My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 82

Ivan did not give Karen Daly any chance to interrupt, he continued to say, “Kevin Kyle and I were friends for many years. He took away all the dresses that I wanted to give to my wife in the future, but he did not show any signs of gratitude. He was really not lovable at all, not lovable at all. Julie Lyle, what are you still doing there? Get in the car and leave.” “Mr. Ivan, please wait for a minute.” Karen Daly stopped Ivan and told him that she modified his dress. Before she could even finish her words, his face changed dramatically. He looked at the gown and said angrily, “Who said that you can touch my dress?” The person who was smiling earlier suddenly changed his attitude. Karen Daly became scared and took a step back. But when she remembered that she had done something wrong, she stood there and waited for Ivan’s reaction. But when he saw how Karen Daly modified the dress, his face changed from angry to happy, and then from happy to sad. After a long time, he said, “Mrs. Kyle, I will come back and find you.” Innovative Tech staff reunion dinner was carried out in a huge multipurpose dining hall in Baiha Restaurant. There were ten tables at the banquet. The front table gathered the presidents of the company and the high-level executives of the company. The guests were seated according to their titles and ranks. The large LED screen on the wall was constantly playing the latest advertisements of the company. After Innovative Tech was bought over by Rovio Incorporation Inc, the brand image and advertisements seemed to have improved so much than before. To be honest, Innovative Tech was now a company under the leadership of Rovio Incorporation Inc. With the powerful and influential “father”, Rovio Incorporation, Innovative Tech didn’t have to be worried about being looked down upon by other companies. The dinner began at seven o’clock in the evening. At five o’clock, everyone was starting to arrive. They were having fun – singing, jumping, and enjoying. Karen Daly arrived a little late, when majority of the crowd were already here. She was late because Kevin Kyle asked her to wait for him and she agreed to come here with Kevin Kyle. When they just arrived, Kevin Kyle was brought away by Nick Black and Assistant Gray because they need him to deal with some urgent matter. Since she figured things out, Karen Daly was no longer afraid of having her relationship with Kevin Kyle exposed. They were legally married. Why did they act like they were having an affair with each other every time they got together? At the beginning of the marriage, she was not willing to let colleagues in the company know about their relationship because she was afraid that there would be gossip and rumors about her. Recently, she met with some people and confronted events from her past, and things were not as terrible as she imagined She could calmly face Charlie Gook who betrayed her, and also Kristine Daly who hurt her. Even when she heard about what her mother said, she was not as sad as before. Because she knew that she would not be alone now. She has Kevin Kyle now. As long as Kevin Kyle remained by her side, she would not be afraid, “Karen, you’re finally here.” May Lily was singing a love song with William Baker, when she saw Karen Daly coming in. Karen Daly smiled. “You guys had been playing for quite a while, haven’t you? “Yes, we’ve been playing for a long time, except for you.” Alice Cole leaned over to Karen Kyle and whispered, “I didn’t say anything about that day.” Karen Kyle smiled. “Thank you!” Sunni Olsen was originally with the management department. When she saw Karen Daly, she came over with a glass of wine in her hand, “My colleagues are all here. Let me propose a toast to everyone.” “Manager Olsen, you and Karen Daly’s scarves share the same design, but the color is different. I remembered it was a limited edition piece. When I bought it, it was already sold out.” Alice Cole was from Chatterton Town, and she came from a wealthy family. She liked to collect luxury goods, so she knew about it very well. Sunnie Olsen adjusted the red scarf around her neck and smiled. “Yes, it took almost half of my salary. By the way. Karen, how much did you spend on it?” “It’s very expensive for me. My heart was bleeding when I paid with the card.” Originally, Karen Daly only wanted to buy one for Kevin Kyle, but in the end she bought two. When she paid with her card, her heart was bleeding “The bags that you usually carry weren’t from luxury brands, I didn’t expect that for a scarf, you were willing to spend such a big amount.” Sunnie Olsen looked at Karen Daly and smiled, then she turned around and left. Karen Daly knew that Sunnie Olsen had some intentions, but so what? She was a decent person, and she was no longer afraid of those who would talk bad about her behind her back. “Karen Daly, come and sing a song.” May Lily handed the microphone over to Karen Daly. “Which song do you want to sing? I’ll choose for you.” Karen Daly thought for a moment and said, “Easy come easy go.” She wanted to use this song to say goodbye to the bad things in the past. No one can hurt her again in the future. May Lily chose this song for Karen. When the melody of the song started, everyone started to move according to the beat. However, when Karen Daly was about to sing, the biggest LED screen on the wall changed from advertisements to a photo “Karen Daly, look at the screen.” Hearing May Lily’s voice, Karen Daly looked up. The big screen was showing photos of her and Kevin Kyle. There were pictures of him staring at her tenderly, smiling at her, when Kevin Kyle kissed her and other intimate photos. If she didn’t see all these photos today, Karen Kyle wouldn’t have known that she was so happy when she was with Kevin Kyle. But from the angles of these photos, it looks like they were taken secretly, not by her and Kevin Kyle. Karen Daly felt goosebumps all over her body. Who took these photos? The first person who appeared in Karen Daly’s mind was Madonna. Madonna was always jealous of her and had been playing tricks on her. She most probably stalked her and took these photos of her. Except for Madonna, who else could it be? She thought about every possible person, and of course, she ignored all kinds of eyes around her. “Karen, what happened?” May Lily, who was next to Karen Daly, pulled Karen Daly’s arm. Most of them were watching the photos slideshow like they were watching some soap opera. Suddenly, the sweet pictures changed into photos of Karen Daly who was wearing exposing dress, or being held by a strange man into the hotel, and rumors of Karen Daly wanting to seduce her brother-in-law. Karen Daly looked at the photos and the rumours that were accusing her. What happened three years ago seemed to be happening again The betrayal of her lover caused her to be abandoned by the Daly family. Her father couldn’t even pretend to be nice to her. Her sister Kristine Daly used the Internet to cyber bully her, then she blocked her from going out, and attacked her…” In the end, she was forced to leave Beaford City, the place where she was born and grew up in. She came to Chatterton Town with Faye Reed. They worked really hard here and finally had some achievements. However, she was being attacked again. Karen Daly clenched her teeth and held her fists. This time, she would never let those people get what they wanted..

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