My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 85

Kevin Kyle raised his head and looked at everyone. His glance was as cold as ice and made everyone scared. After judging that the situation was not in her favor, Madonna wanted to sneak away. “Miss, you hurt my wife. Do you think you can leave like this?” Kevin Kyle said. Immediately, a security guard blocked Madonna’s way. “President Kyle, I did not hurt your wife, it was her…” Madonna still wanted to argue, but when she saw Kevin Kyle’s cold eyes, she became scared and shut her mouth immediately Kevin Kyle added, “Nick, I don’t want anyone involved in this to stay in Innovative Tech. And those who insulted my wife will be held with legal responsibilities.” After saying that, he held Karen Daly’s hand and walked away. When Karen Daly wanted to take a step, she screamed out in pain due to her sprain. “What’s wrong?” Kevin Kyle asked immediately. “I sprained my foot” Karen Daly said. As soon as she finished her sentence, Kevin Kyle knelt down on one knee in front of Karen Daly in front of everyone. He took off her high heels and held it in his hand. He stood up again and grabbed her by her waist. Ignoring everyone else, he turned around and strode away Karen Daly’s head rested on Kevin Kyle’s chest and snuggled in his arm like a kitten. Three years ago, when she had to face all of these alone, no one was willing to stay by her side. She turned around in a very pathetic manner every time when she had to face this alone. Three years later, when she faced this situation again, Kevin Kyle was by her side, and he was willing to believe and protect her. She felt that she was very lucky to meet Kevin Kyle in her life among people from all walks of life! After Kevin Kyle left with Karen Daly in his arms, everyone reacted, and everyone’s eyes were full of surprise. What did their director say just now? Did he say Karen Daly was his wife? May Lily stared at the direction in which Kevin Kyle and Karen Daly left together, and she exclaimed, “It turned out that Mrs. Kyle was Karen Daly who was just working in our business department.” William Baker also remembered what Karen Daly said a few days ago. She said that she was married. Actually her husband was their president. After being surprised, everyone broke out in cold sweat, especially those who had a share in insulting Karen Daly. Amelia Gray left with Kevin Kyle, while Nick Black stayed behind to deal with the matter. The company wanted to reward the staff, but no one expected it would turn out to be such a mess caused by the clowns. Nick Black looked around and said, “Since all of you like to cause so much trouble, we’ll talk about what’s going on today.” Nick Black looked at Madonna again and smiled indifferently. “Can you afford to offend Mrs. Kyle? Before you want to mess with someone, see clearly with your eyes first. Madonna knew that she was in trouble now. She panicked and hurriedly looked at Sunnie Olsen for help. “Manager Olsen.” Sunnie Olsen was as cunning as a fox. She already thought of a way of escaping herself before Madonna went looking for her. Once Madonna failed, she would definitely drag her down too. She must be careful when dealing with Madonna’s trick, she should not leave any evidence of conspiring with Madonna. Even if Madonna testified against her, only a few people will believe her. Sunnie Olsen said, “Miss Madonna, do you need anything?” Judging from Sunnie Olsen’s indifferent attitude and her tone, Madonna pieced the puzzles together. She had no evidence of Sunnie Olsen conspiring with her. If Sunnie Olsen denied it, she would be so embarrassed. After she knew Sunnie Olsen will not help her, Madonna looked around in the crowd to search for Emma Wilson, but Emma Wilson looked away after Madonna glanced at her. It was impossible for her to help. Nick Black did not give them any chance to defend themselves and called the police directly. He handed this matter over to the police to investigate, and trusted Simon Campbell to come out with a result. Of course, those who offended Mrs. Kyle would probably be imprisoned for more than half a year. Bahia Restaurant was just next to Innovative Tech office, and it will only take a few minutes to drive back home. After Mr. Watson sent them home, Kevin Kyle was still holding Karen Daly’s high heels in his hands and lifted her in his arms back home. When they were waiting for the elevator, they met an old couple who lived opposite them. The old couple’s children were overseas. The old couple lived by themselves, so they were enthusiastic when they meet young people. They stayed here for nearly three months now, Karen Daly always walked up and down the stairs every day. Occasionally, she would say hello to them when she met them. The old couple stared at Karen Daly, and Karen Daly felt embarrassed. She buried her head in Kevin Kyle’s arms and did not dared to lift her head. The old lady said with a smile, “Little girl, why are you so shy? When we were both young, my husband used to carry me on the streets.” The old lady said excitedly. Her man standing beside her coughed lightly and his facial expression changed. Karen Daly noticed that the women talked a lot, and the old man didn’t like to talk. The old woman still liked to make the man blush even at this age. Karen Daly looked at Kevin Kyle quietly, but she could only see his well-defined chin. She could not see his expression, and did not know what he was thinking. He didn’t say a word on the way back. She could only feel how tightly he held her. After listening to the old lady’s words, Karen Daly felt that it was reasonable to be held by her husband. So she raised her head from Kevin Kyle’s arms and smiled at the old lady. “Thank you, old lady. I know. After saying this, Karen Daly held onto Kevin Kyle’s waist tightly with both her hands and snuggled her head against his chest She thought everything was fine, but she did not see Kevin Kyle’s slightly blushed face. Reaching home, Kevin Kyle gently placed Karen Daly on the sofa, turned around and went looking for the emergency kit to treat Karen Daly. He squatted down in front of her and took off her socks. Karen Daly’s feet were very pretty. It was fair and tender like a little baby, and looked very cute. He held her ankle with his warm hands, massaged it, and applied medicine on her feet. After looking Kevin Kyle’s serious face, Karen Daly pursed her lips and looked at him. “Kevin Kyle, don’t you care about my past at all?” Kevin Kyle looked at her and emphasized again, “Karen Daly, I have already told you that your past has nothing to do with me. What I care about is your future, our future.” What should she do? Karen Daly felt like crying again. She was not someone who likes to cry, but she cried so much in front of Kevin Kyle, as if she wanted to show him all her sorrow. But in the end, she held back her tears. She cannot cry. She should smile more in front of him. She looked at him and smiled. “Our future.” Kevin Kyle said, “We’ll be together in our future.” Karen Daly nodded heavily. “Yes.” In our future, we’ll both be there..

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