My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 81

Before returning home, Kevin Kyle accompanied Karen Daly to the supermarket and they bought some meat and vegetables for lunch. There was a stall in front of the supermarket that sells fried chestnuts. Karen Daly liked it very much. Every time she came to the supermarket, she would definitely buy some. The one who sold the chestnuts was a middle-aged woman. She was very friendly and had a loud voice. She knew Karen Daly very well since she came here many times. The woman asked while packing Karen Daly’s food, “Sweetie, is that your boyfriend or your husband behind you? Women liked to gossip, especially when they saw a lovely pair of couple. They were curious. After she heard the question, Karen Daly looked at Kevin Kyle. Whenever she buys something, he would wait for her and helped to carry a lot of things without any signs of impatience She looked back at the aunt and smiled. “He is my husband.” As soon as she said this, Karen Daly suddenly felt as if she had the whole world. She was so proud to tell others with a loud voice-he is my husband The woman said, “Love, there are a lot of men who are willing to accompany you to buy groceries once, but there are only a few men who will accompany you every time. If you have found that man, you should not let others snatch him away, or you will regret.” “Well, I know.” Karen Daly nodded vigorously. Thank you, auntie.” Yes, how could she allow such a good man be taken away by others? The woman spoke to her like she was her own child, which reminded Karen Daly of her mother. In fact, her mother really loved her. When she agreed to be engaged to Charlie Gook, her mother said something like that. She wiped her tears and said, “Karen, I don’t care if you married a rich guy, I just hope that he can be good to you and love you. He will be capable to protect you. But I can’t make decisions for you…” Sometimes, Karen Daly really wanted to call her mother and tell her that her daughter had found someone she wants to spent her life with. But she did not have the courage… Perhaps it was not because of her courage, but because she was afraid that if she called her mother, her mother would be treated badly. “Look at her husband. He often comes and buys groceries with his wife.” After Karen Daly and Kevin Kyle left the stall, they heard the loud voice of the woman behind them. Karen Daly looked at Kevin Kyle and smiled. “Someone is complimenting you again.” Kevin Kyle held the bag in one hand and used the other to hold Karen Daly’s hand. “Yes.” Karen Daly rolled her eyes. Was it necessary to be so cold to her? The winter weather was cold enough. He acted like a large ice block, did he want her to freeze to death? Just as Karen Daly was extremely unpleased with his response, she heard him say, “Because you are also a good wife.” Karen Daly smiled widely and was on cloud nine. Because the both of them were perfect, so in a crowd of thousands, before they had love for each other, they already chose each other. Karen Daly looked at Kevin Kyle’s broad shoulders and reached out to grab his arm. She told herself once that if she could be more daring, she might see a different world. “Hello, Mr. Kyle and Mrs. Kyle!” A sweet voice came from someone who looked like a doll. Julia Lyle ran over and greeted them with a smile. “Where’s your man?” Kevin Kyle knew that Ivan will be around when he saw Julie Lyle. Julie Lyle looked back and pointed to a car not too far away, and spoke with an accent, “He asked me to take back the Butterfly Love.” The car was stopped not far away from them and the window was open. At a glance, Karen Daly could clearly see that the man sitting in the driver’s seat had black hair and brown eyes, and his hair was messy. He looked unkempt. His face outline had a distinctive look of an Italian, with the deep eye sockets and a tall nose. Upon noticing Karen Daly, the man turned his head to look at her. His eyes met Karen Daly’s, and then a mysterious smile appeared on his face. Karen Daly felt a little uncomfortable when he looked at her, so she quickly looked away and looked at Julie Lyle.” should have sent the dress back, but I troubled you to take it from me. I’m sorry.” “You’re welcome.” It was difficult for Julie Lyle to come out of the villa even for once. Now that she had the opportunity to come out, she was so happy so why would she feel troublesome? However, Ivan did not get off the car, and Kevin Kyle did not go and greet him. The two of them were good friends, but neither of them intended to interact to each other. Karen Daly looked back at Ivan-the famous Italian designer, Ivan, was her idol. However, this Ivan was different from who she had imagined. The photos of Ivan on the Internet was very handsome and looked bright, but the Ivan she saw gave a cold impression. Karen Daly used to have the biggest dream to go to Italy to learn fashion design under Ivan. In order to realize her dreams, her mother got a sum of money from selling her grandmother’s jade bracelet which was passed on to her from the older generations. Mother said, “Karen, as long as you like it, I will do anything to let you have it.” However, her mother’s money was blocked by her father. Her father chose a major for Karen Daly, but Karen Daly was unwilling to go for it. She insisted on being a wedding dress designer. Later, the money that her mother got from selling her bracelet was taken by her father for Kristine Daly to study in the United States, which made Karen Daly lose her opportunity to study abroad. Now, her idol was just in front of her like she could reach him. She was feeling excited and complicated at the same time. She really felt like running to him and ask if he would accept an apprentice now. As long as he was willing to accept her, she was willing to work for him without getting paid. Karen Daly really wanted to do so, but she stopped herself from doing it. Now, she was not alone, so she had to consider Kevin Kyle’s feelings before making any decision. She cannot be selfish in making a decision. After returning home to get her dress, Karen Daly walked Julie Lyle downstairs. Because of what happened that night, the gown was simply sewn again, so she felt that she should apologize to the original designer. Karen Daly just arrived at the car when the man in the car spoke. “Mrs. Kyle, your man’s not lovable at all. I’m sitting here. How could he ignore me in front of everyone?” Karen Daly did not expect that he can speak Chinese so well. After being surprised, she said, “Kevin has always been like that. He doesn’t like to talk much. Please don’t mind hir “Mind him? I don’t have time for him.” Ivan smiled and said, “For the sake of your beauty, I lent him this dress for a day and I won’t charge him money for renting the dress.” Karen Daly smiled. “Thank you!” Ivan continued, “Mrs. Kyle, you are much more polite than Mr. Kyle, we are so close with each other, but he kept keeping a straight face all day long. Who is he showing it to?”.

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