My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 87

At night, it began to rain. Chatterton Town was located at the South, the temperature suddenly dropped several degrees due to the cold wind in the north. Karen Daly was watching an entertainment show on the sofa with Momo. She was excited to watch the two parties having debates. Back then, Karen Daly was still the leader of the school campus’ debates team. As long as she played, she would not lose the debate game. Kevin Kyle was busy working in the study room, so there was only Momo accompanying Karen Daly, Karen Daly could only talk to Momo who did not understand her. She held Momo in her arms and said proudly, “Momo, Let me tell you something, when I was in school participating in a debate, I was much stronger than them.” “Woof, woof, woof -” Although Momo did not understand, she still gave Karen Daly some acknowledgement. Karen Daly continued, “When those members of the debating team heard that the main debater was Karen Daly. they were so scared that they wet their pants.” “Woo…” Momo wailed. It was so late and Momo wanted to sleep, so she didn’t want to hear her mother nagging here. Why didn’t her mother speak with Uncle Kyle? Why did she have to pester her? She was just a little pet and couldn’t understand human language at all, okay? Mother, I beg for mercy! “Kid, are you so unwilling to chat with me for a while?” Karen Daly rubbed Momo’s messy head hard. “Well, I won’t make things difficult for you. Go to sleep.” Momo rubbed against Karen Daly’s arms and then ran to her little room to sleep. Momo went to bed and Karen Daly watched TV for a while alone. Although she was watching TV, she was always paying attention to the movements in the study room and anticipate when would Kevin Kyle came out, just in case she missed him. She waited for a long time, but there was still no movement in the study. She didn’t want to wait, so she decided to take the initiative. Karen Daly thought for a moment, went to the kitchen to warm up a cup of milk, and knocked on the door of the study room with the milk. Before she heard the word “please come in”, she pushed the door open and went in “Mr. Kyle, you must be tired.” Karen Daly held the hot milk and said, “I especially heat it for you. You can have a drink.” “Why don’t you go to bed?” Kevin Kyle asked without looking up. “Because it’s cold, I can’t fall asleep.” She was really afraid of the cold, but it must mean something else at this time. Kevin Kyle looked up and found that she was wearing a pink cartoon printed pajamas, which made her fair skin look more attractive Kevin Kyle turned his eyes to the computer screen and did not intend to pay attention to her. Karen Daly limped behind him and massaged his back. “Mr. Kyle, I’ve learned massage before. Would you like to try it?” “Karen, stop it!” Kevin Kyle called her name again, but his tone was more serious than before as if he was a little angry. To be honest, they had been together for so long, but Karen Daly had never seen him like this. She suddenly felt that he was very cute. Yes, it was very cute! Karen Daly suddenly rushed over and kissed him lightly. Then she licked her pink and tender lips. “I just want to kiss you. What can you do with me?” Kevin Kyle was being patient. After being teased by Karen Daly several times, as a man, he couldn’t resist it anymore. Just as Karen Daly was proud of herself, Kevin Kyle stretched out his long arms and pulled her into his arms and ruthlessly kissed her. The tip of his tongue pried open her white teeth kiss her intensely. When Kevin Kyle became fierce, Karen Daly had no strength at all. After all, she had no experience in kissing. Kevin Kyle also had no experience, but he was a man. It seemed that men were born to know more about relationships. His kiss was fierce from the beginning that she wanted to escape. However, as soon as she had this idea, Karen Daly immediately drove it away because she wanted to have intimacy with him. Her hands first grabbed his clothes helplessly, and then slowly became braved, stretching out to stroke his chest. She was dissatisfied with the current situation. She clumsily touched the lower hem of his clothes, then went under the clothes and stroked his strong body directly. Because of her actions, Kevin Kyle kissed more fiercely, as if he wanted to swallow Karen Daly whole. Karen Daly accepted this and played along with it. And his hot palm also slipped under her clothes, taking in the sensation of her touch. After all, Karen Daly had no experience in this, and she heard from Faye Reed that it would hurt for the first time. As she thought more, she panicked a little and struggled a little. “Karen=”Kevin Kyle suddenly let go of her, held her restless little hand, and said in a rough voice, “I still have some work to do. She clearly felt that he also wanted her, but why did he stop? Karen Daly was thick-skinned, but she couldn’t tell him directly that “Kevin, I want to do that with you.” “I will drink the milk. You go to sleep first. I’ll come later,” he said. His voice was deep, and his face was still red. “Oh, then I’ll go to sleep.” The first attack failed, which made Karen Daly very depressed, but also felt very shameful. She had already made it to this point. This man had not make any move yet. Was he still going to play hard-to-get? She lowered her head and scolded him in her heart while walking. “Stupid man! What a stupid man!” She had already taken the initiative to come to him and he still did not make any move. If he wanted to have it next time, she would torture him severely. After Karen Daly left, Kevin Kyle had no mood to work. The hormones in his body were raging. How could a smart person like Kevin Kyle not know what Karen Daly wanted to do? But he didn’t want Karen Daly at this time. Today, Karen Daly had once again experienced the incident of being framed three years ago. She must be helpless and afraid. When she needed a person most, he stood beside her, gave her support, pulled her out of the mud and let her live under the bright sunshine again. At this time, Karen Daly was more grateful to him, so she wanted to give herself to him. He guessed that she did not really want to commit to physical intimacy wholeheartedly. If he chose to have her at this time, what was the difference between him and those beasts? Therefore, Mr. Kyle, who thought he knew Karen Daly very well, suppressed his desire for Karen Daly and went to the bathroom to take a cold shower..

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