My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 76

Alice Cole muttered to herself, “They are wearing the same scarf of a limited-edition brand. Who would believe that they happened to run into each other?” May Lily scratched her head and seemed to understand. Karen Daly quickly ran back to the place where she had just been separated from Kevin Kyle. She had never been like this before. She could not wait to see him. When Karen Daly ran to the place where they separated, there was no trace of Kevin Kyle. She walked around again but still couldn’t find him. Karen Daly was anxious. Then she quickly took out her mobile phone and called Kevin Kyle. She heard his low and sexy voice. “What’s wrong?” “Where are you? I’m at the place where we separated, but I couldn’t find you.” Karen Daly said in a hurry. Kevin Kyle paused and then asked, “Why are you back?” Karen Daly did not think much and said, “Because I want to go shopping with you.” Kevin Daly asked again, “Aren’t you afraid of being watched by someone?” Karen Daly pursed her lips and said gently, “Don’t I still have you? I’m not afraid as long as you’re here.” There was a long silence on the other end of the phone. Karen Daly became more anxious and asked, “Where are you?” Kevin Kyle’s responded, “Turn back.” Listening to the voice, she looked back and found that Kevin Kyle was standing a few steps behind her and looking at her quietly and gently. Looking at him, for some reason, Karen Daly felt relieved. Kevin Kyle walked to her side and gently held her in his arms. He gently held her head and thought to himself, “I’ve been here all the time.” As long as she was willing to turn around, she could see him standing where he was waiting for her. At this moment, Karen Daly felt warmth in her heart, and she snuggled in his arms like a kitten. “It’s great to have him here!” The public had thought that the scandals surrounding Gook Corp seemed to cause destruction to Innovative Tech. The employees of Innovative Tech were busy looking for new jobs, but the management team of Innovative Tech was calm as if there were no problems. In the president’s office on the 23rd floor, Kevin Kyle stood by the window, quietly overlooking the city metropolis under his feet Innovative Tech was established earlier, but it developed very slowly. If he hadn’t bought this land and built such a building in his early years, he might not be able to live as well as he was now. Over the years, the economic development in Chatterton Town had been fast, and the housing price had risen sharply. Innovative Tech’s building was located in the center of the city center, and it was the prime area that many people wanted. The price of this building was now a thousand times higher than when he bought it. The reason why Rovio Corporation Inc purchased Innovative Tech was not because of its product, but because of the land that everyone wanted. “Thump, thump” Nick Black knocked on the door and came in. “Boss, everything went smoothly according to your plan. Many companies have taken the initiative to terminate the contract, and they will not cooperate with us in the future. Their action saved a lot of work for us to get rid of hypocrites.” “Okay.” Director Kyle did not turn his head and gently agreed, which made it hard to picture what he was thinking. Kevin Kyle did not give the next order. Nick Black waited for a while and asked, “Do you want to announce to the employees that Rovio Corporation Inc has already bought over Innovative Tech?” “Let’s announce it.” Kevin Kyle threw out the words decisively and briefly. Nick Black paused and said, “Boss, Charlie Gook of the Gook Corp wants to meet you.” Kevin Kyle looked back at Nick Black and said calmly, “I will not meet with anyone from the Gook Corp, don’t you remember? Nick Black knew that Charlie Gook really angered his president. It was very easy for his president to deal with someone like Charlie Gook, as easy as snapping his fingers. As for Charlie Gook, he was still trying to find a way to see Leo Kyle, but he didn’t know that he had already seen Leo Kyle and had offended him badly. Because Charlie Gook didn’t know that he had offended the Leo Kyle, Charlie Gook was still trying to meet Leo Kyle. A person would be stupid to think that he had always been at an advantage. In fact, he had lost. Nick Black continued to say, “Polaris spread some scandals a few days ago, saying that you are a playboy. Charlie Gook is trying to set you up with a woman.” At the mention of Mia Kyle, the calm expression on Kevin Kyle’s face finally eased a little. He sighed silently and said, “Send your man to keep an eye on that girl. Don’t let her cause trouble again. If I catch her next time, I will take her back to America.” Only the little daughter of the Kyle family dared to do such a thing and ruined their president’s image. However, their president just sighed helplessly. After the news that Rovio Corporation Inc had already purchased innovative Tech was released by the president, every employee was excited. The reason why they were excited was not only because Innovative Tech was bought over by the big company, but also because they kept all the staff in place, and everyone’s welfare and salary would be improved according to their qualifications and achievements. “Oh my god, it turns out that our Innovative Tech was bought by Rovio Corporation Tech half a year ago.” “President Kyle is the person from Rovio Corporation Inc who took over the business management.” “Yeah, yeah, the most fortunate thing is that we can continue to stay in Innovative Tech, and we have the support of Rovio Corporation Inc. We are no longer afraid that the Gook Corp will bully us.” Karen Daly, who had never liked gossip, also discussed with her colleagues happily for a while before returning to her desk. Rovio Corporation Inc had bought Innovative Tech half a year ago, so Charlie Gook would not be able to make things difficult for Innovative Tech. For Karen Daly, it was not only a stable job but also a raise. She was no longer worried about what Charlie Gook would do to Kevin Kyle. It was really exciting news. The uncertainty of her colleagues dissipated in an instant, and everyone was excited because of this great news. They didn’t have to quit their jobs and head elsewhere anymore, but they would have better employee welfare in the future. What great news this is. Rovio Corporation Inc was such a stable and strong company that so many people couldn’t get into. This matter was simply a free lunch for the older and loyal employees of Innovative Tech. Charlie Gook made such a big scene, but Kevin Kyle looked calm. Karen Daly thought Kevin Kyle had no way to deal with Charlie Gook. It turned out that he had such a big backer behind him. Of course, he was not in a hurry. Rovio Corporation Inc was the support that everyone wanted. For the Gook Corp, who was one of the best in the country, Rovio Corporation Inc was also a peak they could only look up to but never succeed. In this way, what Charlie Gook had done before made him seem like a clown. If he wanted to cooperate with Innovative Tech in the future, he would have no chance..

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