My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 77

Once the big news was announced, their sales department would probably be so busy with work. Karen Daly felt so happy just thinking about it. She fixed her clothes and sat straight, ready to welcome a new job in her best state. Karen Daly was happy, but she did not forget about Kevin Kyle. She sent him a message: You’ve already known that Gook Corp could not play tricks with Innovative Tech at all, but you did not tell me. Her text was a little flirty, but she did not realize. Soon she received a reply from Kevin Kyle: “You should have trusted me.” Yes, he told her to trust him earlier. It was just that she trusted too much in the influence of the Gook Corp, but she did not have 100% confidence in Kevin Kyle. Karen Daly sent another message: bad guy! Soon, she received another letter from Kevin Kyle, “Yes.” “Hmm? Kevin Kyle’s reply made Karen Daly roll her eyes. “What does that mean?” Did he admit that he was a bad guy? “Was he a bad guy who was cold and did not like to talk?” Although Kevin Kyle replied with just a “yes”, the corners of Karen Daly’s lips could not help but move into a sweet smile. Of course, she didn’t know that the man who sent her the simple text was also grinning. He probably looked extra charming. Not long after that, the HR department sent out another message. “Today, all the employees would be taking the day off. In the evening, the company invited all staff members to the Baiha restaurant for dinner. The company hoped that everyone could celebrate the company’s new direction. P/s. President Kyle would also attend the dinner party.” Only a super-rich company like Rovio Corporation Inc could do such a good thing. Previously, Innovative Tech paid for staff members to a luxurious resort for a holiday. Karen Daly’s colleagues were so excited that they chanted “Long live President Kyle, long live Rovio Corporation Inc, long live Innovative Tech” Everyone cheered and packed up. The female employees hoped to go back and dress themselves up beautifully. There were not many opportunities to show off in front of the president. Karen Daly was cleaning up her desk when she received a text message. When she opened it, it was from Kevin Kyle. Two short words: Come up. Come up? Karen Daly looked at the two words on the screen of her mobile phone and thought that Kevin Kyle was asking her to go to his office. But why did he ask her to his office? Although she wasn’t sure, Karen Daly packed her things up slowly. She wanted to go to Kevin Kyle’s office secretly after her colleagues leave. “Karen, do you want to go with me?” May Lily asked when passing by Karen Daly’s desk. Before Karen Daly answered, Alice Cole rushed over and pulled May Lily away. “Karen Daly is not available. You’d better go with me.” After packing up, Karen Daly looked around and checked that the colleagues in the office had left. Then she picked up her bag and walked out of the office. When she walked to the elevator, she looked around again to see if there was anyone else. When she did not see anyone else, she was relieved to walk into the elevator and pressed the button to the 23rd floor. No matter how careful she was, she could not escape the gaze in the dark. The two cold eyes watched her enter the elevator and watched the indicator light of the elevator stop on the 23rd floor. Then that people took out the mobile phone and sent a message: Our plan can commence. When Karen Daly arrived at the 23rd floor, the elevator opened, she popped her head out to check if there was anyone else “Mrs. Kyle, don’t worry. Everyone has left.” Amelia Gray came over and said with a smile. Karen Daly smiled awkwardly: “Are Nick Black and you staying behind with Director Kyle?” Amelia Gray said with a smile, “How can we leave when Director Kyle was still busy?” “Do you know what he wants from me?” Since Kevin Kyle was busy with other things, Karen Daly thought it was better not to disturb him. “Well, it’s between the husband and wife. Director Kyle won’t tell us.” Amelia Gray said and led Karen Daly to Kevin Kyle’s office. Amelia Gray’s words made Karen Daly blushed. Outside Kevin Kyle’s office, everyone had left, the whole floor was empty. Kevin Kyle was a really good boss. His other secretaries had left but he was still busy. She wasn’t sure what was he busy with. Of course, as an employee of a normal department, she certainly didn’t know what the mighty President of the company was doing all day long. If she knew, she would not be a small employee of the sales department Amelia Gray added, “Director Kyle is in the office, so I won’t accompany you in.” “Ok.” Karen Daly nodded. It was Karen Daly’s first time in the president’s office. Although the man sitting in the office was her husband, there was still some awkwardness in her heart. She knocked on the door politely and didn’t open the door until she heard the word “please come in”. Kevin Kyle was on the phone. When he saw her coming in, he glanced at her and gestured for her to wait for a while. Kevin Kyle had been talking on the phone in English the entire time. He used some professional words, so she could not understand them. She looked around. The decoration style of the office was similar to Kevin Kyle’s taste. They were both simple and neat. A few minutes later, Kevin Kyle’s phone call was over. He looked at Karen Daly and asked, “Why don’t you sit down?” Karen Daly knew that this was the president’s office. Since he didn’t ask her to take a seat, as a small employee, she didn’t dare to sit casually “Do you need me for anything?” Karen Daly ignored his question and threw a question back at him. Did he have to find her for something? Kevin Kyle raised his eyebrows slightly and said, “Stay with me to work overtime.” “You want me to work overtime here?” Karen Daly pointed to herself and responded, “I am an employee of the sales department, not your secretary.” “TIl double your wages” Kevin Kyle glanced at her, lowered his head and focused on his work. Double the wages! This line was very attractive. For the sake of money, she simply accepted it. She grinned and asked, “What can I do?” “Stay with me” Kevin Kyle said without looking up. Karen Daly’s face turned red again. His tone was very strong, but when it reached Karen Daly’s ears, she felt a sweetness in the tone. She said in a very soft voice “Oh, okay.” She hoped that she could spend more time with him and get to know him more so that she could have a better relationship with him in the future. Now she could accompany him and get double paid for it too. This was a good thing to kill two birds with one stone. How could she not be willing to do so? But Kevin Kyle was really busy. And he had no time to talk. He kept receiving calls..

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