she ask me to give in to my sister three years ago?” Karen Daly’s heart ached suddenly. She said that she would not care about it, but in the end, she still cared and felt distressed about it In countless dreams, she would dream that her mother would caress her head and said gently, “Karen, my dear kid, like you the most.” “Mom also asked me to tell you to restrain your temper. The past is over, so don’t keep it to heart for the rest of your life. Anyway, we are sisters. It didn’t matter who gave birth to Charlie Gook’s child.” Kristine Daly said word by word, paying attention to every subtle change of Karen Daly’s expression Karen Daly could no longer hide her sadness anymore. Kristine Daly knew that she had succeeded. Kristine Daly pushed the bank card to Karen Daly again and continued, “Karen, I know you. I won’t force you to do things you don’t want to. Take this card. Go to a place where no one can find you and you won’t get hurt anymore.” In other words, Kristine Daly wanted Karen Daly to leave Chatterton Town. Three years ago, Karen Daly was forced to leave the Beaford city in despair. After three years, she would not let herself to undergo the same thing as she did three years ago. Karen Daly had changed now. She can no longer be hurt by Kristine Daly anymore. Karen Daly smiled and said, “A million dollars? A million dollars? You want me to leave Chatterton Town? You underestimated me. If you really want me to leave, give me ten million. I’ll listen to you and i’ll go wherever you want me to. “Karen, when did you become like this?” Kristine Daly was surprised as if such a Karen Daly had committed an unforgivable crime. “What kind of person do you think I am? Do you think that I will wait for you to put a trap on me and then I will fall for it quietly?” Karen Daly pointed out Kristine Daly’s true intentions harshly. Karen Daly did not give Kristine Daly any opportunity to talk and she continued, “Miss Daly, you don’t have to worry about what might happen between Charlie Gook and me. Let me remind you, I am married. My husband is waiting for me outside. I have to go now.” After speaking, Karen Daly picked up her bag and left without looking at the dishes that she liked. No matter how much she liked the dishes, she would not have any appetite when she was with this annoying person. If it were the same the other way round, she will be able to finish terrible dishes when she is with the people that she love. Karen Daly was married? Kristine Daly was shocked for some time. After she came back to her senses, she rushed to the window. She saw Karen Daly walking towards a man. The man took the bag in her hand and helped her carry it. Then he touched her head with his hand. Karen Daly looked at the man and smiled. Then she adjusted the scarf around his neck. Couple scarf! Kristine Daly had to admit that when she saw Karen Daly in the beginning, Karen Daly looked matured, but she attracted more even more attention. Karen Daly’s every gesture showed that she had a good life in the past three years. Was all the happiness brought by this man? Kristine Daly watched the man hold Karen Daly’s waist with one hand and they left together. The man’s back looked a little familiar. It seemed like she had seen him somewhere before. Could it be someone she knew too? “Where are you taking me?” Kevin Kyle held Karen Daly’s hand and walked for some time without saying a word. He didn’t say where they were going. Karen Daly was feeling insecure and had to ask. “I’m taking you to a place where all the girls want to go.” Kevin Kyle turned to look at her and replied gently. Although it was winter, the temperature in Chatterton Town was not too cold. The sunshine was perfect today, and it was the most suitable weather to go for a walk. Karen Daly would want to distance herself from Kevin Kyle after yesterday’s incident. Kevin Kyle had to find a way to make up for his mistake. So he decided to bring Karen Daly out. Kevin Kyle did not have any idea where to bring her to, so he asked for advice from his assistant. Amelia Gray said that girls would love to go shopping, and the second was to do something romantic. He should bring her out to do some romantic things. Kevin Kyle didn’t know much about romance, so he chose to bring her shopping. Shopping was not stressful for him. He Il just need to pay for whatever that Karen Daly wants. “A shopping mall?” Karen Daly sounded surprised. It was true that girls love to go shopping. Peace Road was next to the most famous street in Chatterton Town with famous shops and restaurants. One could get whatever you need from there. Most importantly, one could buy things that vary from common items to luxury ones. Like a one-stop shopping mall. Karen Daly did not need to buy anything, but no woman goes for shopping only when they need something anyway. It was very rare for a cold chairman like him to spend the weekend with her. She certainly had no reason to reject him. Everytime Kevin Kyle visited Chatterton Town, he would not stay long, so he was not familiar with a lot of places. More importantly, a busy man like him, he would not have time to wander around, so he asked Amelia Gray to make a simple itinerary for him. It was very detailed Amelia Gray did pass him a day’s worth of itinerary as a frame of reference Kevin Kyle thought it was his assistan’s job to run through personal matters with him, but he did not see the smile on Amelia Gray’s face when she helped him with this..

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