My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 86

Karen Daly sprained her ankle and couldn’t move much. She couldn’t cook, but she didn’t eat much that night. Kevin Kyle offered to cook. Karen Daly sat on the sofa in the living room while she was spying on him occasionally. He was in his home clothes, then he put on a loose outer, paired with Karen Daly’s cartoon-printed apron. Because he was very tall, her apron was especially small on his body, which looked a little funny. This was the first time that Kevin Kyle had cooked on his own since they got married. It could be seen from his look that he had never done these things before. Seeing that he had been busy for a long time and had not made any progress, Karen Daly was a little anxious. She moved towards the kitchen limping and said, “Kevin, why don’t I do it?” Kevin Kyle looked back at her and frowned. “Go back and sit down.” Karen Daly stood still, touched her belly and looked at him eagerly. “I’m so hungry.” Kevin Kyle put down the kitchen knife in his hand and walked over. With a sullen face, he picked her up and said, “Hey, you should take a rest.” Karen Daly took the opportunity to kiss him on the corner of his mouth. Then she looked at him with a smile and said, “Why don’t you bring a stool over here and I’ll command.” Karen Daly’s kiss came abruptly, Kevin Kyle froze for a moment and did not speak. However, he did move a chair for her at the door of the kitchen and asked her to sit down. Karen Daly said, “First, wash the rice in the pot, and then wash the vegetables and cut the vegetables. Then, after you stir-fried the vegetables, the rice will be ready.” Kevin Kyle did not speak, but he did as Karen Daly said. Looking at Kevin Kyle’s appearance, she simply felt that the God was extremely unfair. How could God give a man such an excellent appearance and smart brain? This man cooked for the first time, but his movements seemed to be very skilled. He didn’t seem inexperienced at all Such a person was often called a genius. No matter what he learned, he could learn it quickly. As he was chopping the vegetables, he was still very attractive. Karen Daly sighed again. She was lucky enough to meet such a good man on a blind date. “Kevin, I have something to tell you.” Anyway, now that she had time, Karen Daly could take this time to talk to Kevin Kyle about the past. The things that had happened in the past had been revealed in front of so many people today. Kevin Kyle should have seen and heard something. If she pretended that nothing had happened and did not tell him anything, it would be unfair for him Besides, she had already made up her mind to live a good life with him. So making things clear about the past was the best way to be completely open to him. Kevin Kyle turned and looked at Karen Daly. Seeing her serious expression, he had already guessed what she wanted to tell him. Before marrying her, he had sent people to investigate everything about her, including her early life. He wanted to pretend that he didn’t know anything, but he didn’t want to lie to her, so he said, “Karen, I’ve known everything about your past.” “You, you know everything?” Karen Daly was surprised. As she thought about everything that had happened in the past, her own family, and her own family, and all of those information being known by this man, her heart suddenly felt uncomfortable. When she was a little sad, she heard him say softly, “It’s all in the past. No matter how others frame you, you are still the best.” His tone was serious and firm, and you could sense that he felt sorry for her. Three years ago, she was framed by Kristine Daly and was forced to leave her hometown. Except for Faye Reed, everyone thought that she seduced her brother-in-law and that she was a woman who lived a messy life. Now three years had passed. Finally, there was someone told her with certainty that she was still the best, even after knowing the past. And this man was her husband, the man who always said that he would spend the rest of his life with her. After listening to Kevin Kyle’s words, Karen Daly smiled happily again and suddenly opened her arms. “Then are you willing to hug the best Karen?” Kevin Kyle wanted to hug her, but he had just cut the meat in his hand. It was full of oil. Just as he was hesitating, Karen Daly stood up and limped behind him, and she embraced his waist with her arms. She pressed her head against his back and playfully touched him. “Then, Mr. Kyle, please promise me that you can only be nice to the best Karen in the future. You are not allowed to be nice to other women.” “Be careful of the injury on your foot,” Kevin Kyle warned. “Cut your food, don’t worry about me.” Karen Daly said willfully. The problem was that her whole body was pressed onto him, he could feel her breast being pressed on his back too. How could he cut the vegetables well? No matter how composed Kevin Kyle wa he wanted to make a move on her after being teased by this little woman. He took her hand away, turned around and looked at her seriously. “Do you still want to eat?” Karen Daly nodded with a smile. Kevin Kyle said seriously, “Sit down if you want to. Don’t disturb me anymore.” “Yes, Mr. President!” Karen Daly bowed to Kevin Kyle with a smile and then limped back to sit. Judging from her excited look, he knew that what happened in the afternoon did not affect her at all, because she was no longer afraid, because Kevin Kyle was by her side. Not long after, the food that Kevin Kyle personally cooked was served on the plate. It looked pretty good, so Karen Daly quickly picked up the chopsticks and took a bite. It did not just look good, but also had a good taste. She was skeptical, “Director Kyle, is this really your first time cooking?” “Yes.” Kevin Kyle snorted softly. “So cold.” Karen Daly suddenly said. Kevin Kyle hurriedly got up and went back to his room to take a cardigan for her to put on. “You should have dressed warmly.” “Stupid man.” She said he was so cold. Did he not understand? Kevin Kyle’s face changed. He picked up the food and placed them in her bowl, “Have a good meal.” It was almost ten o’clock in the evening, and Karen Daly was hungry. She picked up the chopsticks and started to eat. When she was eating, she looked up at Kevin Kyle occasionally. At the dining table, Kevin Kyle would never say much. He would only eat in silence. Karen Daly wanted to talk to him several times but finally gave up. When she finally put down her chopsticks, she said, “Mr. Kyle, the food you cooked was good. Please work harder in the future.” “I am glad you like it.” He began to clean up after eating. It was hard to imagine that a young master who used to be served by others would be willing to wash dishes for a little woman. If his two best friends saw it, they would laugh their heads off..

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