My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 84

Karen Daly suddenly did not understand why she had to endure all these silently over the years. She used to think that she would have nothing to worry about once she ran away. But now? Charlie Gook forced her again and again. Kristine Daly was putting traps everywhere. Both of them were like devils in hell, nibbling on her happiness bit by bit. How could they? Madonna walked towards Karen Daly and said proudly in a low voice, “Karen Daly, as I said, no matter what price I have to pay, I won’t let you go easily.” Madonna smiled so proudly that her smile blinded Karen Daly. Kristine Daly and Charlie Gook could hurt her because she loved and cared about them. But she? Madonna, was she qualified? Karen Daly snorted and slapped Madonna. “Madonna, who do you think you are?” She slapped her with all her strength, leaving red hand prints on Madonna’s face. Madonna covered her painful face and looked at Karen Daly fiercely. “B*tch, how dare you hit me?” As soon as Madonna spoke, Karen Daly slapped her again. If words don’t work, maybe actions would “You f*cking b*tch..” After being slapped twice in a row, Madonna did not want to lose. She rushed towards Karen Daly and grabbed Karen Daly’s hair and pulled it hard. Karen Daly’s hair was pulled by Madonna. It hurt a lot but she endured the pain. Karen Daly found that Madonna was shorter than her and her high heels were taller than hers. She could make use of this advantage Karen Daly looked thin, but she was very strong since she had to do everything by herself over the years. Karen Daly saw that Madonna was very near the edge of the stage, she pushed Madonna hard who failed to maintain her stability and fell to the ground, But before Madonna fell down, she grabbed Karen Daly’s hair, and Karen Daly fell down with her. Fortunately, the whole hall was covered with carpets, so Karen Daly and Madonna didn’t feel much pain. Madonna got up and said, “There must be a lot of married women here. There must be some whose husbands cheated on them. Don’t you hate this kind of homewrecker? She used to seduce her brother-in-law, but now she seduced President Kyle, who has a wife. She may seduce your husband in the future.” Madonna knew that she cannot deal with Karen Daly alone. She must find allies then they will be against Karen Daly too. Madonna used to be a member of the Public Relations Department, so she can persuade people very well. Besides, Sunnie Olsen also said something to worsen the situation. Some people were affected and joined the team. “Shame on you. Go away, homewrecker.” “B*tch, get lost.” Seduced her brother-in-law, seduced a married man… All kinds of mean words were said one after another, piercing through Karen Daly’s ears and heart. Karen Daly’s foot was sprained when she fell down. She tried to stand up several times but she struggled. She sprained her left foot. When she stood up, she was putting all her weight on her right foot. The scene seemed to replicate what happened three years ago… Once again, she can only watch them curse, but she could not do anything She looked and listened to them. Slowly, everything in front of her became blurred. “Assistant Gray, what is happening?” A low and deep voice was heard, everyone immediately turned around and saw Kevin Kyle walking along with Nick Black and Amelia Gray Hearing Kevin Kyle’s voice, Karen Daly quickly fixed her hair, stood straight, and raised her head high. No matter what he thought of her, she still did not want to lose her dignity in front of him. Madonna and Sunnie Olsen exchanged a look with each other, and they let out a faint grin. Kevin Kyle arrived. This was the time for the show to begin. Thinking that Karen Daly would be abandoned and looked down by Kevin Kyle, Madonna was so happy and excited. Kevin Kyle was still wearing a silver-gray handmade suit. His face was calm and his steps were very graceful. When he walked past them, everyone made way for him. Everyone’s gaze fell on him and they anticipated his move. His eyes could only see Karen Daly standing amidst a storm. He saw Karen Daly clenching her fists and her pale lips. He also saw she was faking her smile and trying hard to look like she didn’t care. She was smiling, but Kevin Kyle could feel that she was crying. He wanted to wipe away her tears that were in her heart. Karen Daly also looked at him. No, she didn’t look at him. Her eyes were in his direction, but they were not focusing on him. She couldn’t look at him. She didn’t dare to look at him because she was afraid that she will see his judging eyes and hear his harsh words… Yes, she was afraid, so she did not dare to look at Kevin Kyle. She knew that he was getting closer and closer to her, getting closer and closer… Finally, he stood beside her and called her name gently as usual, “Karen Daly.” “Yes.” Karen Daly answered him gently as usual, but she did not dare to look at him. “I am here.” He gently caressed her face with his hand, kissed her forehead, and said in a low and gentle voice, “Karen, look at me.” At this moment, all the voices around them disappeared, and everyone’s vision was fixed on both of them. What was going on? “President Kyle, look at the big screen. Look at what she did, you will know what kind of woman she is.” Madonna saw that Kevin Kyle did not show his disdain for Karen Daly, but she saw his concerned eyes. She forgot about her position, and she stood up and shouted. Kevin Kyle tilted his head slightly and looked at the person who just spoke. A flashlight appeared in his seemingly calm eyes. “Special Assistant Black.” As soon as he glanced at her, Madonna was scared so she took a few steps back and kept quiet. Nick Black immediately stepped forward and said, “President Kyle, I will definitely get someone to investigate about what happened today. How can all these nobodies insult Mrs. Kyle’s reputation?” “Mrs. Kyle?” Everyone heard the two keywords “Mrs. Kyle” in Nick Black’s sentence. Karen Daly was Mrs. Kyle? Everyone widened their eyes as they were processing the news. They were all confused. Was President Kyle’s wife actually Karen Daly? Karen Daly pursed her lips and finally looked at Kevin Kyle’s face. She looked at him quietly. She wanted to smile at him, but tears flowed down her cheeks. Kevin Kyle’s heart ached when he saw Karen Daly’s tears. He lowered his head to kiss her tears, but the more he kissed her, the more she cried. She only stopped crying for a long time..

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