My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 75

Their Director Kyle was a successful entrepreneur, but he looked like an idiot when it came to how to make girls happy. The first step was to give the driver and assistant an off day so that Kevin and Karen are left alone. They walked slowly and chatted to improve their relationship. So Kevin Kyle sent the driver and assistants away, and then took Karen Daly for a walk, but he did not know what to say. “Do you like it?” Kevin Kyle asked. Kevin Kyle’s tone was full of caution. If Karen Daly said she didn’t like it, then he would be clueless on how to make her happy Karen Daly nodded. “You said it’s a place that all girls like. I am a girl, of course, I will like it.” After that, she gave him a big smile to show her satisfaction “Okay.” Kevin Kyle said lightly, but he knew that Karen Daly’s smile was not as sincere as it used to be. Then, he stopped talking and walked forward, holding Karen Daly’s hand. “Won’t you feel bored going shopping with me?” Since Kevin Kyle did not take the initiative to chat, Karen Daly had to find a topic to talk about. “No.” He answered simply. If he was bored, he would not have asked her to go shopping with him. Kevin Kyle’s answer ended the topic abruptly. Karen Daly sighed in her heart. What a cold president. She felt a little awkward and tried hard to find another topic. After thinking for a while, she couldn’t find a suitable one. They walked in silence, After walking for a while, they arrived at the most famous snack street in Chatterton Town. She pulled Kevin Kyle and asked, “Let’s try some food here?” Kevin Kyle nodded. There were a lot of people on weekends. The entire snack street was crowded with people. Every restaurant was crowded with people. They had to line up to buy things. “The teppanyaki squid in this restaurant is very can guarantee that you will be addicted to this.” As she smelled, Karen Daly was greedy. She wanted to eat some teppanyaki squid. She pulled Kevin Kyle to stand behind the crowd and seriously introduced the food to him, delicious. I Kevin Kyle was very wary of hygiene. He won’t eat any food in the restaurant if it were not prepared by his own crew, let alone something on the street. Karen Daly could smell the delicious food, but Kevin Kyle thought it smelled like poison gas. There were a lot of people, and these stalls were placed on both sides of the road. Dust and bacteria were everywhere. How could he like them? However, seeing that Karen Daly was so excited, Kevin Kyle could not resist raining on her parade. Since she wanted to eat, he would go out and accompany her once. After lining up for several minutes, Karen Daly simply bought four portions of the teppanyaki squid. She took a bunch and gave it to Kevin Kyle. “Come on. It’s my treat.” Kevin Kyle took the squid and held it in his hand, but he didn’t move for a long time. Karen Daly picked it up and took a bite. She nodded vigorously and praised, “It’s really delicious.” Kevin Kyle resisted the inner rejection and took a bite. The taste was not bad, but he couldn’t shake off the idea that this food was very unhygienic. Although he was so repulsive, Kevin Kyle did not show it. Karen Daly looked at his manner of eating and sighed. This man was so elegant that as he was eating at a roadside stall, he looked like he was eating some luxurious food carefully He was so poised and she was eating like a child. While she was in her own thought, Kevin Kyle suddenly took his thumb and gently wiped the corner of her mouth. “Your mouth is full of oil.” “Then will you dislike me?” Karen Daly did not care about how she looked. Instead, she asked Kevin Kyle shamelessly. “No.” Kevin Kyle answered simply again. However, he was not as calm as he looked. He wanted to use his lips to help wipe her mouth instead. Karen Daly was satisfied with his answer. She took the bamboo stick from his hand and threw it into the trash can. She asked, “What else do you want to eat?” Kevin Kyle originally thought that these things were beyond his boundaries, but because of Karen Daly’s interest, he did not find the experience too bad. So, he said, “Whatever. I am not picky.” “Karen Daly? Director Kyle?” May Lily’s voice suddenly sounded behind them, which startled Karen Daly as she took two steps back to distance herself from Kevin Kyle. As soon as she turned around, she saw May Lily and Alice Cole, who were holding hands, looking at her and Kevin Kyle with doubts. “Director Kyle, Karen, are you shopping together?” May Lily was a straightforward person and spoke her mind. Karen Daly did not know how to explain it. If she said no, she would definitely hurt Kevin Kyle. But she didn’t have the courage to say yes. She unconsciously bit her lips, feeling flustered. She unconsciously clenched her fists. At this moment, Kevin Kyle said to her softly. “Karen, Assistant Gray is coming soon. Go and help yourself.” “Oh.” Karen Daly replied softly and glanced at Kevin Kyle. He always helped her out when she needed him the most. Kevin Kyle could see that she was afraid of publicizing their relationship, knowing that she didn’t want additional attention onto her in the company because of their relationship. She always wanted to prove herself, and didn’t want others to help her. Kevin Kyle’s expression was indifferent. He nodded and turned to leave without looking at May Lily and Alice Cole. “Karen, were you really not shopping with Director Kyle?” May Lily asked immediately after Kevin Kyle left. “Director Kyle has a wife, how could he go shopping with Karen? Right? Karen?” Alice Cole’s words were obviously trying to help Karen Daly, but there was a sense of jealousy in her tone. Karen Daly smiled awkwardly and did not speak. For some reason, she felt a little sad. May Lily held Karen Daly’s hand and said, “Karen, you are alone anyway. Let’s go shopping together. Regardless of her responses, May Lily pulled her away. Karen Daly followed them casually. There were snacks, clothes, accessories, and dazzling goods in front of her, but Karen Daly had no mood to pick them. She was thinking about Kevin Kyle’s upset eyes. it was rare for him to find time to go shopping with her. Why did she waste such precious time because of her fear? “May, Alice, I’m sorry, I have something else to do, I need to leave.” Karen Daly still wanted to be with Kevin Kyle, and didn’t want to go shopping with them. “Aren’t you going shopping with us?” May Lily asked disappointedly. Alice Cole pinched May Lily quietly and said, “Karen, just go. You don’t have to accompany us.” “Okay.” Karen Daly nodded and left. After seeing Karen Daly left, May Lily turned back and glared at Alice Cole. “Why did you pinch me just now?” “Can’t you see it?” Alice Cole looked at the direction where Karen Daly disappeared, and a meaningful smile appeared on her lips. “Just wait and see, soon, someone in our department will be promoted.”.

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