My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 78

Now Karen Daly finally understood why Kevin Kyle often spoke in foreign languages when he worked, because he came from Rovio Corporation Inc. To have Rovio Corporation Inc to appoint Kevin Kyle as the president of Innovative Tech, his strength must be affirmed. Moreover, observing Kevin Kyle’s work over the past few days, he was indeed extraordinary Karen Daly fixed her eyes on Kevin Kyle’s face as she was thinking. He always wore a pair of gold-framed glasses. He rarely took them off unless he was going to bed. He looked mature, yet, reserved wearing glasses. Without glasses, he looked gentler. However, whether he wore glasses or not, it could not cover up his elegance and his good looking face. Suddenly, Karen Daly thought of a joke that was popular on the Internet. The man with glasses looked gentle and refined, but in fact, he was a “beast in disguise”. Karen Daly thought of what happened on the day of the charity party. That day, Kevin Kyle made her scared, and he was really a little “beast”. No, Karen Daly quickly shook her head and patted her face. How could she think of him like that? Since she chose to forget what happened that day, she shouldn’t think too much. Karen Daly was lost in thought and did not notice Kevin Kyle’s gentle gaze on her. She shook her head, patted her face, frowned. Then she pursed her lips. The expressions on her face were varied, Obviously, she was immersed in her own world. Kevin Kyle looked at her curiously. What was the world inside her? Could she let him in and have a look? Maybe because Kevin Kyle’s gaze was too intense, Karen Daly finally came to her senses. She looked up and saw Kevin Kyle’s eyes. She quickly turned her head away and instinctively wanted to escape from his sight. “What are you thinking about?” “No, nothing.” Kevin Kyle did not continue to ask. He turned his attention back to work again. Since Kevin Kyle was busy with his work, Karen Daly did not want to disturb him, so she sat quietly. However, after a while, Amelia Gray brought a box of snacks and milk. She looked at Karen Daly and said with a smile, “Mrs. Kyle, President Kyle asked me to prepare them for you.” After thanking Amelia Gray, Karen Daly walked over to Kevin Kyle’s desk with snacks and asked him cheerfully, “Would you like some?” “Okay.” Kevin Kyle responded. Karen Daly pushed the plate near him. “Let’s eat a little before you work. Machines can’t run without stopping for 24 hours, and you are just a human.” “Feed me.” Kevin Kyle said without looking up. Uh… Feed him? When Kevin Kyle said such cheeky words, why did he appear so serious? Karen Daly didn’t understand whether it was because he didn’t understand how cheeky feeding another person was or he wanted to tease her. Her heart beat faster than usual. However, looking at him, he was busy with his work. Since he didn’t look at her, he certainly wouldn’t have other ideas. He just didn’t have time. Well, she admitted that she overthinks again. Karen Daly picked up a piece of cake and brought it to Kevin Kyle’s mouth. “Ah, open your mouth. Kevin Kyle looked at the data on the computer screen, and he still listened to her and took a bite. He took a big bite and unknowingly finished half of the snacks in one bite. After he finished eating, Karen Daly fed him more. She didn’t know if it was unintentional or intentional, but when he bit the snack, Karen Daly’s finger was bitten by him He did not use much strength. He sucked it gently like a baby taking milk, and the feeling of numbness instantly spread throughout her whole body. She was frightened that she quickly withdrew her hand, and her face turned red again. Kevin Kyle’s eyes finally left the computer. He looked at Karen Daly and said lightly, “Are you kidding me?” Karen Daly,”… “Uh-” Was she overthinking again? In fact, he didn’t mean that at all? She took another piece of cake and handed it over. “Then you can have another one.” “Is it bored to stay here with me?” Kevin Kyle asked her seriously. “I’m not bored.” She would be alone when she gets home. At least in the office, she could talk to him, so she felt that there was nothing wrong with this new arrangement. The most important thing was the wages increment he just mentioned “Karen. Kevin Kyle called her name again. His voice was still magnetic and charming. She had been with him for two or three months. it was always very nice to hear him calling her name “Yes?” As soon as the word “yes” came out, Kevin Kyle stretched out his arm and tried to pull her in to sit on his lap. Karen Daly was so scared that she reached out her hand to press against his chest. His body was also stiff. When she spoke, her voice began to tremble. “Kevin, don’t do this here.” “What do you mean you don’t want to do this here?” He reached out and adjusted the hair on her forehead. He stared at her and asked her seriously. Karen Daly,”…” Just now, she thought that he would act like what he did like the night at the party. That’s why she instinctively say that because she was frightened. But now as she looked at Kevin Kyle, he didn’t want to do anything bad to her, and she thought too much. She didn’t dare to tell him that she was uncomfortable. In the past, she did not want to answer the question. When she wanted to escape, Kevin Kyle would always be very considerate and would not put pressure on her. “Huh?” But Kevin Kyle didn’t intend to let her go off easy today. He must know what she meant. Kevin Kyle was still holding her, and this was the first time that he held her so intimately. Karen Daly’s brain was burning with thoughts, and she couldn’t even find an excuse for Kevin At this time, she wished she could grow a shell. As long as she hid in her shell, she would not have to answer. Kevin Kyle kept looking at her, focused and serious. He looked like he was using his eyes to say that if he did not get an answer, he would not let her go. She wanted to escape, but she couldn’t His arm seemed to be gently stroking her waist, but it was so strong that she could not get rid of it. After struggling, Karen Daly simply gave up. She didn’t know if she had lost her mind. With Kevin Kyle’s gaze, she reached out and locked her arms around Kevin Kyle’s neck and kissed him. No, she was not kissing him, but biting him. It was as if she was avenging herself for that night and returned the pain. In terms of affection, Kevin Kyle did not have much experience, but in the business world, he was the top boss who could control the wind and rain. After a moment of hesitation, he snatched the initiative and fiercely kissed her. “Thump, thump Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Nick Black pushed the door open and came in. “President Kyle.” The two people who were kissing were separated in an instant. Karen Daly wanted to escape, but Kevin Kyle held her in his arms and said gloomily, “What’s the matter?”.

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