My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 83

All kinds of looks, voices, and gestures… The scene seemed to have returned to three years ago. Curses and accusations could be heard. Those who had nothing to do with her, and those who did not know the truth, they just listened to the rumors and started to scold. Those people thought that they were so much better and judged others, but they didn’t know that their actions were hurting others. The screen was still showing the very unpleasant past of Karen Daly. Hundreds of staff in the company were all looking at Karen Daly. She had once again become the target of public criticism. “The leopard cannot change its spots. It was a known fact that President Kyle has a wife, but she can still do such a thing.” Finally, someone broke the silence, and the discussion started pouring “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” “Yes, yes, yes, she looked like a decent girl, but she turned out to be that kind of person.” “President Kyle most probably did not know about her past. If he knew, he won’t be with such a woman.” The other accusations that they made did not affect Karen Daly, but that sentence made her feel like she was stabbed right at her heart. No matter how others looked at her or talked about her, she didn’t care. She cared about Kevin Kyle’s opinion and if he would trust her. She didn’t mention her past to Kevin Kyle, and she had never mentioned her family to him. It was because of her past, her family and her relatives were so terrible. Kevin Kyle was so perfect. He was perfect in all aspects including his appearance, his ability, his knowledge, and his attitude. Sometimes, Karen Daly thought that Kevin Kyle was like a rare treasure in the museum. You can only look at him from a distance and appreciate him, but you can never get him. She didn’t want Kevin Kyle to look down on her. She didn’t want Kevin Kyle to look down on her family. She didn’t want Kevin Kyle to think that she was the kind of woman who would seduce men. Kevin Kyle What would he think of her? Would he be like these people? When Karen Daly was caught up in her thoughts, she heard someone saying something. “Manager Olsen, Karen Daly is an employee in your department. Come out and say something.” After being forced by the audience, Sunnie Olsen “reluctantly” stood on the stage, took the microphone and said, “Karen Daly is an employee of the business department, and the work results could be seen by everyone. As for her private life, this is her personal affair, and it has nothing to do with me.” Sunnie Olsen was not stupid. Even if she thought otherwise, she still would never say something that might offend others Only the stupid Madonna would do all these. She was willing to pay any price for revenge. After today, Karen Daly can no longer stay in Innovative Tech. As for her boss, as long as she continued to be ignorant, she would still remain as the manager of the business department. Now that Innovative Tech was bought by Rovio Incorporation Inc, the position of the manager was more important to her. She would not allow Karen Daly to continue to stay in the company. William Baker looked at Karen Daly and shook his head, as if he was trying to say, “I used to regard her as a goddess, but it turns out that she is the kind of woman who had done so mandy shameless things.” Alice Cole looked at Karen Daly quietly, and her faint smile showed her true intentions. She was waiting for a good show. The other colleagues of the business department also looked at Karen Daly, like they were also watching a show. “Karen Daly.” May Lily looked at Karen Daly and gently pulled Karen Daly’s sleeves. “Is it true?” Were they true? All these things were all fake, but after rumors, who cared about the truth now. Karen Daly took a deep breath, sat upright, raised her head, walked towards the stage in her heels, and stood under the LED big screen. With a slight smile on her lips, she looked at all the people under the stage who were looking at her as if she was a joke. As expected, they looked at her with disgust and shame, like she was a heinous sinner. She picked up the other microphone and said with a faint smile, “I don’t care who is behind all this today. I will keep the right to pursue the legal responsibility.” “Haha.” Not knowing when Madonna arrived, and Madonna mocked indifferently, “You used to seduce your brother-in law, went to a hotel room with a man, and now you seduced a married man.” Hearing Madonna’s voice, Karen Daly glared at her. Karen Daly looked at Madonna with a creepy look, Madonna quickly looked away and said, “You are such a shameless b*tch. How dare you say that you want to sue someone. If you really want to investigate, the person who would be accused is you, the shameless homewrecker.” It turned out that it was really Madonna who was playing tricks behind the scenes. But Karen Daly believed that Madonna was not capable enough to cause this scene, someone else must have done it with her. But who was that person? Her eyes moved slightly and she looked at Sunnie Olsen who was beside her. Then she thought about what Sunnie Olsen said to her earlier. However, she only knew Sunnie Olsen and Madonna after she came to Chatterton Town. With their background, it was impossible for them to find her past, to an extent where it was quite detailed. Behind them… Someone else must have given them all the information. Was it Charlie Gook or… Kristine Daly? Although Charlie Gook was mean, but he would not allow the public to call out a powerless woman like her. Moreover, what happened today was exactly like what happened three years ago, and the director of the good show three years ago was… Kristine Daly, you are really my good sister. I didn’t fight with you to the end because I still treated you as my sister. I left my hometown and flew all the way here. Why are you so mean to me? But do you know, even a rabbit will bite when it is threatened? Karen Daly narrowed her eyes slightly, shook her head and smiled bitterly, someone shouted, “You’d better resign and leave. Don’t stay here and make a fool out of yourself.” Another person said, “Manager Olsen doesn’t care, and the Human Resources department doesn’t want to get involved. How about we wait for Director Kyle to come and deal with it?” Let Director Kyle deal with it. Karen Daly’s body trembled uncontrollably when she heard it. Although she was still smiling, she was panicking and confused. Besides panicking, her heart was filled with endless hatred. What would Kevin Kyle think of her? Would Kevin Kyle believe that she was that kind of woman? She put so much effort to get the happiness. Is she going to fall into her sister’s trap?.

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