My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 79

Nick Black had been with Kevin Kyle for more than ten years. When he need to enter Kevin Kyle’s office, he would not have to wait for Kevin Kyle’s permission after knocking on the door. Over the years, he never had the chance to see Kevin Kyle getting distracted. He never thought that he would see such a awkward scene in Kevin Kyle’s office. Although he had never seen such a scene, Nick Black reacted very quickly since he had been with Kevin Kyle for so many years. “It’s fine. Nick Black quickly closed the door and ran away. If he dared to say that he saw something, their chairman would definitely think of a way to kill him afterward. Their president looked noble and elegant, but he could be so cruel that it would make people shiver. Others didn’t know about it, but they had been with him for more than a decade, so how would they not know. “What’s wrong?” Amelia Gray said behind Nick Black. “I think I will die soon.” Nick Black said in a scared tone. Thinking back to the scary looks of the president he saw just now, Nick Black knew that he will have a rough time in the future Although he didn’t mean to spoil his “plan”, but he did. Their president would not care about his intentions at all. Amelia Gray glared at him and said, “What are you talking about? Nick Black looked down and said sadly, “I just ruined Boss’s moment. He will definitely let me work overtime and kill me.” Amelia Gray patted Nick Black on the shoulder and gave him a thumbs up. “His wife is inside, but you dare to enter without permission. I admire your courage.” “What?” Nick Black felt innocent. “Boss never do anything else other than work in the office before.” Amelia Gray rolled her eyes at Nick Black again and said, “You have been with Director Kyle for more than ten years now and made great progress in work. When did your EQ become as low as him?” It was President Kyle whom they are accusing of having low EQ. The chairman, who was mocked by them, was busy with his wife at this moment, and his work was thrown aside. He just wanted to enjoy the moment. “Karen Daly…” Kevin Kyle held the back of Karen Daly’s head and kissed her again, but this time it was much softer. He gently kissed her lips as if he was savoring the taste of Karen Daly’s lips. Karen Daly’s grip on Kevin Kyle’s neck tightened, and she closed her eyes to feel his kiss. She could feel that Kevin Kyle had poor skills in kissing people. He was just kissing her in his own way. When he kissed her, she could feel his dominance but she could also feel him treating her so delicately. They had only been married for three months. Normally, it was not possible for someone to really understand a person in three months. But Karen Daly was willing to believe that Kevin Kyle was someone who she can entrust her life. As long as they were honest with each other, they would definitely have a happy marriage. Karen Daly thought about the thing happened at the banquet a few days ago carefully. Kevin Kyle gave her a chance to explain, but she refused to say it. Karen Daly guessed that the reason why Kevin Kyle was so mad is because he saw Charlie Gook hugging her and thought that there was something going on between Karen Daly and Charlie Hook. But he didn’t just blatantly assume things happened between her and Charlie Gook just because he saw her. He even gave her an opportunity to explain herself. But she did not explain, she refused to be honest with him, so he was angry. No man would like to see his wife hugged by another man. Last time in the company, when William Baker put one hand over her shoulder, he already told her off clearly. He was her husband. He would be jealous when he saw her being hugged by another man so intimately Kevin Kyle was jealous of a nobody like William Baker, so you could imagine his anger as he saw Charlie Gook, who was once engaged to her. If things happened differently, she might have married Charlie Gook instead of Kevin Kyle. That’s why Kevin Kyle acted like this. Anyway, he still stopped at the last moment. Kevin Kyle was out of control because he was “jealous”. Perhaps this jealousy had nothing to do with love, it was just because he was her husband. Kevin Kyle stopped in time because he didn’t want to hurt her. After thinking about it, the sadness and fear in Karen Daly’s heart disappeared. A man like him usually don’t talk much, he wouldn’t even say nice words to her. But as long as she was beside him, she felt secure. On the day of the blind date, he told her that both of them were adults. He did not believe that love existed in this world, so their marriage didn’t base on love. There was no love between the both of them, but as days passed by, Karen Daly could feel Kevin Kyle’s care and love for her. He had never said anything but she could feel it. For example, she was afraid of the cold. Her hands and feet were always cold during winter. He will secretly prepare gloves and various warm clothing for her. One day, she woke up in the middle of the night, she saw her feet were between his feet. He tried to pass his body heat to her. He showed his care for her in all the little things. What was she thinking if she didn’t cherish such a thoughtful man who is her husband? No, she would never give him to anyone else. Since they were married to each other, he could only be hers. After having this thoughts, Karen Daly’s arms went down from his neck, wrapped around his waist, and hugged him tightly Since he don’t like to talk much, she would initiate the interaction in the future. Just as Karen Daly finally figured it out, Kevin Kyle also let go of her. Looking at Karen Daly’s blushing face and slightly swollen lips…. He kissed her face again, touched her lips with his fingers, and looked at her quietly with his deep gaze. Karen Daly felt embarrassed when he looked at her, but she did not avoid his gaze anymore. Instead, they looked at each other quietly The ocean of stars Kevin Kyle had in his eyes was brighter than anything she had ever seen. At this moment, his eye was full of her, and she felt like he is the one However, just as Karen Daly was imagining the beautiful scene in her mind, he heard Kevin Kyle’s manly and sexy voice, “What did you say just now, that you don’t want to be here?” Karen Daly grabbed some snacks and stuffed them into Kevin Kyle’s mouth. She struggled to escape from his arms and looked at him with pitiful eyes. Couldn’t he see that she didn’t want to answer this question? In order not to answer this question, she even used her beauty to distract his attention. Why did he keep asking about that? She just made up her mind to spend her life with him. But he was too slow to get it, what would happen to their lives?.

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