My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 88

Back in the room, Karen Daly laid in bed and couldn’t fall asleep. She was a little shy and embarrassed. Tonight, she finally had the courage to go to the study room to find Kevin Kyle, but she was rejected by him. She didn’t believe that Kevin Kyle didn’t know what she wanted to do. He used so much strength when he kissed her, and she even felt him… Karen Daly did not want to think about it anymore. If she continued to think about it, she would definitely lose sleep all night because of the embarrassment. While she was deep in her thoughts, Kevin Kyle pushed the door open and came in. She could hear that he was opening the door and was walking very lightly. He must be worried about waking her up. She couldn’t fall asleep, how could he wake her up? “I hate him so much!” Kevin Kyle lay down on the bed, pulled the quilt to cover her, and then lay down next to her. She heard him sighing again. How could he sigh? Karen Daly was annoyed and kicked him. She was very strong, so when she kicked on Kevin Kyle’s thigh, she could felt that he was slightly stunned, and then she heard him say, “Don’t.” His tone was very helpless, like an elder who had no way to deal with naughty children. Karen Daly retracted her foot and murmured with a red face, “I didn’t fuss with you.” “Karen-” Kevin Kyle called her name out. After a pause, he said, “I don’t want you to do anything against your will. Do you understand?” Karen Daly didn’t understand before, but after hearing his words, she understood. It turned out that he was worried that she wanted to get along with him only because of superficial reasons, not from the bottom of her heart. They had registered for marriage for three months. This man was willing to keep his original promise, wait for her, and wait for her to completely accept him. She turned over again, rolled to his side, and pulled his arm to rest under her head. “Well, I understand.” But she was not doing things against her will. Did he understand? “Then go to sleep.” Kevin Kyle rubbed her head and said softly In the long night, how many men and women hugged each other and slept together? The two hearts beat faster because of each other, but they managed to keep themselves together. The next day, when Karen Daly woke up, Kevin Kyle was sitting by the window and reading the newspaper. It was still raining today, and there was no sunshine coming in. He looked more depressed, “You’re awake.” As usual, he would look back and greet her softly when she woke up. Karen Daly nodded. She suddenly remembered how she took the initiative to seduce him last night, and her delicate face blushed again. He got up and walked over and grabbed her feet. Karen Daly was shocked and instinctively tried to dodge, but Kevin Kyle said, “Let me see how your feet are doing.” “Oh.” Karen Daly whispered. It turned out that he wanted to check on her wound yesterday, and she was overthinking again. Kevin Kyle pinched her slightly. “Does it still hurt?” Karen Daly shook her head. “I can’t feel any pain at all. Thank you!” Kevin Kyle let go of her and said, “Go wash up. I’ll wait for your breakfast.” He went out with Momo and waited for her for a long time. It was so ordinary and boring, but simple and satisfying, After so many years, she really found the feeling of home. Finally, there was a person who was willing to accompany her day and night and didn’t ask her to give him anything, just to accompany her. Looking at his back, Karen Daly’s lips curled up slightly, and there was a sweet smile on her face. On the breakfast table, there were many different types of food, nutritious and delicious. She was in a good mood and ate more than usual. Kevin Kyle put down his chopsticks very early and looked at her silently, as if she had turned into the Karen Daly from three years ago. The one who was ambitious, confident in her work, and carried a rush of strength. She was simple and fearless even when the sky fell. Karen Daly added more vitality and made people unable to resist her, but it still made people want to hold her in their hands and take good care of her. And he was willing to be the one who took care of her for the rest of his life. “I’m full.” She looked up and smiled at him. The bright smile seemed to make the cold weather warmer. “Ok.” He looked at her and could not look away. After a long while, he said, “I have to go on a business trip for a few days.” He was going on a business trip again! Karen Daly was a little disappointed, but she did not show it. She still smiled at him and said, “Go ahead. I have Momo to accompany at home.” Their eyes turned to Momo, it was squatting on the chair and barked like it was responding that it would accompany their mother well. Karen Daly took Momo over and touched her head. “Good girl, next time you have to call daddy instead of Uncle Kyle.” After that, Karen Daly looked at Kevin Kyle, blinked, and asked, “Can Momo call you that?” “Of course!” This was what Kevin Kyle said in his heart, but he did not say anything. He just gently nodded, and his face was calm so no one could tell what he was thinking. Karen Daly didn’t want to let him go, so she asked, “Say something.” This Karen Daly was more energetic. Kevin Kyle couldn’t do anything to her, so he had to say, “Okay.” “Okay.” Karen Daly smiled with satisfaction. She let go of Momo and was ready to go to work. When she returned to the room, Kevin Kyle also came in with a tie in his hand. He was about to tie it for himself. Karen Daly looked at him irresistibly. Kevin Kyle noticed her gaze and turned to look at her. “What’s wrong?” “I.” Looking at Kevin Kyle’s deep eyes, Karen Daly unconsciously bit her delicate lips and wanted to say something but stopped. Her eyes flashed as if she wanted to say thousands of words, but she gritted her teeth and resisted saying. Kevin Kyle was stunned by her gaze. He thought that this woman was thinking about some random things and was looking for troubles. He sighed in a low voice, pulled off his unpolished tie, walked to Karen Daly’s side, and looked into her eyes firmly. He said softly, “Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon.” He said very gently Karen Daly smiled when she heard that, knowing that Kevin Kyle was wrong. But she did not say it out loud, just nodded with a faint smile, then reached out to take the tie in Kevin Kyle’s hand and gently tied it for him. just wanted to tie your tie once. I “In the future… let me tie your necktie for you.” Karen Daly lowered her head and said softly. In ancient times, there were men who drew on eyebrows for their wives for the rest of their lives. Let me tie your necktie for the rest of your life From last night, Karen Daly seemed to have changed into another person She stopped pestering the past grievances and finally was willing to face up to their relationship. Kevin Kyle was surprised by her change, but on the contrary, the endless joy in his heart was the most adamant..

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