My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 80

As he saw that Karen Daly was becoming more awkward and angrier, Kevin Kyle let out a soft laughter. Karen Daly,… Was he laughing at her? Although she was a little angry with him, she had to admit that this man was very handsome especially when he smiled. But she didn’t want anyone to see this. Just as Karen Daly was about to overthink, Kevin Kyle turned off his phone and walked towards her. He raised his hand and patted her head gently. “Can we go home?” What did he mean? The meaning of this sentence was very simple. It was a literal meaning for them to go home together. If you pair his sentence with Karen’s earlier sentence where she said “Don’t be here”, then the meaning would be very flirtatious. Karen Daly glared at him angrily. “If you have something to say, just say it. Don’t beat around the bush.” Kevin Kyle raised his eyebrows and said, “What are you talking about? Karen Daly saw his sincere eyes which made her realize that he was simply requesting to go home. She was the one who thought too much again. “Nothing.” She blushed again. It seemed that she overthink too much. In order to hide her thoughts, she took the initiative to hold his arm. “Let’s go home.” Go home! Go back to their home! At the same time, Charlie Gook also received news that Rovio Incorporation Inc took over Innovative Tech half a year ago Rovio Incorporation Inc bought over Innovative Tech, but he recently announced that the Gook family would never cooperate with Innovative Tech anymore, which meant that he destroyed the opportunity to cooperate with Rovio Incorporation Inc. Chris Doleman of the Yaleman Family was not afraid to offend the Gook Family when he said he wanted to cooperate with Innovative Tech. It seemed that the Yaleman Family must have received the news long ago. Lincoln Hill looked at Charlie Gook and said worriedly, “Young master Gook, let’s go back to Beaford City first. Let’s leave it to Me. Gook and let him handle it.” “I’m afraid that you are not capable to deal with it.” Lincoln Hill thought to himself but didn’t say it out loud. Charlie Gook shouted loudly, “Go back? How to go back?” Before coming to Chatterton Town, he swore to those shareholders that he will get the chance to cooperate with Rovio Incorporation Inc during this trip to Chatterton Town, And now, he can’t meet with the people who worked with Leo Kyle, but he also lost so much when the news of Innovative Tech came out. How can he go back? If he wanted to return to Beaford City, he needed to work harder. He must find an opportunity to meet Leo Kyle. Even if it means he had to kneel down and begged, he must ask for a chance to cooperate with him. Charlie Gook thought of a way to get close to Leo Kyle, which was to use a beauty trap. However, Duncan Miller was too useless, not only did he fail to find someone, but he also ended up in prison. Charlie Gook added, “Find ways to get Duncan Miller out of the prison.” Charlie Gook still trusted Duncan Miller more when it comes to finding women. As for Lincoln Hill, whom his father assigned to work with him, he did not dare to trust him easily “Yes, I’ll think of other ways.” Lincoln Hill accepted the order and left. After Lincoln Hill left, Charlie Gook angrily smashed the desk and said, “D*mn it! Why didn’t I find out that Rovio Incorporation Inc was backing Kevin Kyle?” Now he could understand everything. Simon Campbell, the director of the Public Security Bureau of Chatterton Town would definitely give priority to Kevin Kyle. As Kevin Kyle worked for Rovio Incorporation Inc, he would also be in the charity party held by Leo Kyle. Kevin Kyle works for Rovio Incorporation Inc now. That was why he was so calm when he knew that the Gook family no longer cooperated with the Innovative Tech. If he knew that Kevin Kyle works for Rovio Incorporation Inc, he would not have made such a harsh decision, but now he had to suffer the consequences. “Charlie..” Kristine Daly stood behind Charlie Gook, raised her hand to help him massage his back, and said softly, “Don’t be angry, it is bad for your health.” “How was your meeting with Karen?” Charlie Gook was angry and spoke to Kristine Daly with a tense tone. Kristine Daly didn’t mind and still smiled gently. “Charlie, you know how Karen’s temper is. If she is not willing to do something, no one can force her.” “The reason why I asked you to persuade her was because I knew her temper. You told me that you are confident, and now you are telling me this bullshit…” Charlie Gook turned around and cursed, but suddenly an idea popped up. He was looking for a stunner. Wasn’t the woman in front of him a stunner? Although Kristine Daly’s appearance was not as stunning as Karen Daly’s, he had to admit that she was also a beautiful woman. Kristine Daly’s skills on the bed can be described as extremely satisfying. In Charlie Cook’s opinion, sometimes men like women not only for their appearances, but also because of their skills in bed. Thinking of this, Charlie Gook immediately changed his attitude towards her. He held Kristine Daly’s face and said, “Kristine, I have encountered too many things these days. If I was in a bad mood, you will forgive me right?” Kristine Daly smiled and said, “I am your fiancee. If I don’t forgive you, who will?” “I’m facing a very tricky situation now. Are you willing to help me?” Charlie Gook’s eyes sparkled. If Leo Kyle was interested in Kristine Daly, then there will be hope in getting the cooperation Kristine Daly nodded. “Tell me what it is. As long as I can do it, I will do my best.” “Kristine, let me taste you first.” Charlie Gook picked Kristine Daly up and ran to the room. Soon in the room, there was heavy breathing from the couple. From time to time, Kristine Daly could hear Charlie Gook shouting the name “Karen”, and her eyes were covered by him. She couldn’t see his facial appearance, she could only hear Charlie Gook calling for someone else’s name. From their first time until now, every time they were doing this, Charlie Gook would cover her eyes with his hands, or he would cover his own eyes, and he would always call out someone else’s name. At first, Kristine Daly didn’t mind, because this man was stolen by her from Karen Daly. Later, she did mind for a while, but it didn’t matter anyway. No matter who Charlie Gook called out, he only wanted her. Besides, over the years, only her, Kristine Daly, remained the future daughter-in-law that the Gook family publicly acknowledged. Charlie Gook’s fiancee, who could win her? Karen Daly? Hehe… Kristine Daly smiled and cried. After tonight, Karen Daly can no longer stay in Chatterton Town. She didn’t want to do it. After all, Karen Daly was still her biological sister. But Karen Daly was stubborn and did not listen to her advice. She did not want to leave obediently, so she had to force her to leave in a hurry..

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